Phoenix Anniversary Summary

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We celebrated our 10 year anniversary through all of May, sharing most of what it would be moments of joy and sadness, the things we believe in as well as those production stories that usually don’t make it to the news. Everything we are, everything we do and most of all who we are.Now, we would like to summarize most of what has been shared during our anniversary month, in case you may have missed some of it.On mondays we would share from our purpose to our core values, to define who are are we thought it was only important to voice what we believe in as a team.Identifying our team purpose as: Crafting dreams with stories and hard work. Building hope and evolving through hardship since 2004. We identified our values as Belonging, Growth, Perseverance, Communication and Tradition.Sharing most of where these ideas come from, you may find all of these entries organized right here.Following on Tuesday, we would share production stories. Not many would know all the happiness and struggle each project brought into our lives. From The Silver Lining days, to Cognition, then Moebius and eventually what to expect from Phoenix in the future.In the early days we struggled with the idea of ever becoming a real company, we were nothing more than a team that shaped up from a common love from a community to a community. While not much of that has changed, we do have taken Phoenix into alegal entity which produces and publishes games.If you would like to read the behind doors stories, and all the crazy we went through, you may find all the entries right here.On Wednesday, we would share most of the team and community stories. We have got the kindest and most amazing bunch of people supporting Phoenix work in and out of the team, of course we would showcase some of these lovely folks all through wednesday with both The faces behind the story and Community Voice.For the team stories we shared Cesar Bittar and Richard Flores as our funders, then we moved on the Directive tier with Katie Hallahan, Weldon Hathaway as well as our Publishing rockstar team: Scott Steinbert and Mario Kroll. Including of course, the team of interns that we have had the lovely opportunity to work with from early days as of today.To read and meet all of Phoenix people, please follow this one link.Finally, on thursdays we would share memorable moments for us through representative artwork and quotes from our games.We shared quite a lot through the month and sometimes it doesn’t feel as nearly enough. There were so many stories we would have liked to tell, so many more moments to share but overall we hope to have been able to share as much as to allow you to get to know us better and feel the joy we feel about such important milestone for us. Say Mistage Social Media Director Phoenix Online Studios

We celebrated our 10 year anniversary through all of May, sharing most of what it would be moments of joy and sadness, the things we believe in as well as those production stories that usually don’t make it to the news. Everything we are, everything how to get viagra from canada we do and most of all who we are.

Now, we would like to summarize most of what has been shared during our anniversary month, in case you may have missed some of it.

On mondays we would share from our purpose to our core values, to define who are are we thought it was only important to voice what we believe in as a team. (continue reading…)

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Summary of King’s Quest: Mask of Eternity

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Two days until Release Day!

The final official game in the King’s Quest viagra pharmacy in india series was Mask of Eternity in 1998. It was a departure from the series in a number of ways: the main character Connor MacLyrr was not a member of the royal family, the game was in 3D, and the gameplay changed from being purely adventure to an action-adventure hybrid. It’s without question the most controversial game in the series, leaving many people dissatisfied with it entirely, while others argue it was a good game, just not a King’s Quest game.

Regardless of one’s opinion, however, the game did introduce us to the brave young citizen of Daventry who in many ways reminded us of a young Sir Graham, fighting to save his kingdom in its darkest hour….

King’s Quest: Mask of Eternity

Image courtesy of Sierra Planet

High above the land of Daventry, the Mask of Eternity governed Truth, Light, and Order over the realm. As long as the Mask remained intact, the kingdom and the surrounding areas would flourish. However, Lucreto, who held absolute power in the realm of the Sun and had sworn to protect the Mask at all costs, had fallen to corruption. In a fit of rage, he destroyed the mask, sending chaos into the world and turning the citizens of Daventry to stone.

Image courtesy of Sierra Planet

One man was spared this horrible fate: Connor McLyrr had found a piece of the Mask, protecting him from the curse. To save his beloved homeland, he traveled far and wide in search of the other pieces. Connor traveled through many different lands: the marshy swamp, the underground realm of the gnomes, the Barren Region, the Frozen Reaches, and even into the Dimension of Death to collect the four remaining pieces of the mask and return it to the heavens.

