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Title: Temporary Thread Questions?
Post by: Shadowfax on July 07, 2005, 01:39:20 PM
This is a general question for those in the know of the forum rules!

1. Will all hell break loose if I post something for temporary display and then remove it after a set number of days?

2. If you add a thread, can you delete it or do you have to ask a forum moderator to do so (Yes I know I have added a thread to ask this question but I won't find the answer out till after; even if I do, I would like to know if any of this would be okay if I BODLY STATE THAT THE THREAD IS TEMPORARY!)

The reason being is that I need to conduct some miscellaneous research to aid me (and my fellow engineers) in the field of game design (regarding design specifics such as interface etc...) There will be no advertisement for any game whatosever but it will be a series of polls for genuine research regarding the views of real adventure gamers!

I also have a number of short book extracts that I have been granted temporary permit to post and I am concerned that if I post them in what really requires a seperate thread then I will not be able to delete them within the time limit set and I will get a right royal rollocking! The thread would really need to be deleted after the time limit as obviously newcomers will read reader responses with a cry of "what!" when they see whatever it is that was being commented on has disappeared! (I really would like to hear a few opinions on the work!)

Thanks in advance; Shadow.  :)

P.S Please do not berate me for asking such things, Its better that I ask first and then get a courteous answer than be kicked off the forum's for being so daring! (Not that I am saying anyone would necessarily berate me but I do fear the forum moderators wrath.)  ;)
Title: Re:Temporary Thread Questions?
Post by: Warlock on July 07, 2005, 01:55:05 PM

Hey, let me try to answer your questions to the best of my abillity.

1. Absolutely no hell will ever break loose here, lol, but you are not able to delete your own threads, only posts.

2. You have to ask a forum moderator to do so, but we aren't necessarily going to want it removed, unless you spefically ask us to do so, for whatever reason you may have, and I would see no reason for why we shouldn't comply to your wishes :)

I'm not quite sure what you're going on about, but let's take it a step at a time, and see what happens. :D
Title: Re:Temporary Thread Questions?
Post by: Shadowfax on July 07, 2005, 02:33:08 PM
Thanks for the quick reply!  :D
Well basically, the reason why I ask all these 'ere strange questions is that I have a number of difficult problems to reconcile (with regards to posting my own work.)

The reason is that I work under special copyright restrictions for most of my own creations so as to avoid people stealing precious intellectual property! ( and my other engineers work blooming hard and for some g*t to steal it and claim it as his know what that feels like!)
As such, if I need to get opinions from those outside my circle of people "in the know," then I need to turn to places like this. However, the copyright still applies so I can only get temporary permits to place material onto a public domain. After a set time limit (which varies depending on the nature of the material) I then have to remove the material immediately and then all will be fine!

The special research threads I want are under no such restrictions so they can stay; just any threads with my own work in will more or less have to go after a little while. I know it defeats the entire point of placing stuff on the public domain but it would be really nice if I can get opinions outside of those I know (prevents bias!)

Does that clear it up a little?  :)
Title: Re:Temporary Thread Questions?
Post by: Warlock on July 07, 2005, 05:02:40 PM

Quick replies are what we're here for mate! ;)

And it certainly does clear up your motivations. I've thought what you said through, and think there should be no problems. We usually don't delete posts, rather just edit or modify them, so perhaps we could 'edit' your posts, as in, remove the pictures, which if I've read your post right, should solve the 'problem'. I'm not the administrator, so if Yonkey has a say in this, it's his word that counts, but I think I can safely say that there shouldn't be any problems, so bring it on and we'll go from there. :)

Title: Re:Temporary Thread Questions?
Post by: Yonkey on July 08, 2005, 09:38:56 PM
I don't see any problems as long as you abide by the following:

1. No duplicate polls: You may not post polls that have already been posted in the Weekly Polls board, or any other board in the forum.  You are free to vote in these polls and use them for your research, but since these polls were previously created by someone else, they will not be deleted.  

2. No offensive content: The polls cannot contain any content that violates forum rules.  By this, I mean the polls may not contain offensive, illegal, defamatory, or other content deemed inappropriate by a member of the KQIX Web Team.

3. Post in the appropriate spot:  Since these polls do not relate to KQIX, you may only post them in either: Off Topic, We're in Haven or Adventure Gaming.  Depending on the content of the poll, please post in the appropriate section and if unsure, please PM myself or a moderator before posting.

Also, as Jesse mentioned.  We can always just modify the poll and remove any pictures/content once the time limit is up, rather than deleting the poll entirely.  For example, if the poll was about "Which of these characters do you like the least?", you can have the voting options: Character 1, Character 2, etc. and pics of all the characters.  Then, when the time limit is up, we'll just simply delete the pics and no one will know what any of the Characters refer to. :)
Title: Re:Temporary Thread Questions?
Post by: Shadowfax on July 10, 2005, 02:52:17 PM
Thanks for the info all!

You have got them a tad mixed up though;
the polls are not under the copyright restrictions,*only the seperate items such as book excerpts. None of the polls would contain any offensive content (unless you find "do you prefer 2D games over 3D" offensive...considering your teams excellent work in that department for your game!)

Pictures I cannot post because A) I have no server to post them on and B) I couldn't do so even if I did! (I have seen people siphon
information all too easily off even secure servers...I admit only a few of my dodgiest associates can do that but...well...I'd rather be safe than sorry!)

*there may be one possible exception depending...if not I can simply "describe" certain events without naming names or being exact. For your example I can say; "Do you like strong female characters..." etc...

Anyhoo, Thanks once again...when I get some time later this month I will be able to post them. Any poll/excerpt under the restrictions I will clearly lable so that any modifications needed will not confuse any forum browsers!

Cheers!  :)

Title: Re:Temporary Thread Questions?
Post by: Yonkey on July 10, 2005, 07:44:51 PM
(unless you find "do you prefer 2D games over 3D" offensive...considering your teams excellent work in that department for your game!)

Nah, that's not considered offensive.  In fact, that would make a pretty interesting poll!  8)

I look forward to the polls. :)