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Adventure X - Adventure gaming con in London December
« on: October 01, 2012, 01:27:21 PM »
Hope this is OK to post here, I thought that this might be of interest to you guys. We're trying to organise an Adventure games con in London in December, entry itself will be free but we can only run if we hit funding.
If you're an adventure games fan then please consider helping to fund our con, feel free to make suggestions and get involved. If you're a game dev and want to show off your work feel free to get in contact via the site.

AdventureX - for adventure game fans, game designers & those just curious!

Hi folks, I'd like to give you a heads up about a possible AdventureX event this year. With your help we can make it happen! No tickets this year, instead a funding campaign on good old IndieGoGo. With the goal met, we can hire a central London location and allow visitors to enter for free.
Another line up of well known and lesser known developers will be along to give talks, there'll be a bunch of new games to see and plenty more to do. Things are not finalized, and I'd welcome anyone with an interesting idea to get in touch.
If you can spare a few dollars to make it happen in 2012, you'll help strengthen it for the future - so whether you may be able to turn up this year or not, you can certainly help others enjoy the event this year.
There is disabled access and we'll have a webcast running this year, on-site wifi and the famous Peticote Lane market is just outside the front door - so come along!
The Adventure Gamers write up of the first event last year:
Features this year - help us reach the funding goal!
- Dave Gilbert, Wadjet Eye Games
- Stephen Marley, Martian Gothic & Dreamweb
- Alex Warren, creator of Quest (for text adventures)
- ??????? ?????, help us reach our goal to announce another special guest!
- Daily games showcasing, choose your own adventure game, short masterclasses
- Competitions, quiz & after-party
Thank you for your support - see you in London later this year?