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Title: Bugs I've found so far
Post by: yamman on October 20, 2014, 12:04:49 AM
I'll update this as I get closer to the end.

Sorry for any repeats of ones mentioned previously.

Some of them were discovered before the recent patch, so have probably already been fixed.

It's copy/pasted from the Pinkerton Road forums.



Here are the bugs I found during Day 1:

- Clicking on the German-English dictionary the first two times says the same thing "Himmel means Heaven", which would lead most players to not clicking on it again and hearing the rest of the lines.
- When Grace shouts at Gabriel to shut the refrigerator, Gabriel's mouth is lyp-synced to Grace's lines. Creepy!
- When Gabriel stands in front of the phone in his room, some of the phone renders on top of him
- I combined the shirt and gel accidentally by clicking around my inventory with the combine button selected, and didn't get a point or narrator line.
- The combined shirt and gel has no look description and does not highlight when the eye icon is selected
- When I close the close-up of the sketchbook, it returns to the game instead of the inventory screen.
- After entering the police station, I can't click on the floor to walk around.
- When in the conversation screen, when a character is finishing the last line of dialogue, it often returns to the topic list early as they are finishing the last 1-2 words. It doesn't cut the words off, but it seems premature.
- After opening the envelope from Mosely, the envelope disappeared but the photographs did not appear straight away. After going in and out of the inventory screen a couple of times, they finally appeared. (FIXED IN PATCH?)
- Seems to be a strange graphical artifact (a hard, straight line) on the horizon in the Lake Pontchartrain scene
- When in Jackson Square, the trivia states that the red title screen was never used. It was, in fact, the title screen from the floppy (no voice) version I played in 1993!

Here is the weird stuff and bugs I found during Day 2:

Weird stuff:

- "I don't need to go visit the family tomb today" seems a bit odd & forced.
- Why would the artist go back to drawing the cathedral if he got his drawing back? Would help to have a line from him such as "thanks, I can't use since it's crumpled but it will still save me time to see what I did before."


- Weird footstep audio bug when Gabriel is talking to Dr. John. Seems to be him trying to move or play his idle again and again, causing footstep noises to play.
- The interview with the lead animator cut out around the 5-6 minute mark, and wouldn't work after that.
- Gabriel has a gimpy left arm when he puts his coat on in St. Georges (this happens every day)
- When either Gabriel or the boy reaches for the drawing in Jackson square, some grass/iron bar artifacting is rendered over the top of them.
- Gabriel asks the hot dog vendor if he's read anything by 'Gabriel Knight', but in the bookstore, the Blake Backlash novels are now attributed to 'Blake Backlash', so this doesn't make any sense anymore. Maybe the art in the bookstore needs to be updated? I thought 'Blake Backlash' was the name of the protagonist?

- One more bug from day one... or at least a weird thing... when the motorcycle cop chases the mime away, they do it sped-up Benny Hill style, which sort of kills the moment. He used to just run off.
- And another from Day 3, which is similar, it seems Malia doesn't have a run animation, so she just walks super fast Benny Hill style out of the cemetery after Gabriel talks to her...

Day 3:

Weird stuff:

- When I talk to the artist to retrieve my pattern reconstruction, Madame Loreli starts dancing and shouting at the band over the top of my conversation with the artist, which makes it hard to hear what he's saying. Maybe she could be prevented from doing that while you're talking with him?
- The drummer outside Dr. John's museum is called a 'Rada Drummer' in the mouse-over before I've learned what that means


- When I show Hartridge the photo of the voodoo murder to him, it is the veve reconstruction instead (although the right dialogue plays). Same issue when I show them the symbols from the tomb.
- When you click on Magenta Moonbeam's house, and the narrator is telling you she will be back on June 22nd, if you move the mouse around, you can still highlight other icons on the map, as if the cursor was there, even though it isn't. This happens with all instances of the cursor disappearing on the map screen (e.g. knocking on Cazanoux's door in later days, Gabe saying he doesn't want to go back to the police station, etc)

DAY 4/5:


- Sam & Marcus are identified by name in their mouse-over titles before I've spoken to Stonewall and found out their names
- When I show the clay mold to Sam, it looks like the bracelet instead of the mold.
- Grandma's doorknob warps to the wrong position when she opens the door.
- Grandma's lips don't move when she first answers your question about Marie Laveau.
- In the diary, I have Gabriel's writing: "So Harrison Knight was really Heinz Ritter, and changed his name when he moved to the States. But why? What was he trying to escape?". But I haven't yet found this information out yet. Shouldn't this appear once I've read the letters found in the clock/questioned Gran about them? I am at Gran's, I have talked to her about everything and looking all through the trunk, I've found the key, but haven't opened the clock yet.
- The first time I move the hands of the clock, the ring of symbols move with them. After I have moved the ring separately, they no longer move together. I don't think they should ever move when I move the hands, should they?
- Even though I have subtitles off, the subtitles 'later' appears at the bottom of the screen after Sam wins the chess match
- When I look at the sky at the Jackson square overlook, it is described as being "overcast all week", but the sky is bright blue with barely any clouds.
- At the Jackson square overlook, Gabriel's leg freaks out when he first enters.

Day 7 issues/bugs:


- Gedde Crypt - The broken bulb is barely visible on a 16:10 monitor.
- Gedde Crypt - Does "thunk!" really need a subtitle?


