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Daventry's Children, the begining
« on: June 26, 2005, 07:32:35 PM »
Let me just say I love your Story Rosedragon! And decided to do fan art of it. I did this one of YOUNG beautiful Lelotte like in your story, Yet after finishing it I realized I made many errors! I draw Disney style so....say what you want  about how horrible it is. I just really love your story!  ;D



Also annoys OldBushie on AIM. :P

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Re: Daventry's Children, the begining
« Reply #1 on: June 29, 2005, 08:13:14 AM »
Thanks, Father Ghostface. I love to receive comments for my story. Your pic of Lolotte is quite cute.  I've been working hard on this, to make sure that it goes with the games.

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Re: Daventry's Children, the begining
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Daventry’s Children

Chapter 1

Brendan waded out into the turquoise blue waves of the sea that lapped at the white sand of the beach on the island where he lived. Palm trees and sea grass grew on the sandy expanse of beach. The beach led to a thick expanse of green foliage that formed a jungle on the island. A narrow dirt path wandered through the jungle to the beach.

Brendan’s dark auburn hair shone in the bright sunlight. His skin was tanned from living on a tropical isle. He had blue-green eyes the color of the sea. His clothes lay on a rock on the beach. He wore only his loincloth when wading into the warm waters of the tranquil tropical sea. Further out, he could sea his friends, the mermaids, swimming through the waves with the dolphins. The beautiful, friendly mermaids kept dangers like sharks, stingrays and jellyfish away from their human friend while he swam in their ocean.

   Three mermaid sisters, daughters of the king of the merpeople, King Neptune, liked to play with their friend Brendan. There was Nerisse, the eldest, who had greenish-yellow hair and a greenish-yellow fishtail to match. Delphine, the middle sister, a friend to dolphins, had golden blond hair and a bluish-green tail, Muriel, the youngest sister, had light auburn hair and a light blue tail. Brendan, who was eighteen years old, was fostered on the island by the Buddhist monks who lived in a stone and wood temple in the heart of the island. The Buddhist monks often trained boys from royal and noble families in the arts of magic, war, and philosophy, and the children received a thorough education in all things from the good monks. Sometimes peasant children, orphans or those abandoned by their parents were taken in and taught by the monks.

   Brendan did not know who his parents were or where he originally came from. He had lived his whole life on the Hallowed Isle, as the island the temple was on was called.

   Right now, all Brendan wanted to do was enjoy swimming with his mermaid friends. He swam out to where the water was deep enough to go over his head. A friendly bottle-nosed dolphin swam up to him; he grabbed onto its fin and hung on for a ride through the waves. Nerisse and Delphine giggled. Brendan was an excellent swimmer. He swam with the dolphins and mermaids, they held onto his hands and took him deeper into the water.

   “Look! It is Master Chen.” Muriel said.  Brendan looked back at the shore. There stood a tiny yellow-robed figure on the beach. He began to swim back to shore.
“Don’t leave us!” the mermaids cried out as he began to go. “I’m sorry, girls, but it’s time for my lessons.” Brendan left the mermaid’s embrace and swam back to shore. As he came out of the water he saw Master Chen, head of the Tao Buddhist monks, standing on the shore. Master Chen was a thin old man with the shaven head of a monk and golden-brown skin wrinkled with age. He wore the traditional yellow robe of a monk, and a serene expression. 

“I see that you are off playing while work should be done yet again, Brendan.” Master Chen lightly scolded him.

“But Master, I have finished all my chores. I have washed the dishes, mopped the temple floors and dusted the lanterns.”

“I know you have done all that, son. Now it is time for your history lesson. Come with me back to the temple.”

Brendan put on his clothes and followed Master Chen back to the temple. They walked single file down the narrow jungle path. The jungle was quite beautiful, many exotic flowers and fruits grew on the trees. Colorful tropical birds sang in the branches of the trees. Brendan watched a monkey scramble up a breadfruit tree. The path led to a large lake, fed by a waterfall pouring down from high cliffs. A wooden bridge crossed the lake. On the other side the ground rose to a hill. Behind the lake, on the hill wear the cliffs were, was the temple. Beautiful pink and white lotuses covered the still waters of the big lake. No flowers grew where the waterfall poured down from a river, below the waterfall was foamy white water. The river flowed swiftly from the sea to the lake. Swimming in the lake was easy, but it was impossible to swim in the river, which would drag you down and toss you over the waterfall to be broken on the rocks. Brendan thought of Frangipani and Lotus, the flower nymphs living in the jungle who were his friends.

He crossed the bridge after Master Chen, and entered the carved wooden doors of the temple. The monastery was made from stone of the hills and wood from the trees. Tall pagodas reached to the sky at the sides of the temple. The main part of the temple had a domed roof and carved wooden gates carved with holy symbols, like lotuses.
Scenes of Buddha’s life and figures of the Apsaras, or heavenly nymphs were carved into the stone.

Master Chen and his pupil passed through the gates and into the temple halls. The inside of the temple was rather plain and simple, reflecting the monks’ vow of poverty.
“Let’s go into the dining room for tea.” This puzzled Brendan, it was not yet time for the tea ceremony.

Brendan and Master Chen arrived in the room where the monks ate their simple meals. The Tao Buddhist monks did not eat meat, not even fish. They grew rice in the fields behind the temple; vegetables and fruit grew in their garden.

Brother Wong, the monk in charge of preparing the meals, served them a steaming pot of green tea at the low table where Master Chen and Brendan sat on cushions. Master Chen stirred the tea and gave it a chance to cool off.

“Brendan, my son, the time has come for you to claim your birthright. I must tell you who your parents are and what country you come from. Do you remember when I told you the history of a land called Daventry?”

“Yes, Master Chen. Am I from Daventry?” He asked.

“Yes, my child. You are the third and youngest son of King Graham and Queen Valanice.  Remember when I told you how Prince Alexander was kidnapped as a baby and taken away from his parents and twin sister to be reared as the slave of the evil wizard Manannan?”

“Yes, Master, I remember when you told me the stories about the royal family of Daventry.” Brendan replied

“Three years after the twins Alexander and Rosella were born, you were born to King Graham and Queen Valanice. The king and queen feared that the same fate that befell Alexander would happen to you. Cormac, their court wizard, told them about us monks on the Hallowed Isle. They ordered Cormac to take you to our temple for your own safety, so that their enemies could not harm you. You were eight months old when you came here.”

“Now that you are grown, it is time for you to return to Daventry and meet your family. You have a great destiny waiting for you in the kingdom of Daventry. It grieves me to see you go, for you are like a son to me, and one of my brightest students. But King Graham and Queen Valanice have no doubt missed you while you were growing up on this island, and they will be delighted to see you for the first time in years. A merchant ship will arrive here in three days, I have arranged for you to take passage on this ship and go to Daventry.”

“I am eager to meet my real family. But I will miss my friends here. You kind monks have been a second family to me, and I will miss you. But I really want to meet King Graham and Queen Valanice, and my noble brother and sister Alexander and Rosella. It makes me proud to know that I come from such a brave adventuring family.”

“I will miss your delightful presence, Brendan. This tea is getting cold. Let’s drink it before it gets too cold.”

Brendan drank his tea in silence. When they finished their tea, Master Chen said, “I will help you pack for your journey. There is something I must give you.” Master Chen reached into his clothes and pulled out a gold ring. It had a royal crest on it. “This is your royal insignia ring. It has the coat of arms of Daventry engraved on the top. With this ring, you can prove that you truly are a prince of Daventry.”

Brendan took the ring and put it on his finger. It fit his middle finger. “I have many other gifts for you, but Brother Li will help you with your packing. Come, you must go to your room and prepare for your journey. After that, it will be time for supper.” 

Brendan went to his sparse bedroom. The walls were made of wicker screens, and could be slid back to allow people to enter. He slept in a hammock suspended from poles in the room. A wooden dresser with a bronze mirror hanging in front of it was in one corner of the room. There was a small three-legged stool, and that was it. On top of the dresser was Brendan’s collection, some things that had been gifts from his magical friends or that he had found. A jade dragon, given to him by Brother Li the librarian, was there for good luck. A conch shell, given to him by the mermaids, he used to summon the mermaids by blowing into it. A coin-sized lustrous white pearl, also given to him by the mermaids, was one of his valuable items. A red feather from a tropical bird of the jungle was something he found while exploring the forest. A clear quartz crystal, something he found while exploring the caves in the hills around the temple, reflected sunlight occasionally.

Brother Li came into the room and gave him a leather pack. Inside the pack there already was a changing of clothes and a bag of gold and silver coins. “Take what you need, my son. A wooden staff has been made for you for protection along your journey. Also, take this small dagger, it may come in handy.” Brendan took the small steel dagger the monk offered him and laid it on his dresser. He would wear it in his belt when the time came for him to leave.

He put his pearl and quartz stone in the pack. He decided to leave the jade dragon here. But Brother Li insisted he take the jade dragon with him. “If you happen to meet a real dragon on your journeys, show him or her this jade dragon and the dragon will become your friend.” Brother Li explained to him. The good monk gave him two healing potions to put in the pack.

When he had finished packing, Brendan went into the monks’ dining room to eat the daily meal.  He sat with his friend Taren, another foster boy of the monks, and told him that he was leaving to meet his family in Daventry. Taren expressed sorrow that his friend was leaving.

“Soon you will go home to your own family.” Brendan told his friend. “Either that or the monks will send you on some mission to fight evil.”

“Either way, I wish I could have you by my side.” Taren said.

“Perhaps we will meet again in the future.” Brendan said brightly.

“Maybe.” Taren grumbled.

   The meal they ate was white rice with vegetables and nuts. There was a treat for supper that evening, fried bananas and ripe mangos. Brendan enjoyed the delicious yet simple food.

That night, he tossed and turned in his sleep, feeling restless. Finally he got up and carefully sneaked out of his room and went down to the temple garden to look at the stars. The moon was a thin sliver of a crescent that night, and the stars burned brightly in the sky. Brendan saw some of the constellations, the great dragon, the unicorn and the phoenix. The merman constellation was also bright. Brendan had been born under the sign of the dragon, which meant he would be brave and noble and a clever and strong adventurer.

“The stars are beautiful, are they not?” A voice startled him. Brendan turned around and saw Master Chen standing underneath the papaya tree.

“Master, I know I should not be out of bed but I could not sleep.”

“I understand, my child. You are restless with excitement. You probably failed to take time to meditate before going to bed. The three days will pass quickly enough, and hen you will be on your way to Daventry. Star-gazing is and honest pursuit at night.”

“I recognize several of the constellations.” Brendan said.

“I taught you astronomy, I am pleased that you can pick out the constellations, not many people can make since of them.”

“I have you to thank for teaching me.”

“Well now, if you have had enough with looking at the stars, I suggest you go to bed.  Perhaps this time you will be able to sleep.”

Brendan obeyed Master Chen and went back to his room and lay down. He fell asleep within ten minutes.

The nest day he said goodbye to all of his friends, including the nymphs and mermaids. He completed his chores of cleaning the temple. All of the fosterlings had chores involving the upkeep of the temple. The monks even helped out and cleaned the temple when it was needed. Today Brendan was in charge of feeding and cleaning up after the sacred cats that lived in the temple as pets to the monks. He paused to pet a beautiful tan-colored cat with blue eyes. The cat purred at the attention. Brendan gave the cats fresh water and fish to eat.

Master Chen was right; the three days did pass quickly. On the day he was to leave, the temple cook gave him flasks of fresh water and dry food rations. One of the monks, Brother Wu, gave Brendan a simple spell book with protection spells, fighting spells and other useful spells.

Brendan said goodbye to the monks, Master Chen, Brother Li, Brother Wong, Brother Wu and Brother Fong.
Then Master Chen took him to the beach to meet the merchant ship that would take him to Daventry.

The ship released a rowboat, which came to shore to bring Brendan to the ship. The ship’s captain and his first mate were in the rowboat.

Master Chen and Brendan bowed before the captain.

“Captain Merrick, this young man is Brendan, your passenger.” 

“Pleased to meet you, young Brendan. I am Captain Merrick, the one in charge of this vessel. This is my first mate, Hakeem.”

“It is an honor to meet you, sir.” Brendan said politely.

“Well, no sense in wasting time. Come on aboard Brendan.” Said the captain.

Brendan hugged Master Chen goodbye. “Goodbye Master Chen, I will never forget you or all that you have taught me.” He stepped into the row boat with his pack.” 

Master Chen gave captain Merrick a bag of gold to pay for Brendan’s voyage.  “The salt, incense and tea are ready to be loaded.” The monks on the island made money selling salt which they harvested from the ocean, and sweet-smelling incense, made from the flowers and tree bark of the plants that grew on the island. Tea was also grown on the island and shipped to distant lands.

The ship’s sailors came to shore by rowboats and loaded the goods onto the ship. Captain Merrick to Brendan aboard the ship. The ship was called the Blue Maiden, and was a magnificent strong sailing ship. Once the passenger and goods were safely aboard, Captain Merrick gave orders to hoist the anchor and raise the sails.

“Have you ever been on a ship before, Brendan?” The captain asked him.

“Not really.” Brendan replied. “Some of the monks use little rowboats to explore the rock islands around the Hallowed Isle. I’ve been in one of them before, but never a big ship like this. I do swim in the ocean a lot, and some of the mermaids are my friends.”

Captain Merrick whistled. “You are indeed fortunate to have the daughters of the sea for your friends. Not many people know how to deal with mermaids; most sailors only glimpse them before they disappear.”

“I was taught how to deal with creatures of magic.” Brendan said.

“I’ll bet you were.” The captain replied. “Now, let’s show you your cabin.” Captain Merrick said. He led Brendan below deck to a small cabin room with a cot and a trunk for his belongings. Brendan put his pack away in the trunk. For this journey he wore a blue short-sleeved tunic, green pants and a brown leather vest with brown boots. His staff, made from rosewood, had an owl carved on the top, and Chinese symbols for good luck carved along the staff.

He did not want to stay in the close, confining quarters below deck, so he went back up to the main deck of the ship.

“It’s a fine day to go sailing. The wind is just right and the sky is clear and sunny. The ocean looks clam right now.” Captain Merrick said. Brendan looked out at the deep blue sea, and saw the heads of his mermaid friends bobbing out of the water. They rode on dolphins and followed his ship. “Look Captain, mermaids!” An excited sailor told the captain.

“Aye, they are lovely lasses. It will bring us good luck that they follow us.”

Brendan waved to his mermaid friends. He wondered what lay ahead for him in Daventry, and what sort of adventures waited for him with his royal family.

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Re: Daventry's Children, the begining
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While Brendan was making his journey home, Princess Rosella of Daventry walked through the forest with her sweetheart, Prince Edgar of Etheria. The two of them had been courting for almost a year now. Rosella held Edgar’s hand as they walked through the peaceful forest.

Edgar picked a wild pink flower and gave it to Rosella. She sniffed the flower and said “Thank you Edgar, you are so sweet.”

“I recognize this place.” Rosella said as they came to a little pond. “This is the pond where the dragonette from Etheria popped out, and I decided to jump in the pond and follow it. This pond led me to Eldritch.”

“I thought it would be appropriate to bring you to this place.” Edgar said.

“Why is that?” Rosella asked.

Edgar took her hand and knelt down on one knee.

“Princess Rosella, I loved you ever since the day I first saw you. When I first asked you to marry me, my timing was off. You had to return home immediately to save your father with the magic fruit. Now that we have gotten to know each other, I ask you again to give me the honor of being my wife. I love you more than anything and I want to make you happy.” Edgar took out a small wooden box from his pocket and opened it. Lying on blue velvet was a magnificent sparkling diamond ring. The diamond was heart-shaped, and surrounded by tiny gold roses and leaves on the band.

“Oppy Goldsworth made this ring. He succeeded in his dream of becoming court jeweler of Etheria, thanks to your generous gift. Will you accept my proposal?”

“Oh, Edgar, I love you! Yes I will marry you. Your timing is perfect this time.” Edgar stood up and took Rosella in his arms and kissed her.

“You’ve made me so happy! Now we must tell our parents.” Edgar said.

“Mom and Dad will be thrilled that I am getting married at last. I’m sure they will approve.” Rosella said.

They walked back to Castle Daventry. Rosella told the guard that she needed to speak to her father and mother. The guard said the king and queen were in a meeting with some merchants from Serenia. They would have to wait until the meeting was over.

Rosella and Edgar paced in the hall for about five minutes. Then the double doors of the throne room opened and four well-dressed merchants marched snootily out of the throne room. After they left, Rosella entered the throne room with Edgar. 

King Graham of Daventry sat on his gilded throne wearing his red shirt and the golden, bejeweled crown of Daventry. Queen Valanice sat in the smaller throne next to his, wearing a dark red velvet dress, gold coronet, gold earrings and a gold necklace.

“That went rather well, didn’t it?” Graham asked his wife Valanice.
“Yes, I’m glad we could reach and agreement with the merchants. This will improve trade with other countries greatly.” Valanice said. Graham looked out across the throne room and saw Rosella.

“Good afternoon, Rosella. Have you come to see me about something important, daughter?” Graham asked her.

“Yes, father, I have something very important to tell you and mother. Edgar has proposed to me, and I said yes.” She told her parents.

“Why, that’s wonderful!” Valanice exclaimed. “The whole kingdom has waited in excitement while you courted Edgar, hoping a marriage would come out of this. Now we can give you the grand wedding you deserve.”

“I am very happy for you both.” Graham said. “Of course, you have my blessing and your mother’s blessing as well. Edgar, have you discussed this with your parents?”

“Yes, sire, I have, and they said they would be delighted to have Rosella as a daughter-in-law. I talked to them first. But we have not made the announcement to the people of Etheria about my plans to marry, I do not know how the rest of the fairy folk will respond.” Said Edgar.

“Well, I’m sure once they come to know Rosella, they will like her.” Graham said. “We can make the announcement of your engagement at the summer solstice ball.”  The summer solstice ball, on midsummer night, was one of the celebrations of the seasons that went on during the year. During the day the peasant folk had a festival in the village with plenty of singing dancing and feasting. There were plays of the King’s adventures, magicians performed tricks, and there were various contests where prizes were given out. The summer solstice was one month away.

The ball in the castle that evening was reserved for the nobility, the knights and the royal family, and any visiting royals.

“I’m sure the citizens of Daventry will be happy that Rosella has chosen you for her husband. But there is something important we must discuss. Now that Alexander is the king of the Land of the Green Isles, you are left as the heir to the throne of Daventry. Prince Edgar is Oberon and Titania’s only heir as well. If you are to get married, you cannot rule both kingdoms at once. What will you do about this?” Graham said.

Edgar frowned. “I must discuss this with my parents. I would like to rule Daventry by Rosella’s side, but I cannot abandon my homeland, Etheria. Something must be done so that both lands have a good ruler.”

