TSL Episode 3: My Only Love Sprung From My Only Hate is available now! Plus, more contests!

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The day and time have finally arrived: Episode 3 is available NOW in the Fan Club!

For Episode 3, you’ll find two download options are available.

* If you had previously installed the full Episodes 1 and 2 file, then all you need is the Episode 3 Patch file.

* If you do not have the Episodes 1 and 2 game downloaded and installed, then you’ll want to download the Full Build which contains all three episodes in one.

It wouldn’t be a release without a few new contests, and sure enough, we have two for you!

The Many Deaths of King Graham!

We all know every adventure game involves some trial and error and finding some pitfalls and, of course, some deaths–and Episode 3 has plenty of those! So we’d like to reward you for failing with The Many Deaths of King Graham!

For this contest, we want you to submit a list of all the unique deaths you can find in Episode 3! What does that mean? It means if it’s a way you could die in a previous episode–like drowning, or being bitten by the Black Widow–then it doesn’t count. But if it’s brand new, put down the screen where it happened, how it happened, and copy down the death message it gave you! Submit your list of deaths to–the 3 fans who’ve submitted the most deaths by March 3rd will be the winners! You can submit more than once to make your list longer and increase your chances of winning at any time.

The prize? Each winner will get a professionally printed copy of the TSL 2011 Calendar!

Everyone Needs a Little Suffering

You may have found the Suffer, but his friends and family are still loose in the Green Isles! In Episode 3, Baby Suffer (aka “Little Suffering”) is hiding somewhere in the game, and he’s even sneakier than his big brother. See if you can find the clues and find the Suffer!

If you do, take a screenshot of your inventory with the Baby Suffer in it, and send it to us along with your save file at The first 5 people to correctly find and prove that they found Baby Suffer will win “The Suffer Lining” mousepads!

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Poster Promotion Contest Winner!

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Congratulations to…..

tessspoon! “Her Tower. Her Prison. Her Nightmare.”

Tessspoon’s winning tagline entry can be seen and admired on the completed and official Episode 3 Poster below, and she will soon be enjoying a TSL 2011 Calendar!

Thank you to everyone who participated! We had a lot of great entries, here are some of our runners-up!

“Her worst memories are awakening…”
“Beyond the realms of reality you will face your greatest test.”
“Even a happy life cannot be without a measure of darkness.”
“The Longest Journeys are Those we Take in our Minds.”
“The brightest light casts the darkest shadows.”
“For I have sworn thee fair, and thought thee bright, Who art as black as hell, as dark as night.”
“Too early seen unknown, and known too late.”

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Poster Promotion Contest on Twitter!

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The release of Episode 3: My Only Love Sprung from My Only Hate is approaching–and we want your help to spread the word!

Starting tomorrow on our Twitter account, we’re starting our Poster Promotion contest! We’ve got a great poster for Episode 3, and we want your input in giving it a good tagline. The completed posters will be used on the website and as an e-card for spreading the news about Episode 3!

Here are the contest rules:

  • To participate, you must be a follower of our Twitter account.
  • The contest starts on January 10th and runs through January 21st. Enter as many times as you like!
  • To enter a suggestion, submit it as a message to our account. Basically, make sure you include ‘@POStudios’ in your tweet.
  • Be creative and have fun! There isn’t much known about Episode 3, but think about what kinds of questions you want answered for some inspiration, or just try to sound dramatic!
  • Keep it clean, keep it classy!
  • We’ll announce the winner(s) on January 23rd–who will recieve copies of the TSL 2011 Calendar–when we debut the new poster and e-card on our website. The poster image appears below–good luck!

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    E-Card raffle winners announced!

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    Congratulations to our E-card raffle winners! As identified by their sender names on their winning e-cards–we welcome the winners to announce themselves here as well!

    Jessica L
    Shane and Sharon
    Your sis Kate
    Johnathan K
    Ron & Brenda
    Roz and Ian
    Mathew G

    Thanks again for sending e-cards and supporting TSL and Phoenix Online everyone! We’re so glad it’s been such a success, and keep an eye on that e-card site for new cards in the near future. The site is still open, and we plan to add cards, messages and images for all kinds of occasions!

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    Remember the Sierra golden days with this Infamous Adventures contest!

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    The folks over at Infamous Adventures are having the heck of a contest! Relive the magic of Sierra in this amazing contest! From IA:

    Help us determine what is, once and for all, the single greatest Sierra adventure game! Infamous Adventures has announced “The Greatest Quest Ever Told!” a contest to determine what is the number one Sierra adventure game and it looks like a heap of fun!

