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King's Quest
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I'm not sure how to put this into words, but I've been watching movies such as Excalibur, The 13th Warrior, and even some Disney movies such as Aladdin. For me, the King's Quest series was always a perfect blend of mythology, a magical fantasy world, fairy tales, legends and a big dose of Disney. I mean, I could realistically picture Disney (the Disney of 1989-1996) making a fulfilling and really fun King's Quest game.
There was always something lacking for me; Darkness. King's Quest 4,5 and 6 were beginning to show hints of a darker, more mature world with intrique and betrayal; especially V and VI which progressively built on the storyline set by V. But then came King's Quest 7 which was very Disney-esque and cutesy. Not that there's anything wrong with VII, but...The direction the series was heading in was interesting to see.
 And then out came MOE...well...we all know how that story goes...
I mean, King's Quest was always well versed in it's usage of fairy tales and legends and the like. But not all fairy tales and legends were cute and sweet, innocent tales. The original fairy tales, I've heard, were quite gruesome. The Greek Mythos was filled with stories of action and adventure. The Arthurian myth, in it's essence, is a tragedy story of betrayal and death, though it does have it's moments of shining glory.
What I'm saying is although King's Quest is a computer game, I think if marketed enough and expanded upon enough perhaps the world that it is based in can become a new myth of it's own. And also another point is that the direction TSL seems to be headed in is true to the more mature path that the series was heading down with KQ5, and 6, and I can't wait to see where the story goes.