“I’m sure we will find a solution.” Rosella said.

“Anyway, I hope we can clear up the matter of finding an heir for both lands. Edgar, welcome to the family. We are glad to have you as a son-in-law.” Said Graham.


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Re: Daventry's Children, the begining
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Chapter 2

Meanwhile, in a dark, spooky cave in the land of Kolyma, a hideous old witch was stirring her brew and muttering to herself. She went over to a crystal ball on a black table in a corner and contacted another mage.

“Master Shadrack, I have gathered all of the ingredients for the resurrection spell. I have enough to resurrect both Mordack and Lolotte. All I need to do now is find suitable bodies for them to inhabit.” The witch said.

“That is excellent, Hagatha. You have made up for your past failures. I have some suggestions as to who we should use as bodies for the spirits of Mordack and Lolotte, there is a young knight in King Graham’s court, named Sir Roland de Cavalier, who Graham is sending on a mission to Kolyma, to spy on the land and see if all’s well here. Also, Sir Connor MacLyr’s fiance, Sarah Burke, will be the perfect body for Lolotte.” Shadrack told his student through the crystal ball.

“I will capture the people you have mentioned, kill them and use their bodies for hosts for Lolotte and Mordack. Since these people have close connections to King Graham, we can find out more information about him, his castle and his family. They can sabotage the lives of the people in Daventry from the inside.” The witch Hagatha said.

“King Graham and his family, his entire kingdom will pay for defying me and my society.” Shadrack said. “I will bring misery on not just him, but the entire world! Our plans are going well. Soon the Black Cloak Society will rescue Alhazared from the dungeons in the Land of the Green Isles and recover the infant Malicia from Etheria. Then we will bring back Lucreto from the void he has been trapped in.” Shadrack continued. “Once all of our loyal members have recovered from their suffering at the hands of our enemies, we will continue with our plan to destroy the world and bring about an age of darkness.”

   “It will be glorious.” Hagatha said. “Those fools who do not see the glory of evil will perish. We will live in a world ruled by darkness and power is the only law.”

   “Yes my dear. Now, continue with your work. I bid you farewell.” Shadrack left. Hagatha muttered a spell and her crystal ball began to show the events in Castle Daventry.

   King Graham summoned the young knight Sir Roland de Cavalier to his throne.

   “Sir Roland, I have a mission for you. I have heard that in Kolyma the witch Hagatha has recovered from our attempts to destroy her and is plotting the downfall of Daventry. I want you to go to Kolyma and spy on Hagatha. Bring back word of how the land of Kolyma fairs and what Hagatha is up to. I must warn you, be very careful when near her cave. She is vicious and cannibalistic, and she would like nothing more than to have you in her stew pot. So take care that you do not fall victim to her.”

   “I will do my best, sire, to provide you a fair and accurate report of the land of Kolyma and the witch Hagatha’s plots. I will not let you down!” Sir Roland swore to his king.

   “Good. I am glad to hear you are enthusiastic about this mission. A ship is prepared to take you to Kolyma right away.”
King Graham said.

   Sir Roland bowed and left the throne room to pack for his quest.

   The next day Sarah Burke was in the forest gathering mushrooms, herbs, and berries. It was getting late and her basket was full, so she decided to go home before it became dark. As she walked quickly through the forest, a dark, fearsome monster flew down from the trees on bat wings.

   Sarah screamed as the gargoyle landed in front of her. She tried to turn around and run, but the gargoyle caught her with his clawed paws around her waist. She screamed again as the gargoyle took off with her and struggled in his grasp, but there was no one around to save her.

   The gargoyle teleported to Hagatha’s lair with Sarah.  “Well done, my servant.” Hagatha told the gargoyle. Hagatha bound and gagged Sarah and left her in a corner in the cave.  Soon Sir Roland would arrive.

   Sir Roland arrived in Kolyma. As he walked by a lake, he saw a maiden sitting on a tree stump crying. The girl was beautiful, with long black hair and smooth pale skin. She wore a tan peasant dress.

   “What is wrong fair maid? May I help you in any way?” The chivalrous knight asked the young girl.

   “Oh, sir knight, I had hoped someone brave and heroic like you would come along. I am sorely grieved because that foul old witch Hagatha has kidnapped my little brother. I witnessed her grab him in the meadow where we were playing and teleport back to her cave with him. She intends to eat my poor little brother Johnny. Please, help me!”

   “I will go to that evil hag’s lair and rescue the child at once!” Sir Roland promised.

“Oh, please hurry sir. Please get there before she eats him!” The maiden implored.

Sir Roland kissed the maid’s hand and ran to Hagatha’s cave.  He slowed down when he saw the skulls on stakes out side the cave. Taking a deep breath he bravely entered the dismall cave. It was empty, except for a stew pot and skulls in the corner, and a mound of black cloth draped over something in the corner. Suddenly Hagatha appeared behind him, with a sharp long dagger in her hand. She stabbed Roland in the back. As he cried out in pain, she seized him and turned him around and cut his throat, draining the blood into a bowl.

   By the lake, the girl who had sent Roland to his doom laughed wickedly. She was a member of the black cloak society. Her name was Drusilla, and she was a young sorceress learning the ways of evil.

Hagatha went to the corner and lifted up the black cloth. Sarah was underneath it, eyes wide with fright and struggling against her bonds. Hagatha seized her by the hair.”

“Don’t worry my pretty, it will now all be over for you.” The malicious crone said. She cut poor Sarah’s throat and drained her blood in another bowl. Then Hagatha laid the two bodies out on the floor of the cave. She drew an upside down pentagram in blood on the floor of her cave.

   The ghosts of Lolotte and Mordack entered the cave and hovered over the bodies. “Blood of the innocent, bones of saint, fresh dirt from a newly-dug grave, spiderwebs, a scorpion’s venom, deadly nightshade, mandrake root, a dragon’s scale, a unicorn’s powdered horn, feather from a phoenix, a mummified human hand, milk from a sea cow, pomegranate seeds, a newborn baby’s tears, a cobra’s egg, a red rosebud, a white lily, and salt from the sea, all of these combine to resurrect the dead!

   Hagatha drew her wand and chanted dreadful, arcane words over the bodies. She shook her wand over the corpses and the spirits hovering over them. Then she took the potion in her cauldron and poured half over Sir Roland’s body, and half over Sarah’s. As the two spirits entered the bodies, she chanted more magical words and shook her wand.

“Now, Mordack, Lolotte, open your eyes!”  Slowly, the spirits took possession over their new bodies. The souls of Roland and Sarah were gone; the souls of Mordack and Lolotte now had complete control over their bodies. Slowly they opened their eyes, and struggled to sit up. It was difficult at first, after being ghosts for so long. Hagatha helped them to sit up and gave them blood to drink. Mordack greedily gulped down the bowl with Roland’s blood, while Lolotte drink Sarah’s blood.

When they had finished they stood up and looked around the cave.

“Congratulations, Hagatha, you have succeeded in reviving us.” Mordacks aid ina rusty voice. He moved his arms up and down, testing out his new body.

“Master Shadrack will be pleased. I am glad you have found such a pretty young female body for me.” Lolote said. “Tell me, who is she?”

“You inhabit the body of Sarah, the fiance to that d*mned Champion Eternal, Sir Connor MacLyr.” Hagatha informed her. “And you, Mordack are in the body of one of King Graham’s most trusted knights, Sir Roland de Cavalier. He was sent to spy on Kolyma and me, now he has been caught in my web and could not escape. Come, my comrades, we must inform Master Shadrack of our success.”

Hagatha contacted Shadrack via the crystal ball, and Lolotte and Mordack spoke to him from their new bodies. Shadrack was immensely pleased that the resurrection spell was a success.

“I wish you well in defeating the royal family of Daventry. They have stood in our way long enough. Now you will be able to get inside the castle of Daventry, and inside our enemies’ minds. Soon everyone will suffer for denying the Black Cloak Society its rightful place of power. We will rule a new world of darkness and chaos. Everyone will fear us. The villains laughed evilly as the night came and they were certain their nefarious plans would succeed.


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Re: Daventry's Children, the begining
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Meanwhile, on the ship the Blue Maiden, Brendan was sleeping in his cabin at night. A loud cry from the top deck woke him up. “Pirates are attacking the ship!” A sailor shouted.

Brendan rose from his bunk and got dressed. He grabbed his owl staff and dagger and ran out to the front deck. Torches had been lit to help the sailors see at night. A pirate’s ship, with a skull and crossbones on their flag, had attached itself to the merchant’s ship by ropes and hooks. Vicious, muscle bound pirates in ragged clothes fought the sailors with curved swords. Brendan thought about casting a spell on the pirates, but he was not sure about which one to use and was afraid it might backfire. He joined the fighting and hit one pirate on the head with his staff. The pirates laughed when they saw he was fighting with a mere staff. A few swift blows from the staff, however, and they stopped laughing realizing it was a formidable weapon.

   Brendan found himself surrounded by a group of pirates. He started to cast a ring of energy spell that would make his opponents fall down, but before he could a pirate clubbed him over the head and knocked him out. The pirates dragged Him aboard their ship. Captain Merrick was outraged and he slew several pirates, but could not stop them from kidnapping Brendan.  One pirate threw a torch down onto the wood of the deck before jumping aboard his own ship. The pirates cut the ropes and sailed off.

The sailors of the Blue Maiden quickly threw water on the fire and put it out.
Captain Merrick swore in frustration. “Go after those pirates! We must rescue the boy!” He ordered.

Brendan woke up a few hours later to find himself chained in the hold of the pirates ship. His wrists were bound with iron manacles and his ankles were shackled to the wall. He groaned, his head hurt from the blow.

After about ten minutes in the hold, a pirate came down from the rope ladder that led into the hold.
   “The cap’n wants ta see ye.” He sneered. The pirate unlocked the shackles on his legs, but left the ones of his hands. The pirate drew his sword. “Up the ladder wid’ ye.” Brendan climbed the ladder with the shackles on his wrists. He reached the top deck.

The pirate captain, with a red coat and black hat and patch over his eye, glared at Brendan. The ship appeared to be in rough waters. Brendan could here the angry shrieks of the mermaids as they surrounded the ship and ordered the huge waves to crash upon the ship. The sky was dark and stormy, with flashes of lightning and thunder. Brendan saw Nerisse, Delphine and Muriel following the ship on their dolphins and brandishing tridents at the pirates.

“The mermaids be angry.” The captain said. “They demand that we release ye. Tell them to back off or I’ll have you flogged.”

“Do that, and they’ll destroy your ship for sure.”  Brendan replied. 

“If they destroy our ship, you’ll die with us.” The captain said angrily.

Brendan thought about it. He was sure Nerisse, Delphine and Muriel would save him from the wreckage if they wrecked the pirate ship.

“I’m warning you, send them away now, or I’ll carve ye up!” The captain drew his sword.

Brendan did not to take any risks. “Nerisse, Delphine, Muriel, you’d better go.” He said to his mermaid friends.

With a sad howl, the mermaids sunk under the waves. The wind died down, the waves ceased their violent pounding, and the sky grew clear. 

The wicked pirate captain laughed in triumph. He ordered Brendan tied to the mast.

“Sir, we’re headed for the Land of the Green Isles.” One pirate told the captain.

The pirate captain swore. “Turn this ship around! I’ve no desire to be wrecked on the reefs of the Green Isles!

Before they could turn the ship around, they spotted land, a small rocky gray coast in the distance.

Winged shapes filled the skies, and flew down to the skip. It seemed that angels in armor were flying down from heaven to attack the pirates. The pirates shot arrows at the Winged Ones. The winged warriors retaliated by shooting their own arrows and throwing spears.

A winged warrior in leather and steel armor landed next to Brendan at the mast. While the other winged ones landed and fought the pirates, he cut Brendan loose.

“We are here to rescue you, young human.” The leader said to him.

The Winged Ones carried him away from the pirate ship. They carried him to their island, and to the Winged One city.  The leader of the Winged Ones guards picked the lock on the shackles on Brendan’s wrists.

“I am Julius, the leader of the guards on this island.” The leader told him. “I assume you are the human known as Brendan?”

“Yes, that is my name. How do you know about me?” Brendan asked.

“Our oracle, who sees all, saw a vision of you in her pool. She said there is a dark future ahead for us all, and that we must fight to stop the forces of darkness from taking over the world, or we will perish. She said you had an important destiny to play in the war to come. She insisted that we rescue you from the pirates, we normally do not get involved with human affairs.”

“Now our Lord Azure wishes to see you.” Julius escorted him to the throne room of the Winged Ones’ leader.

Lord Azure sat in his marble throne with his wife and co-ruler of the Isle of the Winged Ones next to him, Lady Ariel.

“My lord, we have rescued the young human from the clutches of the pirates, as the Oracle ordered.” Julius said to Lord Azure.

“Welcome to our island, human. We normally do not welcome human visitors to our island, but the Oracle said we must choose sides in the war to come or be destroyed. How did you come to be captured by pirates?”

“I was traveling to Daventry in a ship when the pirates attacked and kidnapped me, my lord.” Brendan answered.

“I hear you are of some relation to our king, Alexander. How are you related to him?” Lord Azure asked.

“He is my brother, my lord, I am the third and youngest son of King Graham and Queen Valanice of Daventry.” Brendan replied.

“This is most intriguing. Does King Alexander know about your existence?”

“No, my lord I doubt it, he was kidnapped as a baby and I was sent away as a baby for my own protection. I do not know if King Graham told him about me during the brief time he was in Daventry.”

“I will do this before sending you on to the Isle of the Crown where King Alexander lives. I will allow you an audience with our great Oracle. She may help you find your destiny.” Lord Azure said.

The guards took him to see the oracle.

“Hail, great Oracle. We return with the wingless man you told us to rescue. I bring him to you know, so you may tell him of your visions.”

“Ah, young prince, you and your family have haunted my pool lately. I see great things ahead of you. You will have to conquer a great evil to find happiness. You will be a leader in the coming war against darkness. Many will try to seduce you and your siblings to evil, or destroy you. The fate of the world depends on your decisions, on your wisdom and strength. Never forget what you learned among the Tao monks. The balance of good and evil is severely threatened by this Black Cloak Society, they want to plunge the world into darkness and despair, and kill or enslave everything good. You must stop them, you will have many allies in this war, but you will lose some of those that you love. That is all. It is up to you to choose your destiny. Farewell, young prince.” The oracle prophesied.

“Thank you, mighty Oracle. I will not forget what you have told me.” Brendan bowed his head slightly in acknowledgement of the Oracle.

The Winged Ones guards carried Brendan to the Isle of the Crown.

“Farewell, Brendan. I hope all goes well with you, and you meet with King Alexander with success.” Julius said as they prepared to leave him.

“Goodbye Julius, and thanks for all your help. If there is someway to repay you in the future, I will.” Brendan said. The Winged Ones left him. Brendan took a deep breath and began his journey through the Isle of the Crown.

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Re: Daventry's Children, the begining
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   Re: Daventry's Children, ch 6 & 7
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Back in Daventry, Lolotte disguised as Sarah arrived at Sarah’s cottage in the morning.  Princess Rosella and her mother Queen Valanice decided to hire Sarah, who was a fine seamstress, to make their ball gowns for the Midsummer night ball. Rosella, her mother Valanice, Sir Connor and some ladies from the castle arrived at Sarah’s house that morning. Sarah’s mother Elizabeth Burke opened the door, her brow creased with worry lines.

“Have you seen Sarah? She left to gather mushrooms and berries in the forest yesterday afternoon and hasn’t returned home since.” Widow Burke asked them.

“No, ma’am, we have not seen Sarah.” Connor replied. “Now I am worried about her too. I wonder what could have happened to her. I hope she is all right.”

Just then, they saw Sarah coming out of the woods.

“Sarah! Where have you been? I was looking all over for you, and when you did not come home last night, I feared some wild animal in the forest had gotten a hold of you.” Elizabeth Burke told her daughter.

“I’m sorry mother, I did not mean to worry you, but I got lost while gathering plants in the woods and it began to grow dark and I could not find my way home. Rather than try to find my way home in the dark of night, I took shelter spend in a dry, unoccupied cave to the north and decided to stay the night there and come home in the morning.”

“You gave me a scare; I was really worried about you. Next time don’t get lost and come home before dark.” Elizabeth said to the person she thought was Sarah.

“Yes mother.” Sarah/Lolotte said obediently.

“Sarah, I am glad that you are safe.” Connor said taking her hand. “I too worried for your safety when Mistress Burke told me you were missing.”

“Well, everything is ok now.” Sarah said.

“Now that’s over, let me tell you the reason for our visit.” Valanice said. “I heard you are a great seamstress, and I would like to employ you to make my and Rosella’s gowns for the Midsummer ball.”

“I would be delighted to have your patronage, your majesty.” Sarah said.

“Good. I’d like to see some patterns for gowns, and some fabric.” Valanice said.

Sarah invited them into her cottage and showed them some of the fabric she has spun and wove, mostly linen or wool.

“For your dresses you’d probably want silk. I could buy some from the traveling merchants when they stop by the village.”

“We’ll see if we can find some silk for you.” Rosella said. “I think I want my gown in pink.”

“I’m not sure what color I want for my dress.” Valanice said.

Sarah, Valanice and Rosella discussed what kind of style they wanted their gowns in.  The men left the house and Widow Burke closed all the blinds so that Sarah could take Valanice and Rosella’s measurements.

Valanice, Rosella and Connor left Sarah’s house never suspecting what terribly tragedy had befallen Sarah, and that the evil Lolotte was impersonating her.     

Brendan turned away from the beach and looked to where the dirt path on the island split in two by an old oak. One path lead to the palace, the other one lead to a village. He decided to satisfy his curiosity and check out the village first. Brendan entered the village and the first thing he noticed were to shops on the main street. One was a pawn shop, the other one a book store.
Curious about what sort of exotic collection the pawn shop might have, he decided to enter that building first.

   The shop’s interior was a bit dusty and dim. Behind a teak countertop the shop’s proprietor stood, a middle aged black man in flowing robes with spectacles. The merchandise filling the shop ranged from bizarre to practical. A large stuffed bear took up the western wall. On the east side objects such as a headless suit of armor with a spear, a red drum, a skeleton, candles, an hand mirror, a crystal globe and a log with an axe stuck in it filled the room.

Brendan walked up to the store’s counter. The shopkeeper addressed him. “Good day, young sir. What can I do for you?”

“Good day to you as well, shopkeeper.” Brendan replied. “I am looking for some information about this land.”

“Information? Are you a stranger to the Land of the Green Isles?” The man asked.

“Yes sir, I am. My name is Brendan.” Answered Brendan.

