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Re:About the UBERmango...
« Reply #20 on: April 25, 2004, 09:02:14 AM »
Stop it, both of you :-\

*puts them both in Straight Jackets*

Now calm down and i will let both of you out ;), sorry bout this Copycat but you were acting badly towards patients ;) :-\

He was acting irrationally though :-\, he isnt supposed to scare patients hes supposed to help them :-\
Which patient was I scaring ???
Anyway, sometimes I have to shout to my patients to make them realize something important, not to scare them.

*sets Copycat free from the Jacket*

Hes calmed down now so its ok ;D
I was always calm, the fact I raise my voice does not mean I am not calm. I may even temporarily lose my temper, but that only lasts a few seconds and most importantly, there will be no physical action as a result of my temper-loss. Thus, a straight-jacket was completely ineffective and totally useless. BUt, I forgive you your error in judgement, just remember the next time you hear me raise my voice. 8)
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