Image courtesy of Sierra Planet

Lucreto shadowed Connor every step of the way. Every time Connor found a piece of the Mask, Lucreto tried to take it from the hero to secure his power forever. Each time Connor prevailed. He made it to the Realm of the Sun and then to the inner sanctuary where the Mask belonged. Lucreto tried to stop Connor yet again, but once the last piece of the mask was placed on the altar, Lucreto was pulled into a magical portal, never to harm the Mask or anyone else ever again.

Image courtesy of Sierra Planet

Truth, Light, and Order spread across the land once more, freeing the citizens of Daventry from their stone prisons. The darkness was banished, the trees bloomed once again, and thanks to Connor MacLyrr’s efforts, life was safe once again, and he was welcomed home a hero!

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Summary of King’s Quest VII: The Princeless Bride

Jul.07, 2010, under summary, tsl

King’s Quest VII was a very different game from the ones that came immediately before it. With this game, the series tried out a single-parser interface, and opted for an animated, Disney-like style rather than the 256-VGA graphics of V and VI. As well, it was the first game in which you played not one but two characters: Princess Rosella, and for the first time ever, her mother Queen Valanice!

The two women of Daventry’s Royal Family were pulled into an unexpected journey in a strange and lively new world called Etheria when Rosella grew bored of her mother’s attempts to find her a husband….

King’s Quest VII: The Princeless Bride

While Queen Valanice was in the process of lecturing Princess Rosella, her rebellious and adventure-seeking daughter was busy admiring her reflection and making faces in a pond in the woods near Castle Daventry. Suddenly, a miniature dragon darted out of the water. Rosella watched the dragonet for a few seconds, trying to capture it before it dipped back into the water, where the princess could see a beautiful castle in the clouds. With barely a moment’s hesitation, Rosella jumped in, determined to follow the magical creature and find this lovely castle. Hearing this, Valanice looked around in alarm, then leapt in after her daughter. Rather than finding themselves diving underwater, however, the two women fell through some kind of magical vortex. When Valanice tried to reach for her daughter’s hand, a burly, warty arm reached out, grabbed Rosella by the wrist, and pulled her away, through the walls of whirling colors where Valanice could not follow.

The Queen ended up landing in a desert in the land of Eldritch, while Rosella found herself in the Vulcanix Underground, transformed into a troll, and engaged to Otar, the Troll King. As Valanice and Rosella attempted to find each other, they soon discovered that all of Eldritch was in danger. The evil fairy Malicia had attacked or imprisoned the leaders of the different lands of Eldritch, and was plotting to destroy all of Eldritch as well as the cloud kingdom of Etheria by causing a volcanic eruption. Upon learning this, Valanice and Rosella, along with King Otar and other allies, joined together to fight Malicia and save Eldritch while they searched for one another.

After getting herself back to human form, Rosella discovered that the King Otar who had kidnapped her was an imposter, and the real king had been trapped in the land of Ooga Booga. She rescued him and eventually they found their way back to the Vulcanix Underground after stealing a strange but powerful device from Malicia. In the control room of the almost-erupting volcano, the two kings fought until Rosella used a magical wand on the imposter. To everyone’s great surprise, he turned into Edgar, the prince whom she had saved once before in Tamir! He did not have any memory what had happened, but before Rosella was able to explain, Malicia appeared, knocking the troll king unconcious, sweeping Edgar away with a strong magical wind, and sending Rosella deep into the belly of the volcano. The resourceful Princess was able to dig her way out, while Edgar found Valanice.

Valanice herself had been making valiant efforts to save the kingdom of Eldritch. She reunited Lord Tsepish and his wife in Ooga Booga, and journeyed to Etheria and then the realm of dreams to warn Lady Mab about the volcano with the help of the Fates themselves. Mab aided her in warning the Four Winds (Borasco, Gharbi, Levanter, and Zephyr), who then brought Queen Titania and King Oberon to help hold back the eruption.

