Author Topic: This may be out-of-place, but a request for any talented wallpaper-artists...  (Read 2895 times)

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Hi everyone, I just joined having found KQIX after its mention on Penny Arcade.  This is really exciting...  Rosella has always been my favorite character and I'm listening to her theme right now.  Truly fantastic.

Anyway, I know there's a lot of talent budding in these forums, and I know this is quite out of place, but I wanted to ask if someone would be willing to make a wallpaper for me on an unrelated project.  Pretty simple one though.

As an example, I'd like to point to this wallpaper...  Simple, very nice, you get the idea.  My team and I have been working on a petition to Square-Enix to ask them to remake Chrono Trigger.  Now, unlike many rampant fan-petitions, we are being very professional about our endeavor and have received positive reactions from Square so far.  (And I'm quite encouraged at the news of the success of this project as well!  Congratulations!)  I don't want to get too far off on my tangent, so just suffice it to say you can get more info on that project here.

Now, I'd love to have a wallpaper other than the ones on the project's site, which would be just as simple as the one I linked above, with a Chrono Trigger logo, but having the logo kinda polished up just a bit to look all shiny and new, with the text "Remake Petition" near the logo, and the old Chrono Trigger slogan "It's About Time" elsewhere in the image at some place.  The classier the better.

As I already said, I realize this is pretty out of place, but I also said I KNOW there's lots of talent here and I couldn't help but ask!  Best of luck with the rest of your project! :)

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The wallpapers and whatever else you may see in this forum has been either done by me or approved by me. That wallpaper you've showed was made by me, the logo, the art, etc. If you'd like my help please fill in more details in my mailbox, please contact me at

I've got a pretty busy schedule being flooded by work, quite a blessing and quite stressing at the same time, but I'd love to do anything as possible to help any other fan-group like us. Feel free to contact me and I hope I could be of help.

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You guys are awesome. Crono Trigger is one of my favorite RPGs.
I love your work to Say...  ::)
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What a great website!
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