Author Topic: Evolution or Lack of Imagination  (Read 1519 times)

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Evolution or Lack of Imagination
« on: January 14, 2012, 04:54:03 PM »
I once heard an author say, that if you would like to become a published writer, you should send all your stuff to yourself through mail and never open them. Thus when someone would approach you claiming that you stole their work, you could just throw the unopened envelope to them to prove when you came up with the idea.

So, the subject of this thread is things that look/sound suspiciously alike. Sometimes it can be a pure coincidence, an unconcious inspiration or just pure plagiarism. Some call it an evolution, others lack of imagination. No matter what the cause, we can't denie that sometimes stuff just seems like the other.

Georgy Sviridov music fo the 1975 film "Metel" or "The Blizzard". Sound familiar?

Ducks that look suspiciously like someone called Aku, Kalle, Paperino or Donald depending on your region.

The now classic "Ghostbuster" by Ray Parker jr. was according to Huey Lewis and the News so close to their song "I Want a New Drug" that a lawsuit followed.

Usually disasters films follow a certain theme per year. 1997, Dante's Peak and Volcano (heh-hey, that's the music from Aliens). 1998, Deep Impact, Armageddon and Asteroid. Personally I still think that this is the best way to end an asteroid film.

Need I even mention the WW2 FPS craze during the early to mid 2000's?

So, if you know something that you think is an evolution or a lack of imagination, feel free to post here.