Moebius: Can You Decipher The Pattern?

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Meet Malachi Rector, antiquities dealer and appraiser of artifacts. He’s very good at what he does and owns a successful upscale antiques shop in Manhattan. His newest client is one Amble Dexter, director of a secretive government agency known as FITA (Future Intelligence Technology Agency). Malachi decides to see what a man of Dexter’s station wants with his specific set of skills. As it turns out, FITA is interested in figuring out similarities between a recently murdered woman in Venice and any prominent historical figures. When Malachi presses him on why, Dexter is not very forthcoming with an explanation.


Malachi Rector, antiquities dealer and pretty boy

Heading to Venice, Malachi starts his investigation into what kind of person Bianca Cardolo was. By questioning others and simple observations of photographs and personal effects, he’s able to discover enough plot points to narrow down the search. In the end, he’s able to deduce who her life has most closely resembled, but she’s not quite a complete match. Small details are off and keep the analysis from being identical. Before he can return to FITA with his findings, however, Malachi is assaulted in his hotel room by masked men who take pictures of his passport before fleeing. When Dexter continues to refuse to give him any explanations, Malachi decides he’s done with FITA and continues with his usual business.

What do ninjas need with someone’s passport?

Malachi heads to his next appraisal appointment in Cairo. When his jeep breaks down, leaving him stranded in the desert, he is helped by an ex-military American man named David Walker. David declines any payment, and they part ways. When Malachi arrives in Cairo, he seeks out some locals to learn more about the man he’s meeting the following day, who sounds like he may be trouble. To Malachi’s surprise, he also encounters David again. This time, however, David is the one in need of aid as he’s being attacked by three masked men who try, unsuccessfully, to kill him. After the altercation, Malachi offers David a job as his personal bodyguard for the upcoming appointment. You never know when you’re going to piss off the wrong people and it helps to have some security just in case—especially since Malachi enjoys goading some of his shadier clients. David proves his worth more than once, and when it looks like there’s a connection between his attackers and the ones from Venice, Malachi decides to keep David close.


David Walker, ex-military and now bodyguard

Back home in Manhattan, the two men confront Dexter about what happened in Venice and Cairo. It turns out that FITA is looking for someone who matches the pattern Malachi identified with Bianca Cardolo. FITA, and Dexter, believe in the Moebius theory: a theory posited centuries ago and refined in recent years, they are on the lookout for people matching certain criteria who represent recurring patterns found throughout history.


Discussing the Moebius Theory

They’re willing to pay Malachi good money to identify the woman they’re looking for. Understandably skeptical, Malachi has a hard time believing any of this, but reluctantly accepts the deal. Dexter gives Malachi two leads and he and David fly to Europe to investigate. Will they find the woman FITA is searching for? What part is she set to play in history? Who are the masked assailants and how far are they willing to go to? And what roles, if any, do Malachi and David play in the Moebius Theory?

These answers and more will be found in Moebius: Empire Rising!


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