“The last stranger to arrive on these islands is now our king, Alexander. He is a prince of Daventry who was desperately in love with our princess, Cassima. It’s quite an interesting and romantic story. Prince Alexander uncovered the treachery and corruption of the vizier then in charge of our kingdom, Abdul Alhazared. Alhazared murdered the king and queen and made it look like they had died from grief over their daughter’s disappearance. He also arranged for Princess Cassima to be kidnapped so she would not get in the way of his ambitions. When Princess Cassima was rescued by Alexander’s father King Graham and returned home, the wicked vizier had her locked in her room, supposedly in mourning for her parents. Alexander journeyed to the realm of the dead and challenged its lord for the souls of King Caliphim and Queen Allaria, Cassima’s parents. He succeeded in freeing them from death and brought them back to life. He proved Alhazared’s treachery and evil plans to the captain of the guard dogs, Saladin, and rescued Cassima from Alhazared.. Alexander asked cassima to marry him, and she agreed. Then the resurrected King Caliphim and Queen Allaria decided to retire, so they made Cassima queen and Alexander king in their place. That villain Alhazared was locked up in the castle dungeons, they had a trial for him recently and he was sentenced to life imprisonment in the dungeons.” The proprietor told the story.

“That’s quite an exciting story.” Brendan said. “I wish I could meet with King Alexander, but I suppose he only meets with important people.”

“I doubt that the guard dogs would let you into the palace. Our palace is the grandest building ever built in the isles. I reckon the palace might be the most beautiful palace ever built. You really should see it, even if the guards won’t let you inside.” The proprietor said.     

“Well, this is quite and intriguing shop you have here. Unfortunately I have no money at the moment, and nothing to trade. I must move on. Goodbye, sir.” Brendan said.

“Goodbye Brendan.” The shopkeeper said.

   Brendan then decided to check out the book store, Ali’s books. Ali greeted him when he entered the book store.

“I am very fond of books.” Brendan told him. “I would like to explore your shelves and see what wisdom I might glean.”

   “You are welcome to look at my books, young man. Let me know if something catches you fancy and you would like to buy it.” Ali said.

Brendan looked over the section of self-help books. He saw nothing that would be particularly helpful to him, so he looked at a different section. He read some love poems, but since he id not have a lady of his own, they only made him feel lonely. He read some cookbooks, and found some interesting soup recipes. He found some travel books, and read a bit about Daventry.

Noticing that the bookstore owner had his head buried in a large leather bound book behind the counter, he decided to quietly leave.

   Brendan went back to the beach. He saw Nerisse rising up out of the water. She had the stuff he had lost, his staff and his pack filled with supplies.

   Nerisse grinned at him. “My sisters and I wrecked that despicable pirate ship after the winged ones rescued you. I recovered your pack and staff for you.” Brendan waded a little bit into the water and Nerisse returned his stuff, and gave him a peck on the cheek. Brendan went back to land before the currents could pull him out to the sea. With his supplies, he decided to go to the Castle of the Crown.

   Brendan looked at the beautiful marble palace with its delicate friezes and carving. He saw the two armored guards, that resembled anthromorphic dogs. There was a small hut off the side of the dirt path. Brendan hid inside the tent andd ecided to make some magic. He cast an invisibility spell and walked up to the doors of the palace. If he opened the door to go inside, the guard dogs would notice something amiss. So he cast a spell to temporarily blind them, then quickly slipped inside the palace.

Once inside, he noticed the castle was decorated more beautifully on the inside than on the outside. He headed for the throne room to find King Alexander, his brother.

   Brendan slipped inside the throne room. No one noticed his presence, since he was invisible. He walked up to Alexander and Cassima who sat on the twin golden throne covered in red velvet cushions. The spell would not last forever, it could fade away any minute now.  Besides Alexander and Cassima, Cassima’s parents Caliphim and Allaria were here, and so were several guard dogs as well as Captain Saladin.

   “I received a letter from Daventry inviting us to go to the Midsummer ball. Also, my father told me Rosella and Edgar are now engaged, and they will announce it to the public at the Midsummer fair.” King Alexander said.

   Just then, Brendan’s invisibility spell faded away, and he was revealed standing in front of Alexander’s throne. Cassima screamed and Alexander gasped in surprise. The guard dogs came forward to seize him by the arms.

   “Who are you, and how did you enter my throne room without us noticing?” Alexander demanded.

“I’m your brother Brendan, King Graham and Queen Valanice’s third son. I cast an invisibility spell to sneak in here. Please your majesty, I meant you no harm.” Brendan said.

   “My brother, that’s ridiculous, I don’t have a brother. If I did, my parents would surely tell me. You must be an imposter. You know a bit of magic, perhaps you are a member of the Black Cloak Society coming to rescue Alhazared.”
Alexander said.

“If I was, why would I reveal myself by entering the throne room? I have a golden royal signet ring to prove I am a member of the royal family of Daventry.” Brendan said.

   “Very well, show me this ring.” The guards let go of Brendan and he dug in his pack to retrieve the gold ring.”

“”Hmm, this looks just like my own ring that Cassima wears. But it could be a clever copy, or you could have stolen it. I’m sorry but I must have you sent to the dungeon while I check out your story.”  The guards marched Brendan off to the dungeon.

   In the dungeon, Brendan kicked a pebble across the dirty floor in frustration. What was he going to do? The guards had taken all of his possessions. He thought about sitting down on the floor to meditate, but the floor was so dirty he decided he’d rather stand. Brendan stood around with his arms folded thinking about how he could prove to Alexander that he really was his brother. He ran his hands over the stone wall, but all of the stones were tight and secure with no chinks or loose stones. He could not break down the door, it was too thick and strong and besides, the guards would be watching him.   


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Re: Daventry's Children, the begining
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Meanwhile, King Alexander called for his genie, Shamir Shammazel.  Shamir was drunk on mints again. “Hic! Hi master!  Hic! What can I, hic do for you, hic?” the genie hiccupped.

   “Shamir Shammazel, you really must stop eating those mints, they work on you like strong wine.” Alexander told the genie.

“Hic! Sorry master.” The genie said.

“I have a mission for you, Shamir. I want  you to deliver a letter to my father, the king of Daventry.” Alexander said.

Give me time to write the letter; then you must deliver it as quickly as possible to King Graham of Daventry, and wait for a written reply from him. Come back with the letter my father sends in reply.

Alexander went up to his room and took a sheet of paper and pen and ink from his desk. He wrote the letter.

“To his majesty King Graham of Daventry,
From his son Alexander the King of the Land of the Green Isles.

Dear Father,

Today something strange happened in my throne room. A young man appeared out of nowhere claiming to be my brother, by the name of Brendan. He used an invisibility spell to sneak into the palace, and when it faded away we caught him. He has a golden signet ring just like my own, and I am wondering who he really is. Please tell me the truth, do I have any other siblings besides Rosella?  Could this Brendan really be my brother, or is he an imposter? I would appreciate and answer as soon as possible, because I had him sent to the dungeons, and if he is innocent I must release him.

Sincerely, your loving son,

When Alecander finished writing his letter he sealed it and ordered Shamir to deliver it by magic to Daventry.

King Graham was startled when the genie suddenly appeared in his throne room. “Sire, I bring a letter from your son, Alexander.” Shamir Shammazel told the king. He handed King Graham the letter.

King Graham read the letter and raised his eyebrows as he read it. He put it down and sighed, “I never intended for this to happen. I suppose I should have told Alexander about Brendan as soon as possible. He went to his office to write a reply letter to Alexander.

To my dearest son Alexander, King of the land of the Green Isles.
From, your father King Graham of Daventry.

Dear Alexander,

I must apologize to you, I really should have told you about your young brother Brendan. But I was not sure how to approach the subject, and your mother and I wanted to spend time getting to know you. The truth is, Brendan is indeed your brother. After you were taken away from us, Valanice and I had another child, a son. We really did not expect another child, and it was quite a surprise. We feared that evil forces might come after this child too, that the same fate that befell you would befall him. So we kept Brendan’s birth a secret, and after he was weaned we contacted the good monks of Tao whom our court magician Cormac introduced us to. We sent the baby to be raised by the monks on their private island in secret, so that no one could kidnap or murder him. I know we were wrong to keep Brendan secret from you. I planned to tell you but it never seemed to be the right time. Please release Brendan from the dungeons and treat him as you would a brother. You know that Rosella is engaged to Edgar and we will have a ball on Midsummer night to make the announcement, please bring Brendan with you when you come home to attend the ball. Sending Brendan away was once of the most difficult decisions we could make. I felt like a failure after I failed to find you when I searched for you after you were kidnapped, but I never lost hope that you would return to us again someday. I miss you, my beloved son, and your mother and I miss Brendan. I hope you can get to know this brother of yours, same as you became friends with Rosella after rescuing her from the three-headed dragon. Once again, please forgive me for not informing you about your brother as I should have done long ago. ”

My sincere apologies and highest regards,
With love, your father,
King Graham  of Daventry.

Once Graham finished writing and sealing the letter, he gave it to Shamir Shammzel to deliver to Alexander. Then he ordered a guard to fetch Princess Rosella, he had to explain to her about Brendan.

“Rosella, I think you were too young to remember, do you remember when your brother Brendan was born?”

“No, I don’t, I don’t remember anything about a Brendan.” Rosella said.

“Well we must tell you about him. You see, when you were three years old, Valanice gave birth to another son of ours. We feared that this baby might be kidnapped Just like Alexander, or worse could happen to him, so we sent him away for his own safety.  Cormac told us about the good Tao monks and their island where they raise royal children and protect them, so we sent him to the monks after he was weaned. I know we really should have told you and Alexander sooner, but the time never did seem right. We wanted to bring Brendan home, but some disaster always seemed to interrupt us.

“How could you keep this little brother a secret from us? Surely you could have told us.” Rosella said.

“I am sorry my child, I regret this now. You see Brendan found his way to the Green Isles, and he snuck into the Castle of the crown, and Alexander did not believe him when he told him he was his borther, and had Brendan put in the dungeon.”

“That’s terrible! If only Alexander knew that he had a brother, if only I knew that I had another brother. You really should have told us, Dad.”  Said Rosella.

“Well hopefully I can make amends for this. I just wrote a letter to Alexander telling him the truth, and Alexander’s genie Shamir Shammazel will deliver it.”

Rosella sighed. “I guess Brendan will be a part of my wedding. I would like to met him.”

“Hopefully this will happen soon. I told Alexander to bring Brendan with him when he comes home for the midsummer ball and your engagement.”

“Good. I really want to met this little brother of mine, and I hope this is the last long-lost sibling that I have. Are there any other brothers or sisters I have that you never told me about?” Said Rosella.

Graham laughed. “No. You, your twin brother Alexander and Brendan are the only children Valanice and I have. Except for the poor little baby girl that died during the winter fever.”

“I remember Lily. She was only about nine months old when she died.” Rosella said.

“Soon our whole family will be united. We have defeated our enemies, and now sunny days are in store for us.” Graham said.

   Back in the Land of the Green Isles, Alexander received Graham’s letter. He read it and his eyes widened in shock. “I don’t believe it!” He said to Cassima. “My father says that Brendan really is my brother. How could he keep a secret like this from me? He apologizes for it, but I find this mistake hard to forgive. What other secrets is he keeping from me?
How could he not tell me I had a little brother?”

“Love, I am sure he had his reasons.” Cassima said. “Now we must release Brendan from the dungeons now that we know who he is.

“Of course.” Alexander said. He gave orders for the guard dogs to bring Brendan to him. Alexander and Cassima went back to the throne room.

   When the guard dogs brought Brendan in, Alexander said to him,

“It seems I owe you an apology. I wrote a letter to my father King Graham and he has written a reply, confirming that you are indeed my brother. I never thought I could have another sibling, and my father has never told me about you. I welcome you to my castle, Brendan. I hope you are not angry with me for your brief stay in the dungeon.”

“No, your majesty, I am not. It is perfectly natural for you to be suspicious of a stranger who suddenly bursts into your throne room without warning.” Brendan said.

“Please call me Alexander, we all family after all.”

“All right then, Alexander.”

“Perhaps you would like a bath before dinner. You will be my guest of honor at dinner tonight.” Alexander said.

“That would please me, Alexander.” Brendan said.

Alexander gave orders for a servant to show Brendan to a guest room he could use.  The servant took Brendan to a luxurious guest room and began to draw a bath for him in a large bronze tub.

“My name is Selim, my lord.” The servant said. “I will be your personal servant while you are in the castle of the crown.” Selim laid out a new set of clothes for Brendan after he took his bath. Desiring privacy, Brendan sent Selim away while he took his bath. He bathed himself and after being clean and drying off he put on the new clothes. A blue doublet with green pants and black boots were made ready for him.

Dinner that night was splendid. Couscous was prepared by the chef, along with fresh fig pastries, green salads with olive oil and feta cheese, and spinach pie made a delicious dinner.. Brendan did not eat the lamb in the couscous.  The others noticed he did not eat meat.

“What’s wrong, Brendan?” Alexander asked. “Why aren’t you eating the meat?”

“I do not eat meat, it is against my religious beliefs. The Tao Buddhist monks who raised me never ate meat, and I follow their beliefs.” Brendan explained.

“I see. Well, your religion must be a strict one. I have heard Buddhism is a very moral, contemplative and peaceful religion. I greatly respect it.” Alexander said.

“Thank you, my brother.” Brendan said. “The food is delicious.”

“It is different from the food of Daventry, and it took a while to get used to, but now I think I like it.” Alexander said.

The conversation at dinner that night was about Brendan’s upbringing by the Tao monks. They had taught Brendan many things.

Brendan went to sleep that night in a comfortable bed in the guest rooms of the Castle of the crown. He slept soundly and woke up early the next morning.

A few days later, King Alexander and Queen Cassima headed to Daventry on the royal ship of the Land of the Green Isles. Prince Brendan went with them, as well as Cassima’a lady in waiting, Lady Amaryllis, the second in command of the guard dogs, Khalil, a Doberman-like guard dog, some other guard dogs and servants.

Brendan stood at the rail of the ship, looking out over the blue waves. He hoped this time he could make it to Daventry without any interruptions. Alexander joined him at the rail. “It’s a fine day to be at sea, isn’t it?” He said.

“Yes, it is.” Brendan agreed.

“I remember when I first came to Daventry after turning Manannan into a cat in Lewdor. I had found a group of pirates who gave me a voyage across the sea, fortunately I escaped from them by using magic, or else I would have been there cabin boy for life.” Alexander said.

Brendan told him how he had been kidnapped off of the deck of the Blue Maiden by pirates, and later rescued by the winged ones.

“Sounds like the winged ones were a lot friendlier to you than they were to me. But then again, I arrived on their island when Alhazared was in control of the kingdom as a vizier, and he had given the leaders of the other islands orders to kill me. They appreciated me a lot better after I rescued Lady Celeste from the minotaur.” Said Alexander.

“You’ve had plenty of adventures. I hope I can be a successful adventurer like the rest of my family.” Brendan said.

“I’m sure you will.” Alexander relied.  You have the look of n adventurer.”

As they stared out over the waves, a mermaid rose from the water and climbed on to a nearby rock. It was Brendan’s friend Muriel. Brendan waved to her.

“A mermaid! We are lucky to see one of them. My father met a mermaid when he rescued my mother from Kolyma, and again in Serenia a mermaid guided him to Mordack’s island when Mordack kidnapped my family and I.” Alexander said.

“Mermaids live in the waters surrounding the Holy Isle where I grew up.” Brendan said. “I learned how to swim when I was very young, and I often played with the mermaids.”

“You are fortunate. The only thing I learned when I was a child was to obey my master Manannan, lest he punish me.”

Brendan kept silent. The two brothers continued to watch as the ship traveled across the ocean and reached Daventry.

After a week of traveling the seas, the captain gave the call, “Ahoy! Land ho! We’ve reached Daventry.”   

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Re: Daventry's Children, the begining
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I've deleted the other posts that had the same content as this thread.  If you have Chapters 3 to 5, please add them to this thread instead of the other one. :)
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Re: Daventry's Children, the begining
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Daventry’s Children Ch 4

The day came at last for the Summer Solstice Ball.  The royal castle was festooned with flowers and banners. That day the Summer Solstice fair was held in Daventry village. King Graham, Queen Valanice, Rosella and Edgar gathered in the village to make a speech.

There was much singing and dancing, eating and drinking, and many merchants and peddlers came to the village to sell their wares. Before the people got too excited king Graham stepped up on a makeshift stage to make his speech.

“Good people of Daventry, it feels my heart with joy to see that you are all happy and well at this festival. This is a day of great celebration. It is even more joyous, for I present to you my daughter, Princess Rosella. She is to be the Queen of Daventry, and to rule after my death. Every monarch needs a consort. Rosella has found true love with Edgar, prince of Etheria, they are engaged to be married. That is the announcement I wish to make to you all, my daughter’s coming marriage.”
At this, the crowd cheered. Everyone had been anticipating this during Rosella and Edgar’s courtship.

Graham gave the stage to Rosella. “Hello, citizens of Daventry. I am very happy that you are cheering for me. I promise to be a good queen for Daventry, to be fair in all of my judgments and wise. I love and Edgar, and it makes my heart overflow with happiness that my family and my kingdom support our union. Our wedding will be a cause for great celebration. Right now let us make merry and celebrate the summer solstice!”

The crowd roared their approval once again, they were mostly grateful that their monarchs gave short speeches so that the merrymaking could begin.

Graham, Valanice, Rosella, Alexander, Edgar, and Bran watched a play on an open stage.

The play retold the adventures of King Graham and some scenes from the life of King Edward the benevolent. Graham laughed as the actor that played him threw a bucket of water on a wizard/actor in a dragon costume. The wizard/actor’s fire was put out, creating clouds of smoke that covered the stage for a while, and then the dragon was gone.

Later on the royal family prepared for the ball that would be held in the castle that evening. Only the nobility would be invited to the ball.

Valanice and Rosella put on their gowns. Cassima had brought a ball gown with her, and Titania wore her Grecian style gown in white and lavender trimmed in gold.

The tailor had made clothes for Bran. He wore a pale blue tunic embroidered in silver over gray pants with black boots.

Graham’s new clothes resembled his common ones, he wore a red velvet jacket over a white shirt and navy pants. The jacket was trimmed in gold braids and buttons.

Alexander wore a green shirt, gold jerkin and black pants.

Edgar’s parents wanted him to wear Etherian costume, but he explained to them he would feel silly in the long robes, after a brief argument it was agreed he would wear Daventry finery.  He chose a white shirt with a purple tunic and red cloak over it with brown pants and black boots.

After a feast in the royal dining hall, the guests were lead to the ballroom. Elegant brass chandeliers lit the ballroom. Garlands of flowers were everywhere, and colorful, intricate tapestries hung on the walls, the windows were high and spacious and provided a view of the setting sun. There were balconies that provided private areas for couples. There was a raised platform at the back of the room that provided the musicians with a place to play their music for the dancers.  There were some small tables against the walls with drinks for the refreshments of the dancers.