Image courtesy of Sierra Planet

After Rosella escaped from the volcano, she awakened King Otar and he jumped to the controls to bring the lava level back down–they were safe at last! Valanice and Edgar hurried to the control room, where mother and daughter were reunited at last. While Rosella tried to explain what had happened, Malicia reappeared, interrupting the happy group. Edgar deflected one of her magical attacks, but the evil fairy killed him with another. Quickly, Rosella used the strange device she had reclaimed earlier and aimed it at Malicia. A beam of light emitted from the device, transforming Malicia into a harmless baby! Rosella then acted to save Edgar with the extra life she’d been given when she saved a black cat in Ooga Booga, reviving him just as his own parents, Oberon and Titania, joined them. Things finally became clear as the rulers explained–Edgar, kidnapped long ago by Lolotte, was stolen from them during the celebrations for his return by his wicked aunt, Malicia, and transformed as part of her scheme. They put all their efforts into searching for him, leaving much of their kingdom vulnerable to Malicia’s attacks. Edgar apologized to Rosella again for kidnapping her, but Rosella was no longer upset with him, and asked him to show her the sights of Etheria, the images of which had drawn her into that pond in the first place.

As the pair looked out at Etheria from the palace in the clouds, Edgar professed that he still loved Rosella and had since he’d first met her in Tamir. He boldly asked for permission to court her, and this time the princess gladly agreed. As the couple kissed, the kingdom celebrated the victory over Malicia and the volcano, and the return at last of their lost prince!

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Summary of King’s Quest VI: Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow

Jul.06, 2010, under summary, tsl

Just 4 more days until Release Day!

The sixth installment of the original King’s Quest series is widely held to be the peak of the series. With amazing professional voice talent, graphics, music, a wonderfully compelling and well-told story, and some interesting replay value with the two ‘paths’ the player could take to win the game (not to mention a variety of ending scenes based on your choices throughout the game), KQVI has been a fan favorite since it came out in 1992.

The story begins with a lovelorn Prince Alexander, pining for a girl he knew all too briefly…

King’s Quest VI: Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow


Still wondering what could have been, Prince Alexander sat alone in the throne room of Castle Daventry. He could not get the Princess Cassima, whom he previously met in Mordack’s castle, out of his mind. For months he searched for a way to find the Land of the Green Isles but had no luck. It was almost as if it didn’t exist! Suddenly, the Magic Mirror lit up and a voice called the prince’s name. He moved closer to the Mirror and saw Cassima leaning out her chamber window, staring up at the stars, calling his name forlornly. Alexander was unable to speak with her but by following the stars outside, he could at last find the Land of the Green Isles.

Alexander sailed for three long months before he finally spotted land off on the horizon. As the sun set, a huge storm descended upon the ship, sending it into the rocky coast line. Alexander awoke on a beach surrounded by wreckage and with no idea of where he was. He traveled to the castle in the distance and met with Vizier Abdul Alhazred of the Land of the Green Isles. Relieved to be in the right place, Alexander inquired about Cassima but was not permitted to see her. He learned that Cassima’s parents died suddenly before she returned and she was currently sequestered in mourning. Even worse, and supposedly in accordance with their wishes, she was soon to wed the Vizier! Alexander was escorted from the palace but refused to leave the island until he had spoken with Cassima. Something just wasn’t right here, Alexander could feel it.

The misplaced prince went about exploring the Isles, meeting many interesting folk, some strange, some friendly, some helpful, and everything in between. There were five islands in this kingdom: The Isle of the Crown, where he had washed up and where the castle was located; the Isle of Wonder, where creatures that were strangely literal lived, along with the citizens of Chessboard Land; the Isle of the Beast, guarded by deadly traps intended to keep visitors from finding the enchanted prince who was stuck in the form of a Beast there; the Isle of the Sacred Mountain, home to the haughty and proud Winged Ones who were being terrorized by a Minotaur; and the hidden and mysterious Isle of Mists, home to the druids who worshipped Mother Nature.

In his travels, Alexander learned that each Isle had a precious treasure missing, presumed to be stolen by another Isle, which had lead to feuding and made travel and trust difficult. With the help of a magic map, however, he was able to visit the other islands and help their citizens with many of their problems. He settled a dispute between the Red and White Queens of Chessboard Land, and helped Beast return to humanity by finding love with a kind peasant girl named Beauty. On the Isle of the Sacred Mountain, he saved the daughter of the rulers of the Winged Ones from the horrible Minotaur in their sacred catacombs, fulfilling one of their prophecies. Alexander was given a chance to see the Oracle and through her, learned more about what lay ahead for him and how to see the Princess Cassima.

