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Title: The Inventory Adventure Awards 2004
Post by: dimidimidimi on December 06, 2004, 09:31:57 AM
Dear Adventure fans,

This week you can vote for The Inventory Adventure Awards 2004! You can choose the best adventures in 17 different categories. The winner of each category will win our Readers' Choice Award in The Inventory Awards PDF book that we will be releasing by the end of next week. Here are the awards that the nominees will be competing for:

Best Story
Best Male Character
Best Female Character
Best Dialogues
Best Graphics
Best Backgrounds
Best 3D models
Best Cutscenes
Best Soundtrack
Best Acting
Best Gameplay
Best Interface
Best Developer
Best Publisher
Best Indie Adventure
Best Adventure Game
Most Awaited Upcoming Adventure

Each category has 5 nominees, except for Best Adventure Game, which has 6 and Most Awaited Upcoming Adventure which has 18. The polls will close on Monday the 13th of December, 5 minutes before midnight GMT. Feel free to also post your comments on each award category. We will choose some of the best comments posted and we will add them in The Inventory Awards 2004 PDF book. So choose your favourites for 2004 in the polls at our forum ( .