King Graham led the first dance with Valanice. The musicians played on harp, lute, flute, violin, drum and horn.  Rosella and Edgar joined hands and danced in the room next to her mother and father. Oberon and Titania, Alexander and Cassima, the room soon became filled with dancing couples. Bran did not have a girl to dance with, he felt alone. As he mingled in the crowd, he saw a girl who was alone as well.

Cautiously he approached her. She was tall and plain. “Good evening my lady,” he said, “ May I have this dance?”

“Oh!” The girl seemed startled. “Yes, I’d be delighted.” She blushed slightly and took his hand. “My name is Lady Winifred. I’m Lord Nathaniel’s daughter. My friends call me Winnie, but I don’t have many friends.” Winnie had brown hair that was braided and coiled around her head. Pearls and silver pins held her hair in place. Her eyes were dark brown. She had freckles that stood out against her pale skin. Her dress was violet silk trimmed in silvery lace and pearls. Her fine outfit gave her some semblance of beauty, and when she smiled she looked like a princess.

“My name is Bran. I am…err…I’m training to be a knight.” Bran wasn’t sure what to say about himself. His father had not introduced him to the public yet, he was not sure if it was safe to reveal his heritage to strangers yet.

“That’s great.” Winnie said. “You know King Graham was once a knight, he became king by virtue of his courage and noble deeds. Without him, Daventry would have sunk into poverty and despair. My father told me about the day Sir graham returned from the forest with the three missing treasures of Daventry. I loved hearing his stories about King Graham’s coronation, and then his tales about how he rescued Lady Valanice and made her his queen.”
“Yes, King Graham’s story is very inspiring.” Bran agreed.

Winnie’s eyes brightened. “Maybe one day you will become a heroic knight and go on daring adventures yourself!”

He laughed a little “I wish I could be so lucky. We will see what the future holds. OUCH!”  Winnie had just stepped on his foot.

“Oh my goodness, I’m sorry. Will you excuse me?” She broke off the dance and dashed out of the ballroom.

Bran stood there bewildered. She was just clumsy, she didn’t weigh enough to hurt him.
He decided to follow her. He couldn’t find Winnie outside of the ballroom, but he had another problem, he had to relieve himself. He went to the lavatories and took care of his business, then went to look for Winnie. One of the guards told him he had seen her in the garden.

Bran found her in the castle garden in a gazebo, crying. “Winnie what’s wrong? It’s all right don’t be embarrassed.”

“Go away. I shouldn’t have come to the ball. I’m ugly and stupid, none of the boys like me. They’d rather dance with the pretty girls. I have no friends.”

He entered the gazebo and sat down beside her. “Winnie, look at me. You know that’s not true. You are beautiful. You’re sweet. Come and dance with me.”

“But what if I step on your feet again?”

“I don’t mind. I have thick boots. You can’t hurt me. I don’t want you to feel bad about yourself, you’re a nice girl. If you don’t want to dance in the ballroom, we can dance out here in the garden.” Bran said.

“OK!” Winnie readily agreed.

He took her hand and led her out of the gazebo and they danced between the rose bushes of the royal garden. The moon and stars shone bright overhead. When they had finished dancing to he music of the crickets, Bran held her against him, looking in her eyes, like pools of dark liquid.

“Um, I think we should go back into the castle now, your family might wonder where you are.” Bran said as he felt his face becoming flushed. 

 “Right.” They went back to the ballroom.  In the ballroom Bran got a drink. He talked to Winnie some more and found out she was sixteen. Her brothers and sisters died in the plague that overcame Daventry before the three-headed dragon arrived. Her mother died giving birth to her. Somehow Winnie and her oldest brother survived the plague. Her brother and her cousins were good friends to her. Her other best friend was her maid, Ellen.

Rosella and Edgar were lost in their own world. They swirled gracefully through the dance floor. Edgar’s brown eyes, with flecks of gold and green, had never looked so beautiful before.

Rosella sighed with happiness.
“Rosella, everything is wonderful tonight. The candlelight, the music, this ballroom, it’s perfect. You look like the queen of roses in that ball gown.” Since it was a slow dance, he drew her forward and kissed her.  He breathed in the scent of the roses in her hair.

“Thank you, Edgar. You’re so sweet. I love you. I know I dragged out our courting, but I wanted to be sure you were the right one before I married you.” Said Rosella.

“I understand.” Said Edgar. “I’m glad we will be married at last.”
Alexander and Cassima enjoyed the dance as well. “I’m so excited I get the chance to see Daventry, and I will get to know your family better.” Said Cassima.

“I’m happy too. My sister deserves a wedding as fine as my own.” Said Alexander.

“I’m sure her wedding will be beautiful, and she will have many years of joy with Edgar. From what I have seen of Daventry, it is a pleasant country.” Cassima said.

“It’s very pretty this time of year. Maybe tomorrow or the next day we could have time for a tour. We haven’t had time to see much of the countryside with preparing for the ball.” Said Alexander.

“I’d love to see your kingdom.” Said Cassima. She leaned her head against his shoulder.

After a while they switched partners. Graham danced with Rosella, Bran danced with Valanice, Cassima danced with Edgar, Alexander danced with Titania and Oberon danced with the Duchess of Serenia, Sophia

The music changed, the musicians played a fast, lively reel. The dancers laughed and changed their steps to keep pace with the music.   

The last dance of the night was a slow one. Rosella and Edgar went out on the balcony to be alone. Rosella looked at the village of Daventry and the farms and hills laid out like a patchwork quilt before them. She looked at the stars, then into her fianc’s eyes.

“This is a sweet night.” She said. Edgar put his hands on her cheek. “Our wedding night will be sweeter.”

“You’re right. I can hardly wait.” She kissed him.

When they were done they held hands and looked at the half moon and stars. “Edgar…”


“I was thinking…we are both heirs to our parent’s kingdoms. You are the prince of Etheria, and I am the princess of Daventry. I will be queen of Daventry when my father dies, and you will one day rule Etheria. If we are to get married, we can’t rule both kingdoms together at the same time. What are we going to do?” Rosella said.

“This again? Listen, I am a fairy, as are my parents, and we live longer than the average human. Oberon and Titania will rule Etheria for many years, while they are not immortal by the time they are ready to retire we will have many children, and one of our children can rule Etheria and the other Daventry. I would like to rule Daventry with you. It will help improve fairy relationships with humans, and I like the land of Daventry very much. I will not abandon Etheria however; we can visit there frequently.” Edgar said.

“Good. All will be well then.” Rosella snuggled against his shoulder. He stroked her hair and smelled the roses in her hair.

In the next balcony, Connor and Sarah were together. Sarah overheard Rosella and Edgar talking.  No, all will not be well, if I have my way about it. And I will have my way! You and your happy little family will be destroyed, and you will suffer a hell worse than death. Sarah thought.

“After Princess Rosella is married to Edgar, I want us to be married. I don’t want our wedding to interrupt the princess’. So I hope you don’t mind waiting for a while.”  Connor said.

“Huh? What did you say?” Sarah was not paying attention.

“Sarah weren’t you listening to me? I said I wanted us to be married after Edgar and Rosella are married.”  Connor said.

“Of course, my darling. I want us to wed as soon as possible. I can’t stand being apart from you.” She reached up and wrapped her arms around his neck, entwining her fingers in his short brown hair.

Connor sighed. Sarah was acting strangely lately. Maybe she was just nervous. After the wedding she would settle down and everything would be ok.

Lolotte knew the Champion Eternal was going to be a problem. She would have to get him under her control. She was going to need some help with this, making a zombie out of Sir Connor MacLyr would require powerful magic. She should contact Shadrack and his demons for help.

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Re: Daventry's Children, the begining
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Everyone slept late the next day, since the ball lasted well past midnight.  Bran woke up before everyone else and at first sat back in his bed and enjoyed the view of his room. Then he stood up and opened the curtains. Bright sunlight filtered in. It must be at least past nine. He usually got up very early, following the monks strict orders for daily prayer, meditation and exercise.  The fire had gone out, but that was fine, it was summer and there was no need for a fire. He rummaged through his wardrobe and found some clothes. Bran dressed himself, put on his amulet and insignia ring, and left his room. The castle hall was mainly empty.  He saw the occasional guard, and one maid passed by carrying a basket of laundry. Bran asked a guard for direction and found the library. The guard referred to him as “my lord” he wondered if the man knew he was a prince.

Bran found the library, and the sight of all of the fine books and scrolls amazed him. Such a vast amount of wisdom was stored in the marble room. Bran looked through some books and found a book on the history of Daventry. He read about Daventry’s first king, King Arthur. King Arthur was a descendent of the original King Arthur who ruled at Camelot, and after the destruction of Camelot he fled with a group of followers to Daventry. The book’s language was strange, and seemed to suggest that the immigrants were fleeing persecution, and that they could have come from another world. How outrageous!  Along with the group came a powerful wizard named Merlin, whose magic and wisdom helped the new kingdom grow strong and prosper. A fairy named Vivienne, Merlin’s lover, also came with them. King Arthur married one of the women who immigrated to Daventry, her name was Lady Eleanor and she became queen.

King Arthur and Merlin decided to name their country Daventry, and they vowed to keep it pure and natural. They built a castle and a village. The forest was left wild. The people of Daventry lived happily, and thanks to three magic treasures they were prosperous. The chest of gold made the kingdom rich. The mirror of Merlin gave the king and his family wisdom and insight; he could see visions of the present and future in its depths. The shield of Achilles protected the wearer from all harm. Merlin had made the mirror. The chest of gold was a gift from the fairies. The shield had once belonged to Achilles of ancient legend, but King Arthur of Camelot had acquired it and passed it down to his son in one of his many conquests.

King Arthur and Queen Eleanor had a son named Lancelot who became king after Arthur died.  Bran flipped through the other pages and read about the more recent kings. He came to the end, the section of King Edward the benevolent.

When he was a prince, an evil wizard kidnapped Edward’s betrothed. He immediately set off to rescue her. He traveled to the land of Serenia and journeyed through deserts, woods, oceans and mountains to save the princess he loved. Edward finally reached the castle where his betrothed was kept, and he succeeded in destroying the wizard and rescuing her. He married the princess, and she became Queen Maylie. Unfortunately, King Edward and his wife had trouble conceiving children. The new queen could not have any children. For a long time the prayed for an heir to the throne. A sorcerer tricked the king with false promises of brining him children through his magic spells, and in return King Edward gave him the magic mirror. The good king was reluctant to give the magician the mirror, for without it the kingdom’s prosperity would be in danger. But Daventry would also be in danger without an heir to rule the kingdom after Edward. No children came to him, the sorcerer had lied, and the mirror was lost.

   Without the mirror, the king and queen could not foretell the weather for planting and harvesting the crops. A harvest was lost, famine and plague came, and the queen became sick. As the queen’s fever raged, a dwarf slipped into the castle, claiming to have a cure for the queen. He offered to sell King Edward a root that would cure Queen Maylie, but only for the magical shield of Achilles. King Edward was desperate to save his wife, and though he trembled at the thought of selling the shield, he had no choice. He gave the dwarf the shield in return for the root. However, like the sorcerer, the dwarf was false, and the root did not work. The queen died. Daventry weakened without the shield and mirror. Armies attacked for the first time in years.
   Many years passed, and the king went out for a ride with his courtiers. He came across a pack of wolves attacking a tree, in which a beautiful young woman was hiding. The wolves scattered as the riders drew closer. The woman introduced herself as the Princess Dahlia. King Edward kindly offered hospitality and took her back to the castle with him. The king was charmed with her and over the next few days grew quite smitten with her. However, the beautiful princess turned out to be a wicked witch in disguise. On the night before their wedding, Dahlia stole King Edward’s keys to the royal treasury, and stole the last magic treasure, the chest of gold. The treasurer reported to him that he had seen her change into an ugly old witch with a wicked cackle, snatch the chest and mount her broom before his eyes. Now King Edward the benevolent wept in despair. All of the three magical treasures that had made his kingdom strong were gone. If only a hero could be found to save his kingdom before it fell into chaos.  Fortunately, a young knight showed much promise, and rose high among the ranks in Edward’s court.  When he grew old and feeble, King Edward but all his hopes in this virtuous knight. Sir Graham was sent on a quest to find the three ancient treasures whose power would save Daventry.

   Bran closed the book. He had not known Daventry was descended from King Arthur’s Camelot, but he had heard of how Edward the benevolent had lost the treasures of Daventry. He looked over some of the other books, and found a map of Daventry. It showed the grounds of Castle Daventry in great detail, the village of Daventry, and Daventry forest, countryside and farmlands, as well as the mountains, river, chasm and border to Serenia. It also showed the ocean around Daventry. Bran spent some time studying the book of maps.

After a while he tired of the library. He decided to go to the castle gardens. On his way to the gardens he met Connor. “Good morning Bran. I think King Graham and Queen Valanice should be up by now. Princess Rosella should be awake as well.” He said.
   “Oh good. I’d like to talk to my family.” Bran said.
“They will probably be having breakfast in the dining hall. Let’s go there.” Bran decided to forget about the gardens and went with Connor to the dining room. It was now 10:00 and the royal family was having late breakfast at the table. Bran and Connor joined them.

   “Good morning. Well I guess it’s past morning now.” Graham said.  “Anyway why don’t you two join us and have something to eat?” Bran cut himself a slice of bread and cheese.
    “The ball went smoothly. I am pleased to see that everyone enjoyed themselves. The kingdom is as overjoyed as we are about Rosella’s wedding.” He continued.

   Bran swallowed a mouthful of bread and looked at his sister. “I am happy that you have met your soul mate. You will make each other very happy. When you become queen you will need him as a partner and possibly Edgar will be king.”
   Edgar looked at Rosella and put his arm around her, but it seemed as if something Bran said had made him sad. Rosella said. “We will worry about the future when it comes.”
   “A good idea.” Bran agreed.

Alexander began to speak. “I wonder if it is too soon to give Cassima and Bran a tour of the kingdom? Everyone is tired from the ball, perhaps we should do it tomorrow.”

“Well, Cassima has already had a tour of the castle and village, but we were too busy preparing for the ball to show her the whole kingdom.” Said Valanice. “Tomorrow we will ride horses through the countryside and forest, then we can see it all. The forest of Daventry is lovely this time of year, and the farmers are very pleasant.”

“I can hardly wait.” Said Cassima.

“Today I will show you my garden.” Said Valanice. “Bran would you like to come too?”

“Yes, I would like that very much mother.”

Valanice beamed with pride.

The castle gardens were extensive; besides the decorative rose hedges vegetables, herbs and fruit trees were grown there for food for the castle occupants. A small orchard of apple, pear and cherry trees had been planted during King Graham’s time at the back of the garden within the castle walls.  Near the kitchen a vegetable and herb garden had been planted. The rest of the garden was made up of pretty flowers, rose hedges and fountains. 

Cassima looked in awe at the pretty roses in many colors. Valanice had red, white, pink and yellow roses here. Valanice lead the way to a stone bench next to a bubbling fountain with a statue of a mermaid. Circular rose hedges grew around the fountain. A maple tree in the corner, off to the side of the path, spread its branches over them to shade them from the sun. Besides Bran, Edgar, Rosella and Alexander went with them also.

   “Your garden is beautiful Valanice.” Said Cassima. “I love the variety of roses you have here. It’s quite different from the garden we have at home.”
   “Thank you Cassima. I regret that there was not time to see your garden at the Land of the Green Isles during your wedding to Alexander. But from what I saw of your palace it is magnificent. I’m so glad you are enjoying Daventry.” Cassima bent her dark head over a rose to smell it. Bran looked at the fountain.

“I like this fountain very much.”

“Yes, I hear you like mermaids.” Rosella said. “That’s true,” he responded, “I’ve had a few mermaids and sea nymphs for friends, they come up to the shore of the island I grew up on.”

“That is so cool!” Rosella was greatly impressed. “Dad said he met a mermaid who showed him how to get to King Neptune’s underwater kingdom, a long time ago when he went to rescue Mama from the crystal tower in Kolyma. He also met another mermaid named Pearl who showed him the way to Mordack’s island when we were imprisoned by Mordack.”

“I see. Mermaids have greatly helped are family.

“Let’s go see the rest of the garden.” Valanice said to them. 

They walked down a trellis hall with pink rose vines growing over it.  At the end was a wide open space filled with grass, two cherry trees, violet flowers, a bed of lilies and two cherub statues. Bran and Cassima went forward of the brick path to look at the statues.

“Oh dear,” said Valanice. “I didn’t realize we were headed in this direction.”

“What’s wrong mother?” said Alexander.

Valanice, Edgar, Alexander and Rosella followed Bran and Cassima.

Bran reached the cherubs and read the plaque. Now he understood. How deep must have been his parents’ sorrow. But his sisters had been born after he was, how had they known to send him away?

Valanice came and laid a hand on his shoulder. “I lost my little girls when the three-headed dragon terrorized Daventry. I am thankful that you are alive and safe from harm, and here with me today.”
“You must have been so sad mother. I can only imagine such grief. But they were born and died after I was. How did you know to send me away so the plague would not strike me?” Bran said.

“Our court wizard Cormac warned us. He is a good friend of Crispin’s you know. He told us about the Tao monks and advised us to send you to them for fostering. It was the hardest decision Graham and I have ever made.”

Cassima wisely saw that Bran and his mother needed to be alone so she left and rejoined Alexander.

“I think they want to be alone Alexander.” She said.

“You’re right. Come on, Rosella, Edgar, let’s give mother and Bran some privacy.” They left and waited for them near the pink rose trellis.

Bran reread the plaques and looked at the white lilies around the grave. The pure white Madonna lilies had an air of solemn saintly beauty that fitted the sad grave of children who died too young. He felt a pain in his heart and his eyes grow misty, even though he had never known these little sisters.

“I was so happy for my little Rosella.” Valanice continued. “After Alexander was stolen from us and Graham and I decided to give you away for your own good, she was my reason for being. That and protecting the people of our kingdom. I felt terrible when she was sacrificed to the dragon, but then there was the joy when Alexander returned and rescued her. My life has been full of intense pain and happiness. But all in all, I don’t think I would change a thing.” She wrapped her arms around her son. “Your life is going to be as great as your father’s, like him and Alexander I can see that you will have adventures in store for you. Remember that doing the right thing doesn’t always come easy, but when you do it you will be rewarded eventually. And always hold your loved ones close. I love you, my son.”

“I love you too, mother. I am glad I can finally be with my real family, and see how great you are.” Bran said.

“Come, let’s go rejoin the others.” Valanice and Bran stood up and walked hand in hand to where Alexander, Cassima, Rosella and Edgar waited for them.