Seeking answers about Cassima’s murdered parents, Alexander found himself beyond life itself in the Realm of the Dead. King Caliphim and Queen Allaria told their tale of despair, betrayal, and fear as they described their murder by the Vizier and his plans for their daughter. Alexander demanded an audience with the Lord of Death, challenged him, and won both his freedom and the freedom of Cassima’s parents. Alexander brought them back and fully alive to the Isle of the Crown as they formulated a plan to take back the castle.

Alexander, who was not allowed back into the castle, snuck in through the basement by conjuring a magical doorway. Much was hidden down here, including the very items the Islands were feuding about, stolen in truth by the Vizier’s genie, as well as a secret passageway leading between the walls of the palace. As Alexander climbed higher into the palace, he spoke with Cassima at long last, only to be helpless as she was dragged off to her wedding. Alexander also learned that the Vizier was not working alone, but with an evil wizard named Shadrack and a “Society of the Black Cloak,” and that he planned to kill the Princess after the wedding. Stealing evidence of the Vizier’s treachery, the prince rushed to the main hall as wedding music began to play.

Showing the guard dog Captain Saladin the evidence, Alexander gained entrance into the wedding ceremony, with Cassima’s parents close behind. It was revealed that Alhazred’s genie, Shamir Shamazel, was disguised as Cassima in order to fake the ceremony! A fight ensued, and Alexander chased the villain Alhazred to a tower room where the real Cassima was being kept. A dangerous fight ensued, and Alexander was nearly killed, but with Cassima’s help, the Vizier was defeated, arrested, and dragged to the dungeon.

Having come so far and so near death, Alexander lost no time in professing his love to Cassima, who returned his feelings of love and agreed then and there to marry him. Within a week, the castle was filled with friends and family as the two were wed by Captain Saladin. In a bittersweet moment, Cassima’s parents stepped down from their thrones and offered the crown to Alexander and Cassima. The couple gladly accepted, eager to help heal the wounds Alhazred had wrought in the kingdom. Bright times lay ahead, for the Land of the Green Isles was on the road toward recovery and prosperity once more.

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Summary of King’s Quest V: Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder

Jul.04, 2010, under summary, tsl

Release Day is in 6 days!

Today we take a look back on a game that marked many momentous changes for the King’s Quest series. King’s Quest V was a record-breaking first foray for the series into the 256 VGA graphics, into CD-ROMs, the first point-and-click interface, and the first game to have voiced characters! All things that became hallmarks of the ‘golden age’ of adventure gaming.

And it all begins as King Graham returned from his morning walk in the countryside….

King’s Quest V: Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder


It was a peaceful time for Daventry and with the health of the king restored, the people only saw bright skies ahead. But a dark shadow was descending upon the family once again. As Graham took his morning walk, an evil wizard, Mordack, appeared before the castle. With one quick spell, he swept the entire castle and the rest of the royal family away into the air! Graham searched everywhere for somebody who could give account to the dark deed. There was no one, save for a little owl in a blue vest. His name was Cedric and he took the king to Serenia to see Crispin, a good wizard.

Crispin started Graham on his journey through Serenia, encountering gnomes, witches, elves, bandits, and gypsies. With the gypsies’ help, Graham learned that the villain had kidnapped them to force Alexander to turn Mordack’s brother Manannan from a cat back into the wizard. This was the same wizard who had kidnapped the prince as an infant and from whom Alexander escaped by turning the wizard into a cat in the first place; now Mordack claimed that only Alexander could reverse the spell. If Alexander, who didn’t know how to reverse the spell even if he wanted to, continued to refuse, Mordack asserted that he would kill Alexander’s family one by one. With this knowledge, Graham’s quest became even more urgent.

Graham traveled through the White Mountains, besting a Yeti and melting the heart of the Ice Queen, barely escaping the nest of a giant winged monster, and then evading some vicious harpies before sailing across a wide ocean in order to reach Mordack’s castle. With the help of the mermaid named Pearl, Graham and Cedric arrived on the barren shores of Mordack’s island. The air was heavy with foreboding as Graham slowly approached the castle and bypassed the main gate by entering an underground labyrinth.