- Schloss Ritter bedroom - In the castle bedroom, the narrator's descriptions of some items in the room only come out of the left speaker/headphone
- Schloss Ritter bedroom - When Gabriel interacts with the library door, the doorknob moves (just like it does for Gran's house)
- Schloss Ritter bedroom - I can't look at the Lion Head above the library door in Gabe's bedroom in 16:10, as the icons never appear when I click on it. Plus, I can barely see it in 16:10.
Title: Re: Bugs I've found so far
Post by: Scripper on October 20, 2014, 09:05:24 AM
- When Crash dies in the church his eyelids still blink! (Kind of spooky..)

- The doorknob outside Dixieland Drugstore is out of place, (only can be seen) if Madame Cazanoux enters.
Title: Re: Bugs I've found so far
Post by: Scripper on October 20, 2014, 11:09:38 AM
BIG bugs in the german Version:

- If Grace takes the scale of Gabriels face and put it in the ashtray, the german translation of the narrator says: "Der Aschenbecher ist leer." - "The ashtray is empty." You only see the sparkle.

- When Gabriel uses the rada drum book to get the code, if you manage to translate it, the german translation says "morgen" - "tomorrow" at the swamp, not "today" and nothing about the "night" !!

- When Gabriel uses the vodoo code on Marie Laveaus tomb there is a misspelling: The german hint tells you to write: DJ bring Sekey Madoule heute Abend (tonight), but the puzzle is solved, if you only write "Dj bring Sekey Madoule".

On the other hand the term "Sekey Madoule" has a different spelling, if you had a look at the coffin at the Museum. There it says "Seke Madule"...  :-\

- The man who stands outside the book store looking into disappears if the dawn comes, but you can still highlight him with the mouse as if he is still there..

- The text of the german diary disappears from time to time. So you have to change languages to get it back!
Title: Re: Bugs I've found so far
Post by: Dehumanizer on October 20, 2014, 01:41:54 PM
The last thing I did on day 3 was getting the reconstructed vévé from the artist, and when I went back to the map the day ended, with Gabriel going home (so I was not able to go to the lecture hall to show it). On day 4, strangely, Hartridge was never available: he wasn't on the podium like the day before, and the door to his office was locked.

Later, on the morning of day 5, he called Gabe excitedly about the vévé... which I was never able to show him.

So, the bug is either "Hartridge is gone on day 4", or "Day 3 shouldn't end before you show Hartridge the vévé". I think the first makes more sense (with the caveat that day 4, then, shouldn't end before you show him the thing). (Though this remake is going for "you can only do each task on a given day", so perhaps it should be required on day 3. I liked the original's non-linearity better, but I digress.)

Also, I can confirm that (as mentioned above) the drummer outside the museum is always labeled a "Rada drummer", way before you know anything about that. He's still describe as "a street drummer" by the narrator when you look at him.
Title: Re: Bugs I've found so far
Post by: yamman on October 20, 2014, 11:30:32 PM
Hi again all,

Finished the game, here are the rest of the bugs I found:
Day 8

Weird stuff:
- Gabriel keeps flicking the same page back and fourth when reading the books in the library
- Having the clip of Dr. John killing Gabriel in the extras page for the library is a bit of a spoiler, isn't it?

- The book on Ritter ancestors has a map of Africa on the front

Day 9

- It's a shame that the tooltip for the snake tiles gives away the number of snakes on the tile. It was nice having to work that out in the original, that they were a code.
- Really obvious mirror job on the vine on the far right of the inner wheel

- After putting all the tiles in, and putting the rod in tile 12, i was walking to tile 3, and a zombie bit me and killed me out of the blue, without ever waking up and without me ever putting the rod in tile 3.
- There is distracting artifacting in the center of the screen during the sacrifice cutscene

Day 10

Weird stuff:
- Gabriel turns and looks at no-one after he puts his coat on even through Grace isn't there
- A bit spoileriffic to have end game cutscenes in the bts material for the guest room


- Gabriel walks straight through the overturned chair in St. Georges
- After reading Malia's letter, then clicking on the door of the bookship, Gabriel does a 360 degree spin
- (any day) Without fail, every time I walk to Malia's door at her mansion, Gabriel's first step will be a John Cleese silly walk length step. This is seen quite a few times in the game, but it easily repeatable here.
Title: Re: Bugs I've found so far
Post by: Scripper on October 21, 2014, 06:55:16 AM
Day 9

- Afrika: Disturbing noises during the dialog in the inner circle with Wolfgang. Seems to happen during the music is lowered down. Quit and restart the game helps!

- It seems that you can look through Wolfgang a little bit. The wall shines through him..
Title: Re: Bugs I've found so far
Post by: The Hero on October 21, 2014, 11:57:50 AM
Thank you so mach for letting us know we really want everyone to have best experience possible 
Title: Re: Bugs I've found so far
Post by: jubei23 on October 22, 2014, 09:17:23 AM
When I saw that statement in the special content, that one of the two depicted title screens had never been used, I was scratching my head. I was totally sure that I had played with both title screens at some point !

Thanks for confirming that they were both used! Glad I'm not going crazy :)
Title: Re: Bugs I've found so far
Post by: Mosley on October 22, 2014, 02:16:49 PM
Day 10:
Visiting the Geddes Tomb again, the red button is visible. Use switch option plays the "plate is in lock position" - text.