“I think we’ve seen all there is to see of the garden. Let’s go back in the castle now.” Said Valanice. The group walked through the maze of rose bushes back to the castle door. Cassima and Rosella paused to smell the roses again. “Why don’t you pick a rose and take it with you? I don’t mind, and you can wear it at dinner tonight.” Valanice said.

“Thank you Queen Valanice. That is very kind of you.” Cassima picked a red rose and put it in her raven black hair. Rosella chose a blushing pink rose. Valanice took a white rose.

In the castle they met Graham in the hall, who stopped to kiss Valanice. “I hope you had a good time in the garden.” He said.

“Oh, we did.” she replied.

“Good. Tomorrow we’ll have even more fun, I’m sure everyone will enjoy an excursion in the country on horseback.” Graham said.

“Yes, we’re really looking forward to it.” Said Valanice.

 They started to walk down the hall and towards the throne room. “Mom, I’d like to talk to you about the wedding. I’d like to start planning for it.” Said Rosella.

“Rose, dear you mustn’t be impatient. These things take time. Have you and Edgar thought about a date or where you want the wedding to be?” Valanice asked.

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Re: Daventry's Children, the begining
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“I think we should go into the parlor to discuss this.” Said Graham.

“We’ll go somewhere else.” Said Bran. Graham, Valanice, Rosella and Edgar went into Valanice’s parlor to talk about wedding plans. Bran decided to go back to the library. Alexander and Cassima went back to their room to rest.

In the parlor, Rosella and Edgar were talking to Rosella’s parents about the wedding. “We would like the wedding to take place in June, because according to the ancients that is the month blessed by the goddess of marriage. We want the wedding to be held in Daventry because it is easier for Edgar’s people to travel to Daventry from Etheria than for the citizens of Daventry to go to Etheria from Daventry.”

“Sounds like a good idea. What do you think, Valanice?” Said Graham.

“I agree, a wedding in June is wonderful, and the wedding can be right here in Castle Daventry. I hope Edgar’s parents will agree to the idea.” Said Valanice.

“I have not talked to them yet but I don’t think they will protest it.” Said Edgar.

“So we can plan for the wedding to be held next year in June.” Said Graham.

“A year should be ample time for the arrangements. We need to plan for the ceremony, the guests, your dress, the cake and food, the flowers and decorations.” Said Valanice.

Rosella smiles mischievously. “Alexander’s wedding didn’t take so long, and wasn’t so fancy!”

“Well, considering the circumstances, Alexander needed to secure his bride out of the clutches of the treacherous vizier, there wasn’t time for any long planning.” Valanice explained.

“I’m just joking mama, I’d be happy to have the best royal wedding. Edgar and I have been going out for a long time, I can wait a year before we are married.” Rosella said.

“Perhaps we should have Sarah make your wedding dress, since you and your mother seemed so pleased with the dresses she made for the engagement ball.” Said Graham.

“A good idea. I’ll talk to her about making my wedding gown. The castle chefs will bake the cake and fix the food for the wedding feast. We can gather flowers from the garden, the forest and the Etherians can bring them.” Rosella told her parents.

“My people will be happy to help with the wedding preparations.” Said Edgar. “We can donate many pretty flowers and banners for the wedding.”

“We would appreciate that Edgar.” Said Graham.

“Rosella, I think you should write out a guest list.” Said Valanice. “Edgar’s parents will be in the wedding as the parents of the groom of course, and our family will be in the wedding as well. So, you need to decide who you want as your maid of honor, bride’s maids and flower girl. Edgar, you need to choose who you want to be the best man and the ushers and ring bearer boy. Be careful not to forget any of our friends on the guest list.”

“Hmm, you’re right, I need to write a guest list mother. I don’t have anything else to do, perhaps I should go to my room and do this right now.”

“I think that’s a good idea.” Said Edgar.

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Re: Daventry's Children, the begining
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Daventry’s Children Ch 5

Rosella left and went to her room to write out the list. She took a scrap of parchment and a quill pen with a bottle of ink to write out her guest list. She thought for a moment. In her adventures she had met many friends who had helped her a long the way. Before she made out the guest list, perhaps she should think of whom she wanted to be her maid of honor and bride’s maids. Who should she choose to be maid of honor? Cassima was her sister-in-law and a good friend, but she didn’t know her that well and it would be somewhat ackquard to have her for maid of honor. Genesta the fairy who had helped her greatly in saving her father’s life while in Tamir should most likely have the honor of being her main bride’s maid. Rosella decided to ask Genesta to be her maid of honor. As for bride’s maids, Rosella decided to choose her friends Theresa, Lynnette, Julia and Priscilla to be maids of honor. She knew a little village girl named Gwennie, the merchant Mr. Kavanagh’s daughter, and the girl was quite sweet and friendly, she would make a fine flower girl. It was Edgar’s job to pick the best man, ushers and ring bearer boy.

   Rosella paused in writing her list to wonder who Edgar would pick for best man. Perhaps he would pick King Ottar. The two of them have become friends after that incident with the volcano in Eldritch. It was strange that King Ottar Fenris III, ruler of the trolls, should befriend the man who pretended to be him and helped the woman who kidnapped and imprisoned him and almost set off a volcano that would destroy Eldritch and Etheria. But Edgar had been kidnapped by Malicia from his rightful parents, the second kidnapping in his life, and had his mind erased by her, he was under her control until he remembered Rosella and brought her there to stop Malicia. It was also possible that Edgar could choose Count Tsepish or an Etherian friend to be his best man.

   Rosella got back to work. She decided who her bride’s maids would be and started on the guest list. Graham’s fairy godmother and the old gnome with the impossible name went on the list as old friends of the family. She wondered if Father Wilbury, the kind monk who had performed her parents’ wedding ceremony was still alive. She put his name down on the list just in case. Rosella remembered her mother mentioning a lady-in-waiting and very good friend of hers who saved her life when Hagatha attacked her. The lady’s name was Morena and she became a capable adventurer. During her and her twin brother’s birth Hagatha saw an opportunity for revenge and she came to the castle and tried to kill Valanice after she was weak from childbirth. Morena fought Hagatha and bravely saved Valanice and Graham’s life. It is believed that she killed the old witch, as Hagatha was not seen after the battle. Morena left castle Daventry and looked for signs of Manannan and baby Alexander when he was kidnapped. Manannan tried to take her life many times when she tried to recover Prince Alexander and return him to his parents. She failed but managed to escape.  Rosella wished she could find Morena if she is still alive and invite her to the wedding. Rosella thought of the creatures she encountered in Tamir. She wrote Cupid and Pan’s name down on the list. She would need the god of love’s blessing for this wedding, she wondered if Cupid had anything to do with how she first met Edgar in Tamir. She added the seven dwarves to the list, but could not remember their individual names. She remembered the old fisherman and his wife. She decided not to invite that annoying minstrel who sang off key and decided to become and actor. She just hopes he does not become involved in musicals.
   The good wizard Crispin, and his owl familiar Cedric, she could never forget. They were close family friends. The court wizard of Daventry, Cormac, knew Cedric from way back. He suspected that the evil Mordack was up to something and sent a message to Crispin, and Crispin sent Cedric to investigate, then Mordack struck and Castle Daventry disappeared. Graham met Cedric the owl, and Cedric introduced him to Crispin. Rosella wondered what other Serenians from her father’s adventure she could add. There was the gypsy fortuneteller Madame Mushka. The snow queen of the mountains, Queen Icebella, probably would not want to leave her icy mountain fortress for a warmer realm to come to the wedding. Just to be on the safe side, perhaps she had better send her an invitation, to avoid being rude and rousing the snow queen’s wrath. There was the hermit that lived on the beach beside the great ocean who helped her father heal Cedric and find Mordack’s island. But Rosella didn’t even know his name or where to send the invitation. She thought maybe she could have her brother’s genie Shamir Shammazel send out the invitations.

Getting on with her list, Rosella thought of her most recent adventure with her mother in Eldritch. King Ottar and Matilda of the trolls definitely had to come to the wedding. She put down Oppy Goldsworth’s name; he was the polite jeweler troll she had met in the volcanix underground. Oppy Goldsworth succeeded in his dream of become court jeweler of Etheria thanks to her gift of the crystal dragon’s huge ruby, and he was the one who made her engagement ring.  Rosella remembered her mother telling her about Lord Attis and Lady Ceres of the woods, although she had never met them they had helped her mother and she decided to invite them to the wedding. She also invited Count Tsepish and Lady Tsepish of Ooga Booga, and Dr. Cadaver as well. She thought about the little black cat that gave her the extra life, but Alexander hated black cats, and it would be hard for her to travel to Daventry so maybe it would be best if she did not invite her. Still Rosella wished she could see that cat again. Maybe she should invite her. Rosella put Cassima’s parents Caliphim and Allaria on the list, even if they couldn’t come it would be polite to sent an invitation. She also added Alexander’s genie Shamir Shammazel to the list. She wondered if she should invite her brother’s friend Jollo. Well the worst that could happen is he would not come. So she added his name.

   Rosella put down her quill and sighed. Like the ball the wedding would be a major social event, perhaps the most important one. That meant that the entire public of Daventry would want to celebrate with her. Of course the actual ceremony would be only available to those invited but a celebration would be held in the village square for the commoners. The castle doors might even be open after the wedding and the citizens of Daventry invited to roam the castle ballroom and gardens. The high-ranking nobles and courtiers would all receive invitations, her father and mother knew their names. Right now she had just concentrated on her close friends. Security would probably be tight, the knights would be extra sharp. Connor and Sarah would be at the wedding, whether as guests or on duty she was not sure. Rosella thought about asking Sarah to be a bridesmaid, but she would already be sewing the wedding gown. Perhaps that would put too much pressure on her and would be too much work for her to do. Sarah couldn’t possibly do all the sewing herself, she would have to work with one of the castle tailors. By the time Rosella finished her list it was time for dinner.

   At the dining table she met her fianc Edgar and asked him how he was doing with his wedding plans. Edgar smiled at her. “Things are coming along just fine Rosella. You’ll see. Don’t be in a hurry. I’ve decided I want King Ottar to be my best man.”

“Well, I’m glad everyone is doing well.” Said Graham.

“I don’t know King Ottar very well but he is a good friend of Rosella’s, and he’ll make a fine best man.” Said Valanice.

“Let’s sit down and bless the food.” Said Graham. The family and guests sat down at the table and said the blessing over the meal. Since Valanice informed the castle chef that Bran was a vegetarian, he experimented with different recipes, the meal for tonight was eggplant parmesan. A first course of bean soup and green salad was served and roast chicken was served for those who liked meat. Dessert that night was chocolate mousse.

“I’ve talked to the stable master about preparing our horses for us to ride tomorrow.” Said Graham.  “He’ll have the horses ready and we can set out in the morning when we are all ready.”

“I think I will really enjoy a horseback ride.” Said Cassima. “I’ve been looking forward to seeing Daventry’s forest and farms.”

“Oberon and I would like to go with you on this horseback ride, even though your horses are not what we are used to. Thank you for your hospitality King Graham.” Titania said.
“You are most welcome, Queen Titania. I hope you will enjoy seeing the sights of my country.”

The guests smiles at their hosts. They ceased talking and began to eat the food. After dinner it was late.  After taking a bath Bran decided to go to bed. He would need to rest for the trip to the countryside tomorrow. His family did the same thing.

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Re: Daventry's Children, the begining
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On the same day at Sarah’s house, while Sarah’s mother widow Burke slept Lolotte consulted her crystal ball. She managed to contact Shadrack.

“Master Shadrack, it is me, Lolotte, I have been revived by Hagatha.”

“I am well aware of that you fool. You and Hagatha and your siblings have failed me miserably in getting rid of that pesky royal family. Such a simple task I give my students and they cannot perform this! But do not worry, my child, I do not blame you. It is fate. But now I feel the winds of fate have changed, and they have shifted in our favor. That cursed Connor Mac Lyr may have succeeded in restoring the mask of eternity after my protg Lucreto destroyed it, but I know a way to free him from limbo. I may be disappointed with your failure and the failure of Hagatha and Malicia, but I am still glad to see you are alive. For there is hope yet for my dwindling society. I am greater than that annoying King Graham thinks, and he will pay doubly for defying me.”

“Of course he will, master. I am willing to do whatever it takes to get revenge on Graham and his daughter Rosella.”

“I want revenge on his son Alexander and his wife as well, and all of Daventry. The world will feel the sting of my darkness and power. First, we will ruin his daughter’s wedding. Now, Hagatha had her demons kidnap Sarah, Sir Connor’s fiance, and now you are in her body and her soul is dead. This is excellent. As Sarah you can get close to the royal family and no one will be suspicious. Be careful to act as Sarah normally would.” Shadrack said.

“Um, there is a slight problem Master Shadrack. Connor has become suspicious of me. I tried to act normal, but from the day I arrived after Hagatha revived me he thought something was wrong. I may have to cast a spell on him.” Lolotte explained.

“Do you have your magic back?”

“Yes my lord, but it is not in full strength. I have thought about having a demon possess Connor or making him a mind-controlled zombie.”

“I do not wish to pester our demon friends any more than I have to. I can help you control Connor’s mind however. Listen to me very carefully. I will tell you the words to a spell that will bewitch his mind so we can control him. However you will need a rare plant found in the swamps near Daventry to complete the spell. The plant is a carnivorous rose that likes to bite and eat humans. Kill it and bring the flower head back and make it into a potion mixed with mushrooms to complete the spell. The words I give you will only work temporarily, Connor may recover moments of clarity. In the meantime be very careful not to blow your cover as Sarah the seamstress. Now hearken to me closely as I whisper the words of the spell to you.”
Lolotte pressed her ear and face against the crystal ball and listened intently to the dark, mystical words of power her master whispered to her, the words that would enchant Sir Connor and put him under her power so he would no longer be suspicious.

“Memorize those words and do not forget them. When you are able to steal a moment alone with Connor and no one is watching cast the spell on him. As soon as you can, make the spell permanent with the plant from the swamps. Then we will control Sir Connor Maclyr and he will no longer be a problem to us. Also, as I said, I want all of the members of the black cloak society reunited. This means that the infant Malicia needs to be returned to me and restored to her proper self and Alhazred rescued from prison. Since Oberon and Titania of the fairies are currently in Daventry, I imagine the security of Etheria might be somewhat down, so kidnapping baby Malicia might be easier if we attempt it now. I will present you, Hagatha, Mordack and the rest of your brothers and sisters with the plans for this mission later. For now, concentrate on controlling Connor. ” Shadrack instructed his pupil.

“I will do all that you have said master. Ever since that wretched brat Rosella broke into my castle and ruined my plans for Tamir, I have vowed revenge if I ever managed to escape from the underworld. She even stole my son Edgar from me! Now she and her father and her whole family and the whole world will pay! We will make those fools suffer, won’t we master?”

“Yes, the society of do-gooders has been blind long enough. Now they will see that true power lies in those who not afraid to seize it! We are not bound by laws of morality and conscience; as such we can go much farther than those that advocate the path of light. No farewell my dear, we all have much work to be done, give my regards to Hagatha if you see her before I do.”

“Goodbye, Master Shadrack.” Lolotte ended the call and hid the crystal ball just as Widow Burke was waking up. She slipped back into her disguise as Sarah.

“Good morning, mother.” She said sweetly.

“Oh dear, it looks like I have over slept.” Said Widow Burke. “Why didn’t you wake me up?”

“You needed your rest mother, I didn’t want to disturb you. I cooked breakfast.” Sarah turned to a pot of porridge cooking over the fireplace. She has fixed it with the aid of magic so Sarah’s mother would think all was well. She served two bowls of porridge and set them on the table.

Sarah’s mother rose from the bed and sat down at the table. Sarah added cream and honey to the porridge. She had two glasses of cider on the table to drink as well.

“Let’s eat breakfast.” Sarah and her mother ate breakfast together. “Were you talking to someone while I was asleep?” asked the Widow Burke.

“No, why would you think that?”

“I had the strangest dream, but now I can’t remember it very well.” Said Widow Burke.

Lolotte wondered if Sarah’s mother was getting suspicious, and she would have to do something about her as well. Perhaps she should just be more careful. They ate breakfast in peace.

“It’s such a lovely day today.” Sarah said.

“Yes, I’d better go get dressed and work on my garden.” Widow Burke retreated behind the curtain to dress.

Lolotte/Sarah wondered when and how she would get the opportunity to be alone with Connor and cast the spell on him. But she was his fiance, so there would be plenty of opportunities. What she really should worry about is how she would be able to travel to the swamps to get the carnivorous rose. Sarah certainly would have no excuse to travel outside of Daventry. But wait, if Princess Rosella asked her to make her wedding gown, perhaps she could make an excuse of going on a trip to buy silk from Serenia. Lolotte was certain she could come up with some excuse to slip out of Daventry unnoticed. Lolotte really hopped Rosella picked her to sew her wedding dress, there was that ‘surprise’ she had in store for the princess at her wedding.

 At Castle Daventry the next day, the royal family prepared to go riding early that morning. They woke up and ate and dressed in comfortable, practical riding gear. Bran wore gray riding trousers with a tan shirt. Alexander wore a white shirt with black riding pants and a gray tunic over his shirt. Graham wore a terra cotta colored tunic over brown riding trousers. Valanice wore a fawn colored riding dress with a divided skirt over pants. Rosella wore a yellow riding dress with a divided skirt and riding pants.  Cassima was dressed in the riding fashion of her country, she wore loose green trousers with a blue blouse. Edgar came dressed in a dark brown tunic and olive green pants. Oberon and Titania were unused to wearing trousers and riding human horses that were quite different from the fairy horses, but they were willing to try new experiences. Also for the sake of Edgar, who explained to them it is quite difficult to ride a horse while wearing a loose, flowing robe, they donned pants and Daventry riding garments. Oberon put on dark blue trousers and a loose white shirt over which he wore his purple cloak. Titania wore cream-colored riding pants and a light green dress over them.

Once everyone was ready, they went to the stables, where the stable boys saddled the horses for them. King Graham’s horse was a fine, loyal gray stallion named Levanter. His Queen Valanice rode a gentle tawny mare named Primrose. Rosella’s horse was a sweet white filly she called Starlight. The horse for Alexander was a spirited but good-hearted black stallion named Shadow.  Bran picked a chestnut horse from the stables whose name was Eddie. Cassima chose a mare with white and brown patches named Candy. Edgar’s horse was a black stallion with white stockings and a white blaze named Galen. King Oberon rode a nice strawberry roan stallion named Romeo. Queen Titania picked out a white mare named Juliet to ride. Connor was invited to come along on the trip for protection. Some other castle guards rode along too. Connor wore his armor and his horse was armored too. Connor’s horse was a spotted brown and yellow gelding named Bob.   