He wandered the maze for hours, searching for a way to escape the mind-bending halls but only came across strange creatures he had never seen before. Finally, he found a door leading into a kitchen, where a young maid, cleaning the floors, spotted the king and quickly cowered away from him. After reassuring her by returning a lost locket, Graham discovered she was Princess Cassima of the Land of the Green Isles–and Mordack’s captive. She informed Graham that his family had been shrunk and placed in a glass bottle in the wizard’s work room. She also promised to help the king in any way she could, and he in turn promised her he would find a way to return her to her homeland if he could.

Graham’s good luck wasn’t to last as he entered the work room. Although he was able to swipe Mordack’s wand and transfer its power to the wand Crispin had initially entrusted to him, Mordack soon found out. While attempting to kill Graham, Mordack discovered his wand’s power had been drained and that killing Graham would not be as easy to defeat as expected. A dangerous magical battle of transformations began, with Mordack constantly trying to find a way to best the King, but Graham outwitted the wizard at every turn. As the evil wizard transformed to a ring of fire, Graham became a rainstorm that washed him out, defeating the wizard once and for all and ending his terrifying hold on Graham’s family!

Castle Daventry, and the Royal Family, was restored to its former glory with the help of Crispin, and an attraction sparked instantly between Alexander and Cassima. Crispin cast a spell to send Graham and his family home where they were greeted happily by the people of Daventry. Alexander continued to dream about the lovely and brave Cassima and how he had promised to visit her one day… but that is another story, and for now, the family celebrated their return home and Mordack’s defeat.

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Summary of King’s Quest IV: The Perils of Rosella

Jul.03, 2010, under summary, tsl

Just 7 days left! We’re down to one week before Release Day!

Kings Quest IV: The Perils of Rosella


After the joyous homecoming of Prince Alexander, King Graham decided to retire from adventuring. He lovingly gathered up his old adventuring hat and tossed it towards his children, the twins Alexander and Rosella. They stretched their arms into the air to catch the hat when King Graham suddenly crumpled over in pain. His family rushed to aid him, the adventurer’s cap forgotten, but nothing could be done for Graham. Overcome by grief, Rosella fled the room where he lay on the brink of death, sobbing in the throne room when a voice spoke to her from the Magic Mirror. Through the Mirror, the fairy Genesta told the princess of a magical fruit that could save her father, if she agreed to come to the land of Tamir. Genesta could help her, but would need Rosella’s aid herself in return. Without hesitation, Rosella agreed and was transported to the far away land.

Genesta welcomed Rosella and told her where to find the magic fruit, and also of her own plight. An evil fairy named Lolotte had stolen Genesta’s talisman, and the good and gentle fairy was slowly dying without it, her powers growing ever weaker. Without the talisman, Genesta would not have the strength to send Rosella home. Disguising the princess as a commoner, she sent Rosella on her way and returned to her island home.

Rosella traveled the land and encountered many of the interesting inhabitants of Tamir, including the dwarves in their mine, mournful ghosts that haunted an old mansion, dangerous and hungry ogres, deadly witches and trolls, a simple fisherman and his wife, and even Pan and Cupid themselves! With the help of some (and avoiding the others!) Rosella reached the swamps on the other side of the mountains, and found the magical fruit that could save her father. Rosella then set her sights on the dark castle in the mountains, the home of Lolotte, her goons, and her deformed son Edgar.

Ignorant of Rosella’s noble birth when the princess was brought before her, Lolotte demanded Rosella to prove herself with a series of tasks. First, Lolotte had her bring her the unicorn who roamed the forest; second, she demanded Rosella steal the hen that laid golden eggs held by the Ogre; and lastly, Lolotte charged Rosella to retreive the powerful item known as Pandora’s Box. Rosella was able to accomplish each task in hopes of getting close enough to steal the talisman, as well as saving her own life, and Lolotte in the end offered Rosella a very special reward indeed: marriage to her hideous son Edgar, who had become quite taken with the brave “peasant” girl!

