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Re:Loud Music / Headphones
« Reply #20 on: November 12, 2003, 02:27:40 PM »
I had one office job with absolutely no music and it was soooooooo boring.  I was literally falling asleep at the keyboard.  But that may have been because I would finish work too quickly and never have stuff to do.  ;D
No, can't be. ::) But, working without radio on takes all the fun out of your day. I know, I had to endure several months with my boss in the same room and without music (although that could also have been due to my boss's presence. :) )

when Im working and I got no music on its because Im seriously busy or seriously stressed out :(
doctor cat examines Say... Yes, most definitely a case of too little radio.
Radio(music) helps me relax. And being distracted from work can sometimes be a good thing (if it doesn't last too long). It helps to 'rearrange' my thoughts.
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