   When the party wall all mounted and ready the castle gates were lifted and they road over the bridge, across the moat, and into the forest of Daventry.

“Look, there is the rock I pushed aside in order to find the dagger in the hole when I was a young knight on my quest in order to become king.” Said Graham.

“I can see the hole.” Said Alexander.

“I still have that dagger, I keep it close to me in case of danger.” The king said. They moved on and came to the large oak tree where Graham found the golden egg.

“Your country has many interesting treasures hidden in it. How strange for a golden egg to be in this tree.” Said Cassima.

“That’s not half as strange as the things I found on the Isle of Wonder.” Said Alexander.

Cassima smiled. “I can’t argue with you there. They found a trail and road through the beautiful forest, making note of the changes through the years.

“Graham had that wicked old witch’s gingerbread house demolished after she was killed. It was broken up and given to the public as food. The site where it stood was cleaned up. We have done our best to keep the forest natural. The dragon who guarded the magic mirror of Merlin left Daventry in shame after Graham but out is fire.” Said Valanice.

“However, we were not left in peace, and many years after Alexander was kidnapped the terrible three headed dragon, a huge and monstrous menace, came to terrorize Daventry. He destroyed most of the forest, meadows, and farmland. The three-headed dragon was accompanied by a mysterious figure cloaked and hooded in black that made demands upon us, like the maiden sacrifice. Once a year a maiden was chosen from the people to be sacrificed to the dragon. If we did not do this, the dragon would attack the village and castle and thousands would die.” Valanice continued. 
Graham began to speak. “Fortunately there are still parts of the old forest that survived the dragon’s rampage as you can see. After Alexander killed the dragon we had rainstorms and the forest returned to its fresh green state. It wasn’t just nature though, it took the aid of fairy magic and our court wizard.”
“Well the forest looks very lovely now, I’m so glad Daventry has survived all these tragedies.” Said Titania as she watched butterflies fly by.

“Now that Connor has returned the mask of eternity I think this little kingdom can weather any storm the world has to offer.” Said Graham.

“That’s exactly how I feel dad.” Rosella said. “Let’s go by the pond with the irises and water lilies. It’s so pretty and one of the few left from the old forest.

“Good idea, sweetie.” Valanice said. They turned their horses to the left and veered off the path.

The sun shone down through the branches of oaks, maples, elms, birches, and linden trees. Some young saplings tried to reach for the sunlight in the wide spaces left between the older trees. The forest floor was covered in dead leaves and moss. Some grasses, toadstools, ferns, and wild flowers grew where sunlight fell among the rich soil. Lacy ferns and lichens grew close to the trees. 

After riding for a while through the forest and carefully guiding their horses between the trees and shrubs, they came to a boulder with a small waterfall pouring into a spring out of it. Vines clung to the sunny side of the boulders. Some iris plants grew on the bank of the spring. A young sapling grew in the damp grass in the area near the spring.  Farther along the spring spread out further and had a steep grassy bank with more irises grow alongside it, and some water lilies blooming in the water.  The royal party stopped to rest and let their horses drink from the spring.

“It is very pretty.” Said Titania. “It looks like nature has created a perfect little haven.”

“I love it!” Said Cassima.  As her horse was drink from the spring she dismounted and bent down near and iris to smell it. “Daventry is as nice as I thought it would be.”

“I’m glad you like it.” Said Alexander. “I was worried that my kingdom couldn’t compare to the wonders of your fascinating tropical kingdom. This also gives me the chance to see more of Daventry. I never really did get the opportunity to see much of the forest while I was here.”

Cassima took his hand. “Well now you can. No one will ever take us away from the ones we love again.”

After resting everyone mounted their horses again and they took off to see more of the forest. They came to the flowery meadow and Oberon and Titania smiled. Rosella told her future in-laws about the flowers of Daventry.

“The wild flowers of Daventry are very pretty.” Said Titania.

“Thank you.” Said Rosella. “I love the many exotic flowers that grow in the gardens of Etheria. I must decide which flowers I will have at my wedding. There will be artificial flowers there since the trolls don’t like real flowers and I plan to invite King Ottar and Matilda of the trolls.”

“Well I’m sure you can get plenty of silk flowers from Falderal to please the trolls. It will be much easier to use artificial flowers rather than real ones to make garlands and decorate altars for the wedding.”

Rosella smiled as she looked at the field of poppies and pinks. “Of course my bouquet will be made form real flowers, and the bride’s maids will wear flower wreaths on their heads.”

The part continued their ride through the woods. Birds sang in the trees as they passed the meadow and went by the rushing river.
“There’s a berry patch nearby, next to a hill beyond the river.” Said King Graham. He lead the way to where wild strawberries grew under rowan trees in a sunny spot in the forest. The group dismounted and tethered their horses to the trees and stopped to pick some of the strawberries and eat them. “They are safe but only eat a few or you might get sick.” Graham warned.”

Alexander plucked a ripe wild red strawberry and tried it. “It’s delicious. They’re smaller than cultivated strawberries but slightly sweeter.” Cassima tried one and then Rosella.

They each took a strawberry and ate one. “Your kingdom is full of nice surprises.” Said Oberon.

“So is Etheria.” Said Rosella “I was delighted to find Edgar there.”

Graham took them by William the woodcutter’s house and by the island the little gnome lived on. He also showed them a walnut tree, and the picked walnuts from it, but found no gold.
As it grew late the royal family and their guests found a stream to drink from, and after watering their horses they headed back toward the castle.

Back at castle Daventry they gave their horses to the care of the stable boys. Rosella was tired and sweaty from being on a horse so she decided to go to her room to take a bath. The others decided to do the same. Alexander and Cassima went up to their rooms.

In the bedrooms a large bronze tub was kept in the corner and pipes were fixed in the castle that collected rainwater and deposited it into the tub. The water was usually collected in a cauldron and heated over the fireplace first. Princess Rosella had her maid fix her a hot bath.

Alexander and Cassima decided to take a bath as well, in the castle’s bathroom. The castle has a bathroom with a pool for bathing. Rosella chose a bath in the tub because it is more private.

After their children were clean and dried off, Graham and Valanice had their turn at the bathing room. Oberon and Titania had a bath in a bathtub in their guest room. Edgar did the same thing.

Bran went into the bathroom last after his parents had gone.
That dinner that day was fairly simple, salad, vegetable soup, bread, cheese and mutton with no dessert, which was good because the ladies wanted to slim down some, not that they needed to but with the wedding ahead they were conscious of such things.

Everyone went to bed at a decent hour.   
Lolotte was disappointed she did not get her chance to bewitch Connor, but she would always have other opportunities to be alone with him and cast the spell. She really must find an excuse to go to the swamps and get that plant.

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Re: Daventry's Children, the begining
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While Lolotte was plotting her revenge as Sarah, Shadrack had taken over into Mordack’s old castle at the fiery island and was doing some house cleaning. He made sure all of Mordack’s monsters were completely loyal to him, and punished the ones that might have gone soft under Cassima’s influence. They would be too afraid of him to betray him. Manannan had been found and was free from the bag, now all they had to do was find a way to restore him to his former self. Manannan’s mind had suffered a bit from being stuffed up inside that bag, luckily he was able to claw his way free a few days after Graham’s family and Crispin left the castle. He had forgotten how he had once been the most powerful and feared of all dark wizards, and was now more cat-like. Shadrack knew he had to make sure Mordack’s castle was now sneak proof, so that a hero like King Graham could never again sneak into his castle and destroy him. But first things first. He had to gather his power and strength and help his friends in the black cloak society. Alhazared and Malicia had to be rescued. First he would rescue Alhazared. Shadrack had gone over the spell books and checked the equipment in the laboratory. It was still in fairly good working order. He contacted his brethren in the black cloak society and together they hatched a plan to rescue Alhazared from the dungeons of the Land of the Green Isles.

   In the Land of the Green Isles, Caliphim and Allaria, the former king and queen of the islands and parents of Queen Cassima were strolling about the palace gardens. They were discussing the current change of events in their kingdom.

“I can’t help but feel guilty that Alhazared’s treachery is my fault. I let it go on behind my back and turned a blind eye to it. I was so foolish to make such an evil man my vizier.” Said Caliphim.

“Caliphim! How many times have I told you all of that is in the past now? It is not your fault. Abdul Alhazared is a very deceitful man, and he showed one face to you and to the kingdom while he kept his true face hidden. We never knew his real intentions until he killed us.”

“That is true my beloved, I just wish I could have been a better king, and a better father.”
Caliphim said.

“Oh my love, you are the best of fathers. Do you think are son-in-law saved us from death so you could have moments of self doubt like this? Let us enjoy the life we have left, after all it is so short.” Allaria told her husband wisely.   

“You are so right darling. Come here and smell the jasmine on the trellis, it has the most wonderful fragrance.” Allaria bent her head to sniff the jasmine. She had jasmine perfume, but the real flower was much better.

“Look at the lilacs Caliphim! Aren’t they gorgeous? And there are so many butterflies out today.” Allaria said.

“Yes, I am so glad we have time to enjoy the garden. Such a splendid variety of beautiful flowers here! Your purple lilacs are always lovely and fragrant in the summer time.” He stopped and went over to the lilac bushes to smell them.

“Cassima planted some white roses over an archway on the gate, next to the red ones. Look how pretty they are.” Caliphim said. Allaria looked at the roses and smelled them. Then she looked at a bed of lilies next to the castle wall. She had planted all kinds of lilies; the exotic and colorful stargazer, amaryllis, daylilies and Easter lilies. Underneath the larger lilies grew calla lilies. They were arranged in patterns so the colors matched with the colors of the calla lilies.
“Do you remember when I first planted this garden?” Allaria asked.

“Yes, of course. Soon after we were married and the palace was built. It started with vegetables and herbs and a few fruit trees, and then you added roses. Soon, you put in all kinds of pretty flowers.” Answered Caliphim.

“When Cassima was born I added calla lilies. I planted a pomegranate tree in her honor.” Allaria gestured to the tree.

“It still bears fruit till this day.” Said Caliphim.

They walked over to the tree and saw that some of the pomegranates on it were ripe. Caliphim picked one. Allaria smiled. “We can eat pomegranate seeds tonight.”

“I believe some peaches and oranges are ripe as well.” Her husband said. Allaria took a peach and orange. They walked back inside the palace and went into the kitchen to deposit their fruit. A guard dog met them outside the door.

    “Your majesties, Captain Saladin wishes to speak to you about the guard shifts of the guards that watch over Alhazared.”

“Very well, we will speak to him in my study.” Said Caliphim. While Alexander was gone, Caliphim acted as king.

Caliphim met Captain Saladin in his study. The king’s study was not as opulent as the throne room; it was designed more for service. Leather chairs and polished cherry wood gave it a masculine feel. Books on law filled the shelves.

Captain Saladin, a noble guard dog resembling a border collie entered the room. He was firm and dedicated to protecting and serving the crown, his bravery and good heart was only matched by the sharp steel of his vengeance if he knew someone was an enemy.

“Your majesties, I feel that it is of the utmost importance that we keep a close eye and a tight watch on the traitor Alhazared. He needs a very heavy guard in times like these, now that King Alexander and Queen Cassima have gone to Daventry I fear that the black cloak society may try to help him escape. If he escapes than there’s no telling what terrible revenge he will exact on our kingdom and your family.” 

    “Of course, Saladin, I will do everything I can to keep that murderous devil behind bars. The guard dogs work double shifts around his cell, we have some of the tougher male servants keeping an eye on him, and I have Shamir Shammazel using his magic to detect any activity from the black cloak society. I am pleased that Alhazared’s trial went well and there were no escape attempts then, he was convicted and will spend the rest of his life locked up. Some of you want the death penalty, but that is not what we wish to be known for. It would make us seem like the villains.”

Saladin growled softly. “I hope the genie’s powers are enough to protect us from this society of evil wizards if they try to free one of their own. I have a bad feeling in my bones that this Shadrack will come for Alhazared.”

   “When that happens, he had best be prepared for a fight!” said Caliphim.

“Aye, my lord, we will give him one!” Saladin agreed.

“Now go and make sure he is guarded and well and the guards are well armed. I must consult with Shamir Shammazel now. You are dismissed.”

Captain Saladin bowed and left Caliphim.

Caliphim and Allaria went to find Shamir Shammazel. Caliphim found Alexander’s lamp in his room and summoned the genie.

   Shamir Shammazel appeared in a puff of smoke. “You summoned me, King Caliphim?”

“Yes, I need your help, Shamir. As you know we are greatly concerned about security with King Alexander gone. We are especially worried about the risk of Alhazared escaping during the king’s absence. I want you to use your magic powers to put a barrier around his cell so that no magic-users could break in and try to free him.” Said Caliphim.

“That is a very good idea, your highness. I will work on putting up a magic barrier around his cell right away. The guards will still be able to get in and out. Are you sure you want the barrier to be targeted to all magic-users? King Alexander is an apprentice wizard.” The genie explained.

 “I don’t see why Alexander would want to see Alhazred, but just in case he does want to see the criminal when he returns, you could make the barrier more specific, it could be against all evil wizards.” Caliphim replied.

“I will see what I can do.”

“One more thing, any information you can give me about the black cloak society will be very appreciated.”

“Alhazred told me only what I needed to know to carry out his orders. He was careful not to give me to much information should my lamp fall into someone else’s hands, as it already has.”

“I see. You’d better go work on the barrier.” Shamir Shammazel left to create to seal for Alhazred’s cell. 

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Re: Daventry's Children, the begining
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Later that night, a fierce thunderstorm blew over the castle and disturbed the inhabitants. Abdul Alhazred lay asleep in his cell, dreaming of the past. At least for now he was free from the uncomfortable and heavy shackles and chains that had restrained him because of his surly and violent behavior when he was first brought to the dungeon. After the doctor had mended his wound he had sought ways to escape, it had not been easy. That little wench Cassima had really injured his back shoulder with the dagger. The only window was the narrow barred window on the stout oak door. There was no way he could open the locked door being injured as he was or get past the guard dogs. The stones in the walls were secure and tight, with no chinks or loose stones. It was the same with the floor. Abdul had seethed in despair. After his wound mended some, he took to pounding on the door and yelling to be let out. When he started struggling with the guards who came to feed him and even hit one of them, they chained him up.

Right now Abdul slept lightly and the hard ragged cot in the small cell, and he dreamt of better days in the company of the black cloak society. He had been indoctrinated into the society as a child after his parents died. Shadrack became like a father to him. He taught him all he knew about politics, espionage, magic, and subterfuge. Once Alhazared had finished his education with the black cloak society, Shadrack sent him on a mission to conquer the Land of the Green Isles. Abdul dreamed of time spent at the various fortresses of the black cloak society, and he remembered the day he had received a reward of a slave girl, a peasant named Lila captured from a nearby village. The pleasure he had from tormenting the unfortunate wretch had been enormous.

The former vizier woke up as a loud clap of thunder shook the castle. He could see the eerie blue glow of the magic barrier that accursed, traitorous genie of his had put around his cell, to keep anyone from rescuing him. That would not stop his brothers from the black cloak society. Any minute now they would be coming for him. Word has spread ever since the trial, and he was certain Shadrack must be planning revenge on King Graham and his children.

In a burst of lightning, Alhazared’s assumptions were correct. Three wizards of the black cloak society appeared in a blast of purple lightning  that knocked out the guards. It only took them two minutes to figure out how to remove the spell for the magic blockade. Alhazared came out of the cell. He could hear more guard dogs running down the stairs.

“Greetings, brothers. We must leave soon, if we are to complete are escape.” The three wizards grabbed hold of Abdul and they teleported out of the castle of the crown, leaving the hall empty and echoing with their wicked laughter.

Caliphim and Allaria wept when they heard the news. “This is terrible!” Said Allaria. “What will we do?”

“We must contact Alexander and Cassima immediately. Shamir can send them a message through the magic mirror. I know it is late, but surely some guard or servant must still be up.”

Shamir Shammazel tried to magically contact the royal family of Daventry but he could not get through to the magic mirror. A dark force blocked him from seeing through to Daventry castle, as if the castle was surrounded in a cloud of dark magic. He tried to penetrate it and bring the dark force, but it was too strong for him. It threw him back. Though he was worn and tired, the genie gathered his strength and tried again. Again he failed. Exhausted, he gave up.
He told Caliphim and Allaria the bad news. “I could not get through to warn Castle Daventry. Some dark force surrounds the castle and will not let me into the magic mirror to contact them. I sense there is evil magic preventing the magic mirror from working properly.”

“If our enemies are already in Daventry and have infiltrated Castle Daventry and somehow bewitched the magic mirror, then we are in more trouble than we knew.” Said Caliphim. “Despite how urgent the matter is, I am too tired to think upon this problem tonight. I must get some sleep. I am going to bed.”

“I will retire to my lamp. In the morning I will try to contact Daventry again. If that doesn’t work I will go there in person and see King Alexander and Queen Cassima.” Said Shamir Shammazel.

“I hope we will have better luck in the morning.” Said Allaria. In despair, they tried to get some sleep with what remained of the night. 

The denizens of the black cloak society took Alhazared to Mordack’s castle. There his old partners in crime greeted him. Hagatha was there, and Mordack had found time in the night to sneak away from his cover as the knight Sir Roland to come to the meeting. Shadrack was eager to tell his followers of his plans to destroy the royal family of Daventry. The members of the black cloaks society that had helped out the powerful villains were Nimrod the enchanter, Simon Slimy, Vernon the warlock, Peter Despicable, Drusilla and Elvira.
“I am very disappointed in you in being thwarted in your plans to conquer the Land of the Green Isles by a mere stripling boy with amateur powers.” Shadrack said to Alhazared when they met face to face, the first time in years after he had set out on his mission to the Green Isles. Shadrack spoke calmly, this was the calm before the storm. His dark eyes were unfathomable.

“Alexander is not to be underestimated. He apparently learned much of secrecy and magic under Manannan. He is very clever and knows when to hide himself, and he turned Captain Saladin and Shamir Shammazel against me. He is a thief, a wizard, and a fighter sometimes, I thought for sure I would kill him in the sword fight in the tower, but then that wench Cassima, curse her pretty hide, got loose and stabbed me in the back! Somehow he snuck up to her room earlier and gave her a dagger. I will have my revenge on that ragged vermin.”

“Well Alexander and the rest of King Graham’s family had better learn not to underestimate us. We are about to bring a terror down upon the whole world that will make them see the Black Cloak Society’s power. Of course, things will be perfect for those who recognize the glory of our dark power. I will punish you later Abdul, right now I must recover Malicia and Lucreto. It has been difficult for my children to go about their missions with all of these heroes popping up to thwart them, if things turned out differently, the heroes would be dead and my students would have succeeded in their plans of evil. Now the black cloak society must recover from the blows it has suffered, and strike back in revenge, at the heart of the ones who have dared defy us. The king of Daventry will learn the cost of being too good and too noble for this world. Ever since the day he set out on his quest to recover the missing treasures of Daventry I knew he was going to be trouble. Hagatha…” Shadrack snapped his fingers.