Rosella was locked away as she waited for her dreaded wedding the next morning; however, Edgar rescued Rosella by giving her the key to the door that kept her prisoner. Rosella knew her time was running short, so she sought out the evil fairy and aimed one of Cupid’s love arrows, obtained during her travels, at Lolotte while she slept. Her aim was true–but rather than fill Lolotte with love, the emotion carried in the arrows was a poison to her wretched heart and killed her almost immediately! Finally free but almost out of time, Rosella made haste to free the unicorn, rescue the hen, and lock away Pandora’s Box, kicking the key under the door of the crypt it was kept in for good measure. She then quickly took the talisman back to Genesta, who was restored to her full powers. Rosella was restored to her royal garments, and she was not the only one–Genesta brought Edgar to her home and transformed him as well, revealing that he was not Lolotte’s son at all but a handsome kidnapped prince! His pure heart had persevered despite Lolotte’s attempts to twist him, and he was indeed truly smitten by Rosella. He professed to Rosella that he truly did wish to marry her, but Rosella’s quest to save her father made it impossible for her to say yes, though she was flattered.

Genesta returned the princess to her home, as promised, and upon giving her father the magical fruit, the color returned to King Graham along with his good health and his life was saved! King Graham decided he wasn’t yet ready to retire that adventurer’s cap after all.

Rosella’s actions saved not only the life of her father, but the many residents of Tamir, the good fairy Genesta, and even Edgar that day. What’s more, the Princess of Daventry had shown one and all that was she very much her father’s daughter.

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Summary of King’s Quest III: To Heir is Human

Jul.02, 2010, under summary, tsl

8 days and counting!

Revisit King’s Quest III and how a slave named Gwydion mastered magic, defeated a wizard, slew a dragon, saved a kingdom and became Prince Alexander of Daventry!

King’s Quest III: To Heir is Human


In a land far away from Daventry, Gwydion had served the cruel and evil wizard Manannan in the kingdom of Llewdor for as long as he could remember. Under the wizard’s sharp gaze, young Gwydion lived as a servant–more like a slave, in truth–preparing meals and caring for the wizard’s home, high atop a mountain overlooking the kingdom of Llewdor. Forbidden from ever leaving the confines of the wizard’s home, Gwydion grew up apart from the world, subject to Manannan’s sharp eye and even sharper tongue.

Finally growing desperate to escape the wizard’s grasp, Gwydion began searching for a means to do so while Manannan slept or left to run his mysterious errands. He discovered the key to his liberation in an underground cellar when he found the wizard’s magical laboratory and spell book. Having already made frequent trips to the countryside of Llewdor to explore and collect various baubles and mundane objects, Gwydion was able to conjure up a magical cookie which, when eaten, turned the consumer into a cat. By serving this cookie to Manannan crumbled up in a bowl of porridge, Gwydion finally earned his freedom!

Leaving the now-feline Manannan in his lofty and lonely home, Gwydion returned to the countryside of Llewdor and discovered an Oracle in a cave. Here, Gwydion learned that he was no ordinary wizard’s slave. His true name was Alexander and Manannan kidnapped him from his home and family in Castle Daventry shortly after his birth. He was also shocked to learn that he had a twin sister named Rosella who had willingly offered herself to appease a fearsome three-headed dragon which had been terrorizing the kingdom for years. Determined to make his way to Daventry and rescue his sister from a most gruesome death, Alexander commissioned passage aboard what he thought was a merchant ship at the Llewdor docks, only to find out after the ship left port that it was in truth full of pirates! After a perilous and long journey, Alexander evaded his captors at a deserted beach by use of another spell he’d prepared. From there, he made his way through the mountains, narrowly avoiding becoming an Abominable Snowman’s meal with a spell of flight, and at long last found himself in Daventry!

Far from warm and welcoming, the countryside was charred, barren, and lifeless. In the distance, Alexander spied the ramparts of Castle Daventry, its flagposts barren. Heading towards the castle, Alexander was met by a gnome who was sitting outside his home resting in a rocking chair. Almost immediately the gnome recognized Alexander and told him to save his sister lest she meet her end at the hands of the terrible dragon. Alexander made way with all possible haste to a mountain cave and plunged into the dark depths without a second thought to face the fell beast.

After traversing the cavernous maze of passages and causeways, Alexander found himself on a vista in the clouds, the air thin due to being so high up and it was humid. A few score feet away, he saw the dragon of the Oracle’s vision. Its three heads roared, snapped, and spewed fire before his brave sister, Princess Rosella, tied to a pole near the dragon. Despite her fear, she tried not to cry out in terror too much, but as the dragon snaked it’s heads ever so closer, she couldn’t help herself and she let out a blood-curdling scream. Her screams drove Alexander to action!

