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TSL Public Demo - FAQ
« on: July 29, 2006, 09:24:24 PM »
Hello everyone! ;D

The Silver Lining Public Demo is now available from the Trilogy section of our site!  Be sure to download it today and check it out for yourself! ;D

The following are some frequently asked questions about this demo:

1. What is the "TSL Public Demo RC1"?

The Silver Lining Public Demo is publicly available section of The Silver Lining - Part One: Shadows.  Shadows represents the first three chapters of The Silver Lining, and Public Demo RC1 is roughly half the size of Chapter 1.  This demo is also the same one sent to Vivendi Games back in November 2005, which played a major role in VG granting us legal permission to continue development after our shutdown.

2. How much of Shadows does the TSL Public Demo represent?

Chapter one is 34 pages
Chapter two is 175 pages
Chapter three is 170 pages

Total: 379

So plot-wise, Chapter 1 makes up about 9% of Shadows, and since the demo is about half the size of Chapter 1, it represents 4.5%.

3. I played the game but I'm so confused... Is this how Shadows is going to start??

Gameplay in Shadows will begin the same way as the demo.  However, there are two introduction sequences (one a prerendered video, the other an in-game sequence) which have purposely been left out, since they were determined to be too revealing of the plot for a public demo.  These sequences will of course exist in the final Shadows release.

4. What does "RC1" mean?

RC stands for Release Candidate.  An RC is a software release that is post-beta but pre-gold/final.  The Final version will be Shadows itself, however we may release an RC2 and RC3 prior to the final Shadows release.

5. Why isn't this an alpha or beta?

Due to the nature of this project, and us wanting to keep some surprises for the final, we cannot make public betas of Shadows.  Alpha testing is performed internally by the Programming department and TSL team only.

6. How can I become a beta tester?

We will only perform private beta testing closer to Shadows' release.  There will be a formal procedure in order to become one.  Some may be hand-picked Fannatics and some may be open to the general public.  We will announce when we are looking for beta testers when we are closer to that stage of development.  Presently, our Fannatics are  chosen to beta test pre-release Patches as well as future RC demos of the game.

7. The demo doesn't work on my computer.  What do I do?

If you are experiencing technical difficulties, please create a thread in the Tech Support forum.  Please state your: demo version, operating system, amount of RAM, video card make and model, and what you were doing when the error/bug to occurred.

8. The demo is too slow, laggy, buggy, choppy, unsyncrhonized-

Please download the latest Patch.  As well, be sure to have the Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 or higher installed, and ensure that you upgrade your video card drivers to the most recent version.  If you are still experiencing problems after performing all of this, fill out an Issue Report as described in question #7.

9. The demo is too fast, hyper, uncontrollable-

Make up your mind! ;P  Actually, the reason is that you are using an unsupported video card that uses SLI.  Simply enter the NVidia control panel and disable Multi GPU rendering, then the game will run normally.  If this doesn't solve the problem and you have an AMD dual core processor, try this solution.

10. I'm stuck with a puzzle and need help.  What do I do?

For hints, please visit the Hints forum.  Browse through the threads that sound relevant to your question, to see if your question has been answered already.  Note that all spoilers must be enclosed in [spoiler][/spoiler] tags.

11. I love/hate this demo, especially blah and blah! :o  Why did you-

Please post all feedback and/or constructive criticism about the demo in the Feedback forum.  Note that inconstuctive criticism or generally offensive behaviour is not tolerated and will result in your post or thread getting modified/split/locked/deleted and/or you may be banned entirely, depending on the offense.

12. When will RC_, Shadows, and/or any of the other Parts come out?

When they're ready. :suffer:

13. I know why you guys called it RC1!  It's because my cat and I went to this Really Cool place last year where we-

Please stay on-topic inside each of these three forums.  If you would like to discuss unrelated matters, please post in the Off-Topic forum or We're in Haven! (for the purely insane only ;P).
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