Quest for Infamy – Don’t be famous, be infamous.

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We continue our look into Quest for Infamy‘s characters. You might have noticed on our last entry that Roehm was not exactly a bestie with any of them. Well this time things are… not all that different, but they will tolerate our anti-hero a little better.

Kayana is a Morroi, they are a primitive clan known for worshiping a God named TAARGH. There have been rumors the clan believes in enlightenment through pain and sacrifices though these are largely unconfirmed. Despite her environment, Kayana does show some interest in Roehm, though whether it’s a ruse or an attempt at getting him to join the clain is unknown


The leader of the brigands and Roehm’s ticket into their guild if he chooses this path. Kurdt is a brash man and can usually be found at the Volksville tavern. He respects those who stand their ground, aren’t afraid to fight and know how to handle their drink. If our anti-hero is to befriend him, he’ll have to prove his bravery.


A gambler, a smooth talker and a thief by trade. He has an interest in introducing Roehm to his little group assuming the stranger proves he has the right skill-set for the delicate enterprises they often undertake. He can usually be found in Volksville’s fountain playing the dice, is our main character lucky or skilled enough to beat him at his own game?


Volksville’s very own sorcerer, he is not a well liked man in town, but most fear his abilities to actually do anything about it. Prospero has been searching for an apprentice to do his errands. If Roehm proves he possesses the mental acuity to become a sorcerer he may accept the newcomer as his new apprentice… just don’t expect him to actually care if our anti-hero actually lives or dies.





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