    It’s now time to determine what is the BEST, what is the WORST and what is just floating along in the middle.

    It’s simple and should be fun! Every two days (sometimes longer, especially near the end when we’re up to the newer and longer games) we’ll play through and rank each Sierra adventure game, in the order of release. The goal here is to play, or replay, each game. Try and re-experience the pleasure!

    Then log onto the forums and answer the poll question “Rate The Game”. This is the question we’re going to use to create the final results, the best, the worst and the ones in the middle. Each game will have a standard couple of questions, but feel free to start your own threads. Make comments, argue, prove your point!

    And that’s it! Simple!

    Join up and be involved! It’s going to be great and we’re going to answer that question that every adventure game fan has. What is really the greatest Sierra adventure game?

    For more information and to join the quest, log onto to theInfamous Adventure forums!

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    TSL All Year Round: Our Winners!

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    Congratulations to Enchantermon and Michelle, the fan-voted winners of our Calendar contest! Their submissions, “Evolution of Graham” and “Valanice in Ooga Booga” will be featured in our 2011 TSL Calendar!

    Thank you once again to all of our contestants who submitted to the contest, and especially to our finalists. We can’t wait for everyone to see the entire calendar, including these two fan-submitted works!

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    TSL All Year Round: The Finalists! Vote for your favorites!

    by on Dec.05, 2010, under contest, tsl

    First off, thank you to everyone who submitted a piece for the Calendar. They were all very creative and we did enjoy them all! Great work!

    But we have narrowed it down to four finalists, two of whom will have their pieces featured in the 2011 Calendar! And they are….

    Enchantermon‘s “Evolution of Graham”
    iaanothony‘s “Greetings from the Green Isles”
    Michelle‘s “Valanice in Ooga Booga” and
    Jujuba‘s “Graham’s Nap”

    And honorable mentions go to our other entrants: Kimmie, tessspoon, Eike, and LadyTerra!

    Congratulations! All our finalists will receive copies of the calendar. But only 2 will appear in it, so it’s time to get voting! You can vote here in the forums for two images to appear in the calendar, and the two that have the most votes by midnight on Friday, Dec. 10th, will be the winners! Votes can be changed at any time between now and the end of voting on the 10th.

    Good luck!

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    In-suffer-able Companions Winners!

    by on Dec.02, 2010, under contest, tsl

    We had three really fun entries from our contestants for this one, and thank you everyone for participating! Honestly, we laughed at all three and thought they were very creative.

    So much so, in fact, that it occurred to us–three new Suffers…three remaining episodes…why choose when we could use all three?

    So that’s what we’re doing!

    Congratulations to Kimmie, tessspoon, and jeymian! All three of you are winners! Your different Suffer Companions–Baby Suffer, Voodoo Suffer, and Cedric Suffer–will appear in the three remaining episodes of The Silver Lining! As for which show up where, well, everyone will just have to play and hunt down the Suffers to find out!

    Great job all of you, again, and enjoy your Santa Suffer prizes Let’s hear it for our winners!

    Santa Suffer!

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    TSL All Year Round: Contest Deadline Extended!

    by on Nov.21, 2010, under contest, tsl

    The deadline for our Calendar Contest has been extended!

    Deadline for submitting artwork is now Sunday, December 5th at midnight EST. The submissions will be reviewed and finalists chosen by the following day. Fans will vote in the forums for the final two submissions over the next week, concluding on Friday, December 10th.

    See our original blog post on this contest for submission details. We look forward to seeing your submissions!

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    In-Suffer-able Companions Contest!

    by on Nov.11, 2010, under contest, tsl

    Even Suffer, smug as he is, needs friends and family. We want you to introduce us to some of them!

    Design an image of a friend or family member for Suffer: a sister, a brother, an Evil Twin (or maybe a Good Twin?), a buddy, a sidekick, whatever Suffer inspires you to create as one of his In-Suffer-able Companions. The winning design will not only receive a Suffer Lining mousepad (with a choice between our original design and the new holiday design!), but his or her design will also appear in Episode 3!

    Submit your designs to by Friday, November 26th, midnight EST. We’ll announce the winner by Sunday, November 28th and get the In-suffer-able Companion modeled and hidden away somewhere in Episode 3!

    Contestants are also welcome to share their designs with fellow fans in this thread in our forums.

    Happy Holidays from Santa Suffer and his Sufferdeer!

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