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What is King's Quest to You?: It's Impact on You
« on: August 27, 2006, 08:28:57 PM »

I figured being as the majority of us are here as veteran King's Quest fans, I'd make a thread about what King's Quest means to us individually, and the impact it had on you. First off, how long ago did you begin playing King's Quest, how old were you and which game made you a fan? What did you like about the games, and did the games or any of it's characters influence you or inspire you or your tastes in any way?
My first game was V, I was 5 and it was eleven years ago. I just loved the character of King Graham, the goofiness of Cedric and the whole fantastic world. Graham was one of my heroes, and I even had a King Graham costume and doll (both of which were hand made by my dad) with the amulet and hat included =P and later at around 7 a Cedric stuffed animal, also handmade. I still have the doll somewhere =P
 The games have inspired me in that I love fantasy, fantasy worlds and mythology and fairy tales and I always try to research these myths and legends and to this day these games are still my favorite, and without King's Quest I might not have been into fantasy and I probably wouldn't be a computer gamer.

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Re: What is King's Quest to You?: It's Impact on You
« Reply #1 on: August 27, 2006, 10:26:50 PM »
It was really what got me interested in computer games, and the gamer I turned out to be.  Although I dont play much games anymore (but believe me Ill be playing tsl) I played them alot.

I got hooked on the series rather late, on KQ 6 heir today gone tomorrow.  I was probably 10-12 years old (Im 22 now) we got a new computer and kq6 came as bundled software.  THANK GOD.  I probably would never have played the series if it wasnt for that.  Me and my dad were hooked on this game (I still have the disc and pop it in every once in a while and beat it in a day)

I'll probably never forget me and my dad with a huge self made map for those damn catacombs.

After taking foooorever to finally beat it, we went and found all the rest of the kq games and played them.

These and the police quest games are my favourite games in all time. (PQ 4 open season is my fave game ever)

Though I havent played kq 7.  Is it worth finding and playing now, ie. does it have some pretty big plot lines for the kq series?  I see it on EBay.

I know one thing though....I never had an internet connection when playing the kq games first time around.  And to really make sure I dont succomb to temptations of online walkthroughs I might cancel my internet subscription while I play tsl.  ;D