“Yes, Master?” the witch answered.

“We must discuss plans to rescue Malicia from Etheria and restore her to her adult self. We already have dark fairy spies in Etheria, what I need you to do is gather ingredients and make a potion to age baby Malicia. Drusilla and Elvira, we must talk about the plan to kidnap Malicia, for she will be closely guarded in the nursery. We should do it soon, the closer it gets to the wedding the more closely she will be guarded, and I need more of my flock with me to carry out my devious plans if we are to ruin Edgar and Rosella’s wedding. Now that the magic mirror in Castle Daventry has been successfully blocked, it will be difficult for them to get news of the outside world, which means it may be a while before Daventry hears of Abdul’s rescue.”

“Here is what we shall do: After Oberon and Titania have gone to bed in Etheria’s palace, Drusilla and Elvira will slip in disguised as fairies. One of the nannies is our spy; she will slip a sleeping drug into the guards’ drinks. Another dark fairy will play a magic flute that will make doubly sure the king and queen and any fairies that might come to their aid are asleep. Then Drusilla and Elvira will take Malicia from her crib and they will fly from Etheria using a broom, just in case they will be given a teleport stone.” Said Shadrack.

“Excellent plan Master.” Said Drusilla. 

“We will do this three nights from now. From what Mordack and my other spies tell me, Graham and Oberon remain ignorant of how truly powerful my society has become in a short amount of time, and how my plan will tear them apart from their loved ones forever. I dismiss you for now, my loyal followers. Get what rest you can. In the morning, we will continue to weave the threads of our schemes of revenge. Let us drink a toast to the Black Cloak Society.”

All who were there filled their glasses with wine and toasted to the Black Cloak society’s plans of evil.

“To the Black Cloak Society!”

“To evil!”

“To revenge on Daventry! Muahahahah!!!!”

The next day everyone in Castle Daventry woke up unaware of what the Black Cloak Society was planning. Everyone went down to the dining room for breakfast. They had tea, bread, cheese and fruit for the first meal of the day. Alexander yawned. “I had a terrible nightmare last night about Alhazared escaping from the dungeon and Mordack returning from the dead to get revenge on our family. They were chasing Cassima and me down a long dark tunnel and we fell into a black pit where some monster with fiery eyes and huge teeth waited. I woke up before we finished falling and it could devour us.”

Cassima shuddered. “I had a dream just as terrible. I was a scullery maid in Mordack’s castle again, and I was washing dishes in that filthy kitchen, when one of the dishes broke. It was a corked wine bottle that had a shrunken Alexander in it. I screamed, and then bubbles floated up around us, and the black cat Manannan came and grabbed the bottle in his mouth and ran away. Then the scene changed and I was at my wedding, only I was marrying Alhazared! To my horror I saw my dream self say the wedding vows happily and kiss Alhazared as she made him her husband. Alexander was nowhere in sight. Then I was sitting in a room full of shadowy figures in black cloaks that sat around a table and they were laughing in a wicked, demonic way, it sounded like the mocking laughter of the demons of hell that torture condemned souls punished in the after life. I woke up thankfully.”

“We were reluctant to go back to sleep after dreams like that so we laid in each other’s arms.” Said Alexander.
 “How horrible! I don’t remember what I dreamt last night.” Rosella said. “I’m afraid our enemies that we defeated might be able to attack us again, and I’m worried someone might try to ruin our happiness, now that Edgar and I are planning our wedding.”

“We must not let worry take away the value of our lives, but we must watch out for danger. Royal families have more complications thrown in than ordinary families, it’s not all glamour and fun with being rich and living in a fine castle, as you have found out already my children there are a lot of responsibilities, and a lot of enemies against royal families that seek to harm a king’s children.”

“Don’t worry, if the villains of our past do resurface, I’m sure my heroic family can deal with them. Right now Mordack is dead, Manannan is a cat, Alhazared is in prison, Malicia is a baby, and Hagatha is in her cave in Kolyma she is too weak too attack us. Don’t let bad dreams upset you, it may not mean anything. We must keep a close eye on our enemies just in case. I want us to look forward to a bright future together as a happy family.” Said Valanice.

“You are right, Valanice. After breakfast and we’ve had time to wash up let’s go into the throne room and look at the magic mirror. The mirror can show us the current location of our enemies.” Said Graham.

“We can see how things are at my home in the Land of the Green Isles.” Said Cassima.

After eating and washing their hands the royal family and their guests went into the throne room and stood in front of the magic mirror. The large gold-framed mirror of Merlin had a still, dark opaque surface. King Graham stood in front of the mirror and said:

“Mirror of Merlin, show me the Castle of the Crown in the Land of the Green Isles.”  The mirror was silent and still, it did not respond. Graham touched the surface of the mirror. “It has a cloud over it like it did when Alexander was stolen from us as a baby and we could not find him with this mirror. It seems some dark force is blocking the mirror’s magic.”

“Let me see.” Titania came forward to the mirror. “The mirror feels dark and cold. It’s magic has been cut off. Someone wants to prevent you from using this mirror very badly. Someone evil and very powerful.  Obviously the person that did this is a powerful magic user, and they want to keep you from receiving the information you could from this mirror. Beware, this means that the dark society you spoke of is active and has now rendered your magic mirror useless.”

“Is there anyway to fix the mirror?” asked Graham.

“I could try to get past the cloud of dark magic blocking the surface,” said Titania, “but if I failed the mirror could break in the process.”

“Then never mind. I cannot risk having the magic mirror broken. It will be cleared up once we defeat whoever is behind this.”

“It must be the black cloak society.” Alexander said. “I think this is that Shadrack that I heard about from the letter’s in Alhazared’s trunk. He must be the one blocking the mirror.”

“Do you think Abdul could have escaped and they cursed the mirror so that Mother and Father would not be able to tell us about it?” Cassima asked.

“That’s what I was thinking” said Alexander.

“This is a bad sign.” Said Bran.

“What will we do?” Wondered Rosella.

“We can do nothing about it, my child.” Said Valanice. “Unless our wizard or the fairies’ magic can fix the mirror.”

“I suddenly am not liking the feel of the throne room. Let’s go into the library.” Said Graham. They all left the throne room and went into the castle library. Rosella and Edgar stood in the center of the library where a reading area with tables, lamps, chairs and a couch had been arranged. She held Edgar’s hand and looked worried. “Edgar, I’m scared, they’ll come after us.” She whispered to him. “Don’t worry,” he whispered back. “You were the one who turned Malicia into a baby. You’re a brave girl. We can stop them.”

Graham went to the section of books on magic, and found a book on magic objects. Alexander also looked at the books on magic.

“I hope these books will help.” Cassima said, but she was lost and didn’t know much about magic.

Graham motioned for his family to sit on the couch as he read the book and found the section on magic mirrors. The Mirror of Merlin was quite famous and the book mentioned it. Magic mirrors were used not only for telling the future and warning of dire events, but for bringing people together in the present and for contact between far away kingdoms in times of emergency. When a magic mirror became clouded and dimmed so that is was no longer usable, this was a sign that something was deeply wrong. Usually it meant a curse had been put on he kingdom that owned the mirror, or a curse on the mirror itself, or an evil or powerful wizard had blocked the mirror’s magic. It is very hard to fix a mirror whose magic had been blocked. If the kingdom is cursed, once the curse is lifted, the mirror is cleared. If the mirror is cursed, there are always counter curses. In cases of the mirror being blocked, usually the wizard who blocked the mirror had to be defeated if the spell was powerful enough. Another way to remove the spell was for a talented spell caster to rub a salve of fairy dust, rose petal essence, and holy oil on the mirror’s surface, then unravel the threads of dark magic that blocked the mirror, after the final knot was unraveled the spell caster must recite a blessing and send a ball of energy through the mirror that will send the dark magic threads through the magic mirror and back at the wizard who cast the spell, giving him or her a migraine for hours. This required great mental concentration and drained the good magician of energy, and there was the risk that the mirror could break in the process if the spell caster did not concentrate carefully enough while unraveling the cloud of dark magic.

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Re: Daventry's Children, the begining
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Graham wondered if they should take the risk of Titania trying that spell, the fairy queen was strong in magic, she came from and enchanted land and magic was natural to her.  Perhaps he should talk it over with her.

“Our only solution seems to be the spell where a good mage undoes the evil magic that blocks the mirror, as it is written in this book. Either that or we wait until we can defeat Shadrack and his followers, but we will need the help of the magic mirror to defeat him.” Graham said. “Queen Titania, I’m not sure if I can take the risk breaking the mirror. How sure are you that you can cast this spell that will restore the mirror to its rightful state?”

Titania looked offended. “I am a fairy queen and as such I am the most powerful magic user of my people. True there is a risk that the precious Mirror of Merlin may break but I am confident in my abilities, I have a strong mind. The warlock who blocked your magic mirror is indeed powerful, but I am ready for a battle of wills. I have performed greater feats of magic. Do not doubt the power of the fairies. I can do this.”

“I will trust you with the mirror. I will take the risk.” Said Graham.

“Let’s go make the salve.” Said Alexander. They found the court wizard Cormac and told him of the situation. He was irked and his pride offended that the royal family had chosen the foreign fairy queen to perform the ritual of clearing the mirror instead of him, but he fixed the salve for them anyway and went into the throne room to watch.

First, Titania cleared her mind with meditation exercises. Then she recited a blessing as she rubbed the salve over the mirror.
Titania stood in front of the mirror and closed her eyes. In her mind she saw paths of twisting darkness and sticky threads of dark energy like a spider web. Slowly her own bright aura, colored pale green, pink and gold, destroyed the threads with light. The dark clouds fought back against this invasion, and she heard a voice, “Who dares invade my magic?” Shadrack knew someone was attempting to destroy the block he put on the mirror. Shadowy laughter and something like black butterflies fluttered by Titania’s mind, shaking her. She held on, and shot beams of bright turquoise, rose pink and sunny gold light deeper down into the tunnel of darkness. Clouds of velvety black loomed up and threatened to engulf her, then teased her looking lovely like a night sky with bits of ruby red. Titania pierced it with white light. She would not be tricked or enchanted by dark beauty. Titania screamed as something gripped her by the head and throat, claws suddenly suffocating her, she could not breath.
“I have you now, my pretty fairy.” The darkness invaded, caressing her. No, no, she could not let them win! Her life depended on it, the life of her husband and son, her son’s beloved and her family, the life of her kingdom, perhaps the fate of the whole world. Like  silver fire she sent out her magic, it shot from her and burned the dark claws. She heard a screech. She was getting loose. She fought the evil spell and concentrated on breaking up Shadrack’s spell. The threads of magic that blocked the mirror were being unraveled. The shadows that threatened to invade her mind were held back with fairy lights and Titania’s mind was very disciplined. Shadrack fought her but she fought back with equal strength. She continued down the spiraling path of twisted tunnels of darkness and evaporated it with her light magic. Finally she completed unraveling the spell. Titania recited the fairy blessing that would keep the mirror from breaking. The shadowy dark cloud disappeared from the mirror. The dark presence retreated from Titania’s mind, defeated.

Titania opened her eyes and touched the clear, silvery surface of the mirror. She was tired and her magic energy had been drained somewhat from the battle of wills in unraveling the dark spell that plagued the magic mirror.

“It is done, I have restored your magic mirror, the evil spell is gone and now you can communicate with whoever you like.” She said.

Oberon helped her rise. “I am tired now and would like to retire to my room.”

“Thank you very much, Queen Titania. I appreciate very much what you just did for us and can see it was very hard for you; you have great discipline and power in magic. I am sorry for doubting you before. You have done my kingdom a great service.” Said King Graham.

King Oberon spoke for her. “You are welcome, King Graham. The mirror of Merlin is needed for the welfare of this world. It warns us of danger and allows us to contact our friends in far away places in times of emergency. Without the warnings and aid of the magic mirror, we would loose a great defense in a battle with the black cloak society. Think about how this could have happened, and if Shadrack did it, what is his purpose in blocking the mirror? Now I am going to rest with my lady.”  Oberon took the exhausted Titania in his arms and led her to their guest quarters.

Shadrack fell back screaming in rage and pain. His head felt like someone had set off an explosive spell in his brain. He cursed the foulest of profanities loudly and shot sparks of lightning at his cowering followers, then ceased and put a hand to his aching head moaning.

“Get me something for this headache!” he growled at Simon. The black cloak society wizard hurried off to fix a potion for migraine headaches. Shadrack stumbled off to his private quarters to rest until the migraine went away. In the darkness of his own chamber he fell upon his bed adorned with hideous grinning gargoyles carved on the bedposts and black gauzy curtains. The cool black satin sheets comforted him in delicious darkness as always.  But the throbbing pain of his migraine headache would not let him sleep.

Elvira came in carrying the bubbling potion that would cure his headache on a silver tray. It was so dark in his room he couldn’t see her very well, so she subtly lit a few candles by magic, just enough to give a soft light to see by. She wore a revealing low cut dark red dress that clung to her slender form sensuously. Her shiny black hair fell in waves down her shoulders, crowned by a gold circlet set with a ruby. Elvira’s pale smooth skin glowed in the candlelight. She was a darkly beautiful woman, and used that to her advantage.

“Master”, she said in a sultry voice, “I’ve come to make everything better.”

Shadrack raised his head from the plump black satin pillow and paid no attention to her beauty and the way she was dressed. “Just give me the damn potion and get out.” He said.

Elvira’s crimson lips drew back in a scowl, then a pretty pout. She set the tray down on the nightstand next to the bed and handed him the potion.

Shadrack gulped down the bubbling green potion greedily, ignoring is bitter taste. He was used to the strange taste of potions and medicine after so many years of practicing sorcery. 

Elvira put her hand on her hips. She did not leave. Shadrack’s headache subsided a little bit once have drunk the potion, it was very powerful. Shadrack lay back against the pillow.

“Perhaps now you would like some company, master?” Elvira purred.

Shadrack looked at her enigmatically, and his black eyes caught the firelight, reflecting an evil gleam. “This bed is quite large, and there is room for many in this bed.”
Elvira took the hint well, and joined him.

Back at Castle Daventry, Graham and his family debated about using the magic mirror.
“I feel I should contact the Land of the Green Isles immediately. Something terrible might have happened there.” Said Alexander.

“I think you are right.” Said his father, “But I have a very bad feeling that someone could be using this magic mirror, the one that helped me find my beloved Valanice and helped you rescue Cassima, to spy on us.”

“I don’t know if it’s possible to use the mirror of Merlin in such a way.” Said Valanice.

“I must contact the Land of the Green Isles and find out whatever information they have.” Alexander insisted. “If Alhazared has escaped we need to know about it.”

“I understand, go ahead and use the mirror, it must be safe now.” Graham moved as side and Alexander stood in front of the mirror and concentrated.

    “Mirror of Merlin, show me the Castle of the crown in the Land of the Green Isles. I wish to speak with either King Caliphim or Queen Allaria.” The mirror’s surface swirled and then the face of the former ruler of the land of the Green Isles appeared.

“Alexander my son, thank the fates you are well! Something terrible has happened here while you were away; Alhazared has escaped from the dungeons with the aid of the black cloak society. Not even the genie’s magic could stop them, they are growing in power. I fear that Alhazared will try to recapture Shamir and use him for evil, and of course punish him for helping us all these years.” Caliphim told him.

Alexander paled and drew in a shaky breath. Cassima gasped beside him. “No! Now that Alhazared has escaped and is with that society of evil wizards he will stop at nothing to get revenge upon us. We must stop them!”

“We shall, my love.” Alexander said. “We shall fight them as always, no matter what they are planning we must keep our courage and wits. This time…I will do with that monster what I wanted to do in the first place.”

Cassima and Rosella looked at him strangely. “What do you mean?” Cassima asked.

“I showed mercy to Alhazared because I knew it was what was expected of a good princely hero, and for your sake, Cassima. What I wanted was a sentence of death, so that he could never return to get revenge, save as a ghost. I knew an execution would frighten you and you might think me cold and hateful, you do have some feelings of pity for Alhazared while I have none. So I sent him to the dungeons to rot, and then he escaped. This time, I swear, if he dares lay a hand on you or any of my family, I will kill him myself by whatever powers I can summon.” Alexander’s blue eyes turned to dark thunderclouds as he spoke the dreadful words that were always in his heart, the dark thoughts since his memories of beatings and torture at the hands of Manannan, the rage that lay seething just beneath the surface, tamed by magic, the hatred he felt for his enemies while other heroes felt pity or indifference for them. 

Caliphim’s face grew concerned and his eyes haunted at this. ”Be wise my son. One death leads to another and soon it maybe you own head who rolls. Heavy is the head who wears the crown, which I partially why I abdicated the throne in favor of you and my most beloved daughter. You have done remarkably well so far, but now storm clouds are gathering and I can see our enemies in this mysterious dark society are preparing for battle. Like you I don’t know who they are or why they are doing this to us. Perhaps the black cloack society has some reason for wanting revenge on Daventry’s royal family. Now, whoever is connected to Daventry is connected to this Shadrack’s plans for revenge also. I must leave now, the protection of my people is my main concern. Farewell, dearest Cassima and Alexander, please be careful and protect yourselves.” 

 “Goodbye, Caliphim, Thanks for your advice. We shall take care.” Said Alexander.

Bran noticed his brother’s dark side. It was as Master Chan had told him, about the yin and the yang, the balance of forces in nature and in oneself. Everybody had a dark side, a bit of evil within oneself. To try to be too good and deny this darkness within oneself was to lie to oneself and in the end become pure dark. Everyone has flaws, those who cannot accept flaws within themselves, how could they accept flaws within others? And vice versa. Alexander had been severely abused and traumatized as a child by evil wizards. To the point that he could one day become evil himself. The rage and desire for revenge that flowed through him needed to be directed through the proper channels, to be released, only a proffesional priest of Zen could help him through this process. But, through a series of adventures dealing with the enemy, Alexander could learn healing and forgiveness. He seemed to cling to his wife Cassima, as if her love sustained him and she was the only one that kept him from dark, evil madness.

Bran knew that it could be dangerous to observe his knewly found family members in this way, but if he was to help them and solve the mystery of their enemies, this black cloak society, he had to be objective.

