Quest for Infamy – Don’t be famous, be infamous.

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Welcome to the Kingdom of Lonaria! It’s not perfect, but as long as you play by its rules you should be fine. Of course, our main character William Roehm was never one for regulations and worse still, he’s currently trying to escape the wrath of a certain Baron whose daughter he may or may not have dishonored (Spoiler alert: he did).

Even Lonarian artists favor the all-mighty T-shirt!

Luckily for our anti-hero, in his not-so-daring escape, he made it all the way to the Valley of Krasna, a secure location separated from the main kingdom by a giant river in a deep chasm, and wouldn’t you know it? The bridge that connects it to the rest of the kingdom is out too! Every dog has his day and Roehm is one lucky dog right now.

We're gonna need a bigger sticker

Our ‘hero’ also has a blatant “devil may care” attitude which often leads to funny responses and situations.Quest For Infamy has a serious story, but you have a ridiculous knave of a man at the heart of it breaking the tension.

Working off of the general absurdity that characterizes Lonaria’s residents is the ever-present narrator. He is every bit the snark advocate Roehm is, but holds little regard for our anti-hero. If Roehm decides to stir up a wasp’s nest, you can almost imagine the narrator getting his popcorn and watching the ensuing chaos. Couple that with the occasional fourth-wall joke and you can see why the narrator plays such an important role in shaping Quest for Infamy’s brand of humor.

You thought we were kidding about the wasp nest didn’t you?


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