Thinking fast, he quickly used the last spell he had prepared while still in Llewdor, a spell to brew a mighty storm. Almost immediately the storm kicked up, blasting torrents of rain down upon the dragon. It reared up, roaring in anger at the impudence displayed by nature’s fury. The storm responded by blasting the dragon with bolt after bolt of lighting, each bolt flashing in an arc around the terrible beast. Then suddenly there was an earth-trembling crash as the dragon fell to the ground, dead! The storm, its fury spent, quickly dissipated as Alexander ran to Rosella and freed her from her bondage. Blinking tears away from her eyes, she recognized Alexander, for he bore a striking resemblence not only to her father King Graham but also Queen Valanice–not to mention he had the embarassing birthmark her mother had told her about! The twins happily made their way back down to the countryside of Daventry. Alexander’s heart was beating quite rapidly as the pair walked up to the old gnome’s shack. The gnome, his eyes widening in amazement, sprang from his rocking chair and started running towards the castle, shouting that he must alert the King and Queen at once of the joyous news. By the time Alexander and Rosella reached the castle gates, they saw that the once empty flagposts were now sporting the royal flags of Daventry, flapping brightly on the breeze.

Together they entered the castle and made their way to the throne room, where their parents awaited them. A joyous reunion it was, with many tears of joy shed by all in attendance. After hearing of Alexander’s journey, King Graham decided it was time to pass on his trusty adventurer’s cap to his children, for his pride at their courage and and determination gave him insight that not only was his family together at long last, but the future was bright with possibility. He retrieved his adventurer’s cap from its customary place beside the thrones and, standing at the apex of the dais, he tossed it to his waiting children, their arms outstretched to catch their father’s gift…

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Summary of King’s Quest I: Quest for the Crown

Jun.29, 2010, under summary, tsl

11 days until Release Day!

To truly know where you’re going, it’s important to remember where you’ve been. We’ll be recapping all of the King’s Quest that were published by Sierra Online for fans new and old between now and Release Day to catch you up or remind you of what’s come before.

Our trip down memory lane starts with a kingdom called Daventry, a kingdom that has fallen on hard times….

King’s Quest I: Quest for the Crown


The land of Daventry has been torn apart by unrest and its once peaceful borders have been plagued by misfortune. Three mystical treasures, once the stewards of Daventry’s prosperity, have disappeared. These three treasures are the magical Merlin’s Mirror, able to show the person standing near it anything he or she desires to see, sometimes even showing things that have not yet come to pass; the Shield of Achilles, which has powerful enchantments on it to make its wielder impervious to all harm; and the final treasure, the Chest of Gold, whose contents are always full of gold coins. Daventry’s ruler, the wise and old King Edward, dispatches Sir Graham, a knight in the service of the land on a desperate quest to recover the three treasures and restore Daventry to her former glory. Childless and with no heirs, King Edward tells Graham that if he can save the treasures and restore Daventry to her former glory, he will be named the next King.

Armed with nothing but his wits and his adventurer’s cap, Graham searched the kingdom high and low for the treasures. Merlin’s Mirror he discovers deep within a mountain cave, guarded by a dragon, whom Graham is able to dispatch by staunching the scaled beast’s fiery breath. The Shield of Achilles he finds in the underground kingdom of music-loving leprechauns, a love which Graham was able to utilize to secure the Shield and escape unscathed. The Chest of Gold, held tightly in the clutches of a giant, Graham discovers high up in lofty clouds overlooking Daventry. Only by keeping on his toes was Graham able to tire the fearsome giant and whisk the Chest from the lumbering oaf.

Upon returning to Castle Daventry, Graham is immediately granted an audience with King Edward, who, with his dying breath, rewards Graham for returning the treasures by granting him the throne. With his heart heavy, Graham takes up the mantle of rulership, retires his trusty adventurer’s cap, and dons the crown.

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A Final Look At The Faces Behind Phoenix

May.28, 2014, under developer diary, featured

On Monday we had the wrap up of our core values feature, on Tuesday we had thesummary and future glimpse of production stories, and today we share the last yet most meaningful of team stories: Phoenix’s different talent tiers. (continue reading…)

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