Lost Civilization: Searching For The Truth

by on Mar.07, 2014, under developer diary, featured, lost civilization


Lost Civilization is a hidden-item game that asks the question, “Who are we and where do we come from?” Archaeologist Suzanne Kheer’s fiance Michael (also an archaeologist) has just stumbled upon a decades-old secret on his latest dig that was last discovered by Nazi forces during World War II. This treasure isn’t any ordinary ‘pot of gold’, but something that could be turned into a very powerful weapon in the wrong hands. Unfortunately, news of this discovery spread to some very desperate people who respond by kidnapping Michael in an effort to get their hands on this powerful treasure.

As Suzanne, you must do everything you can to rescue your fiance and keep his captors from wielding the power this treasure could bestow upon them. Traveling the world over, from Prague to England to Mexico, you will embark on an epic journey filled with many dangers in your quest to rescue your fiance and discover the nature of this treasure that could change history forever… in more ways than one.

Drew Beardall
Social Media Associate
Phoenix Online Studios

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