His sister, Rosella, on the other hand, seemed light and golden, compared to Alexander’s shadow. Rosella was not abused as a child, she was loved and spoiled. However, there were rules and times when she had to act like a proper princess. Rosella was still a bit childish at her age, and she was nervous about her engagement to Edgar, in her heart she was not sure settling down to marriage was the right thing to do. She wanted adventure, and she wanted to have fun. She wanted to explore the possibilities before marrying one man. But she loved Edgar, and was afraid to tell him this for fear of loosing him. Rosella had been taught a lot of lessons on governing a kingdom in the castle, but she needed more real life experience. She was brave and had a bright spirit. Bran knew she would be happy with Edgar being queen of Daventry once her youthful wiggles were out.

As for himself, Bran was not sure where he belonged. He could not rule Daventry because the land was foreign to him and the people would not accept a complete stranger who popped up out of nowhere. He would be the one to protect Alexander and Rosella., their shadow, using his magic and wisdom, and brawn when it was needed. 

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Re: Daventry's Children, the begining
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Daventry’s Children Ch 7

Lolotte chose to visit the swamps on a Thursday. Everyone else was busy and would not notice her. She cast a spell of sleep on Widow Burke to make her sleep all day so she would not notice her absence. She left early in the morning taking a basket for supplies and a long dagger.  Rosella and the aristocrats involved in the wedding were busy at the castle and had no time to check up on her and the progress she made with the dress.

Lolotte kept to the back roads until she found the main road for the swamp. She stepped out on the swamp road making sure no one was watching her. When she reached the swamps, she found she would have to wade through soggy murky knee- deep water and land that was wet and overgrown with reeds.

Lolotte was disgusted by the situation, made worse by the dress she chose to wear.  Women were expected to wear dresses, and if Sarah had been seen wearing pants, how could she have explained it?
Lolotte slogged through the murky water and came to land. She walked on dry land for a while and came to a large tree. Carved deep into it appeared to be eyes and a mouth. She had heard of this tree from Shadrack, it was the Oracle of the tree, and it was wise and good for a prophet tree. Being good, it would not help her. She left and found a wooden platform with some sort of building above it. It was of know interest to her, but in the shadows underneath the platform rose a strange plant, a stem like a long green arm and a red flower opening up, four red petals to reveal sharp teeth and a mouth-like center. This was a carnivorous rose. Lolotte drew her dagger and advanced upon the carnivorous rose.

The hungry plant was always eager for more flesh. Lolotte had to be careful. She sprinkled a powder on the rose that made it slow and sleepy. Then she swung with her dagger and killed it. Quickly she gathered up the parts she needed.

Once the witch had everything she needed from the swamp for her spell, she returned to Daventry as quietly as she had come.  Back at Sarah’s cottage, Lolotte brewed the spell that would made Connor a zombie and make him obey her for quite a while. He would appear normal on the outside, but on the inside his soul would belong to the black cloak society.
The potion was finished. All she had to do was pour it in his drink and whisper the magic words in his ear.  Who would suspect the Champion Eternal’s fiance of doing such evil?  Tomorrow she had a date with Connor, it was then she would take action. The black cloak society would succeed in ruining Daventry, the rest of the world would follow.

Rosella was very worried about the information gathered from the magic mirror. If Abdul Alhazahred escaped from prison, that meant someone could kidnap baby Malicia and turn her into an evil adult again. How terrible if that happened! Not only would it ruin her wedding, it would endanger the world. She hoped the Green Isles’s troops would recapture Alhazared.

Rosella had so much to do for the wedding she didn’t have much time to think about the Black Cloak Societies’ villainous activities. She had to choose a place for the wedding, which would be Daventry’s  Cathedral, plan a menu for the wedding feast and choose what kind of cake, the decorations and flowers had to be in order, there was her dress, Edgar’s garments, her family’s wedding clothes and the bride’s maids dresses. So much had to be done. The months passed in a whirl of activities. She was glad she did not have a spur-of the moment wedding done with one week’s preparation like her brother Alexander. Oberon and Titania did have to leave for Etheria with Edgar to rule their kingdom and plan for the wedding on their side, and the infant Malicia was kidnapped.

Then it came time for Edgar and Rosella to decide if they wanted to continue with their plans to marry or put the wedding off. Edgar wanted to go ahead with the wedding plans. Rosella was fearful with all of these bad omens. But she loved Edgar and thought that the best way to show up their enemies was to go ahead and marry. There would be plenty of guards at the wedding. Sarah had finished her beautiful wedding gown and the other dresses. The wedding was tomorrow, all she needed to do was pray that everything would go right and she would live happily ever after with her prince.

The next morning Rosella was woken up by her maids and given a quick bath followed by her favorite rose perfume. The maids brought her breakfast on a tray and then helped her into her wedding gown. Her wedding gown was white silk with gold lace on the wide, open sleeves and lace on the low rounded neck. Tiny pink rosebuds trimmed the neckline. She had a blue sash and the skirt was wide with a long train trimmed in elaborate gold lace, rosebuds, and ribbons. Her shoes were white, decorated with roses and pearls.  She had her hair and nails done by the maids that morning. She wore a lace veil held in place by a gold and diamond tiara, plus she tucked a few pink roses in the elaborate up-swept  hairdo that the hairdresser had given her. Valanice and her bridesmaids were there. Genesta was maid of honor, Cassima was a brides’ maid and Valanice was mother of the bride. Genesta and Cassima wore pink silk dresses with short sleeves and a square neck trimmed in lace. The hem of the bride’s maid dresses had rosebuds and lace. Valanice wore a blue satin dress with tight sleeves and gold embroidery. Titania wore her usual white and pink finery.

   The groom and his partners in the wedding were busy as well that morning. King Graham were a royal red jacket, white blouse, black pants and gold boots with an ermine cloak to show everyone he was king and he was giving his daughter away officially in royal marriage to the prince of Etheria. Upon his head, instead of his adventurer’s cap, was the crown of Daventry, sparkling with all of its jewels. Alexander got to dress less pompously in his green and gold jerkin. Edgar, the groom, wore a blue tunic much like a jacket, with gold braid, silver embroidery and gold buttons, his pants were white with a gold stripe along the side and his boots were gold. He wore a short silver cape. Bran wore blue like Edgar, but with no cape and black pants, brown boots.

In the afternoon, all was ready for the royal wedding. The Cathedral of Daventry had been repaired since the maelstrom that the royal family and everyone else in Daventry to stone. The stain glass windows were fixed with new panes of glass and everything sparkled and shone like new. Garlands of flowers decorated arches, a little bouquet marked every pew. The banner of Daventry was set from the pillars of church as well as Etheria’s banner. Near the altar was an archway of red roses where Edgar and Rosella would take their vows. Candles burned in golden candlesticks and cages of white doves were kept to be released after the wedding. The church bells rang to announce the wedding.

   Once everyone was there, Valanice and Titania, mothers of the bride and groom, came forward to light a candle on the altar.  The priest was Father Wilbury, the same priest who married Rosella’s mother and father. He was now quite old, but still full of spirit.  The music began to play. The musician was none other than Pan, the satyr that Rosella met on her adventure in Tamir when she first met Edgar as an ugly green hunchback troll of a man under Lolotte’s influence.  Pan played the lute she had traded him for his flute. Pan was accompanied by other fine musicians.

King Graham walked Princess Rosella down the aisle to the arch of roses where her bridegroom Edgar waited for her. She smiled in anticipation. Valanice sat in the front pew and wiped away tears of emotion with a delicate lacy handkerchief.

“Dearly beloved, We are gathered here on this fine day to join two loving souls in holy matrimony.” Said Father Wilbury.

“The prospect of marriage, especially for royalty, is not taken lightly, for it is a vow you make before God. Does anybody here have a reason why these two royals should not be wed? If so let him speak up now or forever hold his peace.”

“I object!” The people in the cathedral gasped, surprised to here a voice loudly object to their beloved princess’ wedding.

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Re: Daventry's Children, the begining
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Sarah, who stood next to Connor and her mother, had said it.  It was now time to reveal her self as Lolotte.  “Look at your bride Edgar!” 

Rosella suddenly felt frail and dizzy. She grabbed onto the altar’s velvet covered edge for support reached out to Edgar with the other hand. They both gasped at what they saw. The hand that reached out from the lacy sleeve was no longer young and delicate but old and knotted with veins and wrinkles, the fingers bony and twisted and nails thick, sharp and ragged. Rosella gave a stiff little cry at the sight of her own hand, Her voice sounded aged, dry and musty. Edgar took her by the shoulders and slowly lifted the bride’s veil from her face. When he saw what had happened to her he covered his mouth in shock and backed up several paces, bumping into the roses archway and shaking the roses.  Rosella had been aged to an old and hideous hag of about the age of one hundred. Her skin was brown and covered in wrinkles, age spots and veins. Her faces was hideous, for she had shrunken, watery weak red eyes, wrinkles crisscrossing everywhere, a mole on her forehead and one on her long hooked nose and a long bony chin and toothless wrinkled mouth. Who could have done this to her?

Sarah ripped off her long formal dress of lavender cotton printed with blue flowers and revealed the sleazy black leather outfit she had underneath, completed with fishnet stockings. 

“Wow!” Connor said. He didn’t quite catch on that Sarah was a bad girl yet.

“You did this to my daughter! Guards, seize her!” Shouted King Graham.   Sarah laughed. The lights went out and everything became dark.  When the lights dimly came back on, a hoard of gargoyles came into the church, terrorizing the wedding guests and the wedding participants. Lolotte took a ride on a gray winged beast that resembled a wolf with wings. She snatched up Rosella. “I’m not Sarah, I am your enemy Lolotte. If you ever want to see your precious Rosella again in good condition, you’d better do what I say.”  With wicked laughter, she carried the withered Rosella away.

Hagatha appeared riding on her broom. The gargoyles tore open the roof of the cathedral, they were much like Lolotte’s goons.  Mannanan showed up as a half cat, half human creature hidden in his cloak to terrorize Alexander, Mordack aand Alhazared appeared to fight. Lucreto was also at the scene and so was Malicia, but she was only ten years old. The members of the black cloak society zapped the royal family with lightning bolts as the guards rushed the defense. However, the guards’ swords could do little against the evildoers’ dark magic. 

Bran remembered the magic Master Chan had taught him and put up a shield spell around himself, then rushed to find his family and protect them. He found Alexander with his sword out fighting a gargoyle. Bran cast a spell and turned the gargoyle into a rabbit.

“Thanks for the help little brother. A rabbit, I’d laugh about it under different circumstances. Where is Cassima?” said Alexander.

“I don’t know, I haven’t seen her.”  They heard a scream, and saw Alhazared trying to grab Cassima and carry her off on the wyvern he rode. Cassima defended herself with her dagger. Bran and Alexander rushed to her side. Alexander knew a bit of spell casting himself, so he cast a fireball at the wyvern. The beast was a fire-breather it turned out, he turned and shot fire right back at him, the two princes ducked in time.  Not to be put off, Bran cast a spell of ice on the wyvern and rider. It seemed to work, holding them in place so they could rescue Cassima before they got away.

Bran Alexander and Cassima ran through the chaos erupting at the wedding and searched for Graham and Valanice.  To their horror, they found the king and queen lying as if dead by the altar next Father Wilbury, who had a heart attack when the monsters came in and died. Shadrack appeared floating on a cloud covered in his black cloak.

“Now I have my revenge! Good luck trying to save what is left of your family! Muahahahahahah!” He disappeared. A gargoyle grabbed Cassima and took her away. “No!” Alexander cried. What was he going to do?  Bran went over and checked for a pulse on King Graham.

“He’s alive.” He announced. “But he’s been injured and poisoned.”  Then he went to check on Valanice and found the same results.

Connor came over to them.  “Milords, things here have taken a terrible turn indeed. I find out my beloved Sarah is really Lolotte in disguise, and she and her dastardly companions of evil have caused great distruction at what was to be a joyous event. Princess Rosella and Prince Edgar have been kidnapped along with Queen Cassima. Are their majesties Graham and Valanice-“

“No, they are not dead. They are unconscious and have been poisoned be a winged serpent that belongs to Shadrack. We must immediately get the antidote for this poison if they are to wake up and live. “ said Bran seriously.

“Where is such an antidote found?” asked Connor.

“I believe the antidote comes from the winged serpents’ homeland, in tropical lands across the ocean, far to the south.

“Listen,” Said Alexander, “There are three of us. “One of us can search for this antidote while the other searches for my abducted sister and her betrothed, and me, I will search for my wife.”

“Please King Alexander, allow me to go on a quest to find this antidote for the poison that ails my king and queen.” Said Connor.

“Alright, take as many as the knights with you.” Said Alexander.

“What if Queen Cassima is being held captive in the same place as Rosella and Edgar?” Asked Bran.

“I haven’t thought about that. Perhaps we should go together to rescue them.” Alexander said.

“I would welcome company on a quest.” Said Bran. “First let’s tend to the wounded from this attack.

The remaining heroes of Daventry made sure the wounded wedding guests were cared for before setting off on their quests. Titania and Oberon went back to Etheria after suffering minor wounds. They would send their own party of fairy guards to search for their son Edgar and his bride.

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Re: Daventry's Children, the begining
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   Edgar had been so happy and excited at his wedding, now that joy had turned to fear and painful grief the moment he saw what the black cloak society witches had done to his bride. He was disoriented and his world turned black after Lolotte and Hagatha seized him and Rosella in a violent whirlwind.  He awoke to find himself under a gray sky with chilly winds whipping about him, the surface where he lay was cold, hard, rough rock. He slow drew him self up to a sitting position, wondering where he was. He seemed to be lying on a rock plateau, with the sides dropping steeply downward to great heights below. He had a circumference of forty feet going round in a circle around him, with no way to get down. When he was able to stand Edgar peeked over the edge. It would be a long drop to his death should he attempt to climb down.

In the cloudy sky he heard wicked laughter. A ten-year old Malicia showed her face in what appeared to be a magical contact from far away. She appeared in the clouds.

“This prison of air is the perfect way to punish you, Edgar. I have grown considerably since I was forced into the form of an infant; but not enough! We will use your beloved Rosella to help us accomplish this means. Her sudden onslaught of old age aged me from my baby self as well. Look at your beloved Rosella!

Hagatha and Lolotte appeared and pushed the haglike Rosella, in chains in front of them. Lolotte muttered a countercurse and she was turned back to her beautiful, young self. Lolotte herself looked fantastic. She had taken advantage of Sarah’s beauty and melded it with her old form. Lolotte’s skin was pale green like Titania’s, her blond hair fixed with a silver horn-shaped ornament that held a ruby on her forehead, blond ringlets ran down the sides. Her face was relatively pretty, but the form was of a pale green skinned demon, as she had given herself green and lavender bat wings like her goons. She wore a tight black leather bodice and skimpy short black leather skirt open at the sides along with fishnet stockings and black leather boots. She might look sexy, but anyone who knew Lolotte would never fall for her new-found charms.

“Edgar, no matter what they do, don’t give up! We will be together one day, I swear.” She told him.

Lolotte slapped her. “Together in death, you mean, wretch.” She ripped Rosella’s veil and tiara off of her head. Little Malicia came and kicked Rosella in the shins.

“It’s her fault I’m stuck as a child! Her fault!”

“So let us mend this situation.” Said Hagatha. She ripped off Rosella’s sleeve. The three evil females began to rip Rosella’s wedding gown till she was left wearing rags. They chained her to the wall of their dungeon.

“Bring me my cauldron.” Said Hagatha. Drusilla and Elvira brought her cauldron to her. They filled it with water to begin a new brew. The shredded rags of Rosella’s wedding gown went into the cauldron. Lolotte cut off Rosella’s long, beautiful blond hair and added that to the brew. Then she cut Rosella’s arm and poured in the blood to complete the potion in the cauldron.  Hagatha pointed a wand at her. “since you seemed to like rats so much on your last adventure to ruin our plans, you shall be trapped in the form of a rat, which is what you are, princess! Rosella was immediately transformed into a white rat. The wicked witch seized her and put her in an iron cage.

“Call in Manannan! Tell him we have a morsel for him.” 

Manannan came into the room in his twisted, half cat and half human form. He had black fur all over him, gleaming yellow eyes, needle sharp fangs with whiskers on his face and claws on his gnarled hands.

“Meow, what do I smell? A rat princess, looks delicious.” He said when he saw Rosella in her cage as a rat.

“No!” Edgar shouted, watching all this in a distance. “Please don’t do this to her!”

Malicia, Lolotte, and Hagatha laughed. “I hate icky rats.” Said Malicia. Lolotte gave the cage to Manannan and he opened it up, pulled out the trembling white rat by her tail and dropped it in his mouth. The wicked women laughed with evil delight as they watched the former wizard eat his enemy’s twin sister.

“Noooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”  Edgar wailed and fell to his knees, beating the rock that supported him in maddening grief. How could they do that to the girl he loved? What great cruelty and evil dwelled within his enemies that they could be so heartless?

“Oh don’t worry, Edgar, dear, your own untimely end is coming up soon, too. Look up and see the pretty birdie.” Cooed Lolotte, like she did when he thought she was his mother.

Edgar looked up at the sky. A roc was coming after him, preferably to make him its dinner. A roc is a giant vulture with two heads.  The roc swooped down, it was coming closer.  Just as he thought he was going to end up being eaten like his beloved, a strange savior appeared from the other side. It was a winged girl riding on a griffin. The half eagle, half lion griffin roared so Edgar heard him and turned around. The girl threw a spear at the roc. The griffin landed and the winged girl, who seemed like an angel with her large white wings and fiery red hair, said to Edgar,
“Grab hold of my hand, and my griffin will carry you away from this danger. Edgar grabbed her hand and she helped him mount the noble griffin and they flew off to safety away from the roc’s hungry talons.

“No, drat, hang them all, he got away!” The members of the black cloak society fumed and swore when they saw the mysterious savior rescue Edgar.  The truth was, Rosella had not really been eaten by Manannan, they were saving her as either a bargaining chip or just to torture for fun.  Hagatha was angry when she ended the communication and view through a large magic mirror of their own, this one surrounded by black crystals.

“Oh well, I still have this nice brew to make me young and pretty.” Hagatha finished her spell over the potion, then poured it into a glass vial and drunk it down. The youth and beauty potion she had been brewing, with Rosella’s hair, ripped-up wedding gown and blood, turned her into her youthful self at eighteen. Hagatha had not always been a hideous green-skinned warty old hag with red eyes and pointy ears. She was once the most beautiful sorceress of Kolyma, the fairies punished her for her evil deeds by making her ugly. Now she was fair skinned and blond and had green eyes and looked very pretty.

“Yes! Finally I have my youth back! Look at me I am so beautiful! Ugh, I must find a different dress than this old black sack.”

Shadrack came into the dungeon. “Well done, my pretties. The Etherian prince may have gotten away, but we have taken away all of his fairy powers and he will be helpless if he tries to rescue Rosella. We shall celebrate for a while, then plan on making our success permanent. There are some loose ends to tie up.

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