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Over the past month we’ve revised various gameplay and lore aspects that define Quest For Infamy. This aims to be a recap/repository of sorts, summarizing each week’s worth of content with links to the individual entries that were published. We hope you enjoy this comprehensive look into it.

Week 1


We start off with the game’s concept, how it’s rooted in the Quest For Glory series and the years the developers spent perfecting the pixel art style that was so popular in the 90s. Quest for Infamy is also mix adventure gaming and RPG. This results in its very own combat system. With this in mind we analyze how fighting works and how each class works differently.

Week 2


We’ve previously mentioned the Sierra and Lucasarts classic adventure games as an inspiration for Quest for Infamy. More than shaping the graphical style or even the gameplay, it also drew from their humor.

Week 3


What good is an RPG without interesting characters? Luckily the game has many of them and as much as we wish we could show them all, we had to choose some of the characters that are most likely to affect your gaming path.

Week 4


Fiction allows us to explore options we might not always get in life and this is one of Quest for Infamy’s main draws. Not only do you get a choice of three very different classes, but you can also choose what sort of character you want to play. Will Rohem be a good guy, anti-here or a full blown villain? You decide!

The game’s world encourages player exploration, experimentation and replay. It also offers a unique variety blend that is hard to find these days. We hope you enjoyed our look into Quest For Infamy.

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