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The letter I have written to Vivendi
« on: August 15, 2005, 12:35:43 AM »
Dear Vivendi Officials,

I would first like to say that no, I am not a member of the press, but this was my only way of directly contacting you, for my problem is not one of customer support. I know that you, Vivendi Universal, are the current owners of Sierra Entertainment, and that as such you own their most famous titles such as the King's Quest series, the Space Quest series, Leisure Suit Larry, Police Quest and Quest for Glory.
I have been a fan of the Sierra games, specifically King's Quest and Space Quest, for a long time, since I was a little child, and I like many other fans of these series see that as the years go by, the games are becoming harder and harder to find, and also are becoming harder and harder to get to operate modern PCs. Now, surely, as the owners of these works and as people of business, you see their profitability, as in the Anonymous Game Developers (aka AGDI), who make free, downloadable remakes of popular Sierra titles and though they make no profit off the games nor lay no claim as their authors, they make them purely out of passion, that is the depth of love and appreciation that fans of these games bear.
At this point, and I am not trying to be antagonistic, but seeing as you are the owner of these titles and only you have the rights to these games I must ask: Have you ever played the games? For if you have, you would see why the fans of King's Quest, Space Quest and others love these games. They have delighted millions around the world, young and old and are stories that humorous, and sometimes epic. And looking through a business perspective, they have sold millions of copies, and though, let us say, in 1998, King's Quest: Mask of Eternity did not sell as much as previous King's Quests did, does not mean that all interest in the games have died, nor does it mean that the games aren't marketable anymore. There is a good market for fantasy related products, ala Harry Potter, and there is a revival in the popularity of adventure games, specifically King's Quest, occuring right now. I think that as the owners of these games you could not have a better time to market these games. I am not talking about making sequels, seeing how the recent Leisure Suit Larry sold (which was, again, not because of lack of interest, but because fans viewed the addition of action, the lack of Al Lowe's involvement and also the lack of the Larry Laffer character as not being true to the series), I am talking simply of reissuing the older games in the series of King's Quest, Space Quest, Quest for Glory, Leisure Suit Larry and Police Quest in new collections that are compatible with newer computers. I ask, as a fan, as a consumer and a person, that reissue these games, or if you truly lack interest in them, release them to the public domain. A few final words: As businesspeople, as creators, as designers, directors and writers of computer games please do not forget that it is the fans and the consumers that buy the product and make the company.

_______________________________________ __________________

Now, I hope no KQIX fans jump on my back about this, I did not mention the KQIX project and I specifically said reissues and not sequels. I hope that me writing this letter doesn't anger anyone here and I truly hope that it reaches someone at Vivendi and attains it's goal. People may wonder why I care so much (about the game series), well, I am 15 years old, and I first got King's Quest V when I was 5 years old and then after 6, 7 and yes, even MOE. I loved King's Quest and it's scenarios, it's funny and wacky characters, it's humor and it's bizarre creatures as a child and I still do. King's Quest later got me into Space Quest and Quest for Glory. It also got me into Fantasy, which then I got into Lord of the Rings, and all the works of mythology, fairy tale, folklore and legend which I now study with the hopes of becoming a professor of mythology. So I hope you understand and I hope this letter works!

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Sounds great, DMD.  Be sure to keep us informed if they reply. :)
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I'm with Neil on this one, let us know if they reply, would be interesting what (if anything) they have to say.  8)

I also edited the title of the post to non-caps so it doesn't disrupt the list as much.
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Re: The letter I have written to Vivendi
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Yeah to put more support in, if there's not already, start up an online petition, that should prove that there are other people who support your cause.

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Re: The letter I have written to Vivendi
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It's very professional DMD. I'm sure it will definitely get Vivendi's attention.  :)
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Re: The letter I have written to Vivendi
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Thanks I hope it does get their attention.

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Re: The letter I have written to Vivendi
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I do to, but I don't think this belongs here...
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