Quest for Infamy – Don’t be famous, be infamous.

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As you begin Quest for Infamy, Roehm’s skill set is limited to say the least. He can barely swing a sword or sneak and unless you want him to do card tricks don’t bother asking him about magic. Lucky for him, there are several groups on the lookout for new recruits who are willing to teach him… provided he makes himself useful.

As a brigand you could pretty much wrestle bears with a hand tied behind your back

The brigand uses pure brawn to solve his problems, and he along, with his brothers, chooses to raid caravans and relieve them of their gold. In battle it is the strongest class for physical attacks, its abilities further complemented by a special charge move that can be performed after four successful blocks. Playing the brigand means you will be fierce in battle and few opponents can hope to match you. You can find some of their guild members drinking their worries away in Volksville’s tavern.

As a thief it’s much easier to acquire items and gear

The thief uses his cunning to rob and steal from people and merchants, making it the easiest class to ‘acquire’ good gear for your character. It’s also the only class that can attack enemies in pre-combat, something which none of the other classes can do. If you’re interested in having the best gear and goods at the lowest ‘price’, then the thief is for you. Many shady characters like to hang about the Volksville fountain, perhaps you should try your luck with them.

A sorcerer can use his magical abilities both in and out of combat

Finally we have the Sorcerer. Unlike the other two classes who can improve their skills with each respective guild, the path of magic requires you to search the world for magical reagents in order to learn new spells. As a result the sorcerer is the most challenging class of them all, but also the most versatile. You are given combat spells which can range from damage and protection to healing and poisoning, as well as non-combat spells which will greatly aid you in solving puzzles, provided you’ve tracked down the necessary reagents for each spell. If you’re looking to become a Sorcerer’s apprentice, your best bet will be Prospero in Volksville. Just try not to anger him when you meet him.

We hope you enjoyed today’s glance into Quest for Infamy’s character classes, the next entry will focus on your character’s moral choices.

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