Author Topic: how old is our beloved king?  (Read 12544 times)

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Re: how old is our beloved king?
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About six months pass between KQ5 and Alexander reaching the Green Isles (Cassima says she's been locked in her room for nearly 6 months, probably right from the time she came home). Alexander would be 19 at this time.

This is actually where is there is an issue problem between the timing in the sources.

If the timeline follows the KQ4/King's Quest Companion/'About KQ5' (ingame KQ5 menu) route, there is actually a year between KQ5 and KQ6, from Spring of the previous year (24th anniversery), to spring/summer the following year (25 annniversery). KQ5 manual states that Graham was walking along the lake on a beautiful spring day when his family was killed, and KQ4's dateing pushes KQ3 to 20 years after KW2 . KQ2 is 3 years after KQ1, twins born 2 years later + 17 years (Alexander turns 18 within the same year, just after Summer), and KQ4 is within an hour (so KQ3 and KQ4 are set 23 years after KQ1), then according to KQ5/KQ7 manuals nearly a year to a year passes between KQ4 and KQ5, and that KQ5 is set in the spring so that would end up placing KQ5 24 years after KQ1, which would place it a year before KQ6 (if the KQ6 hintguide is taken into account). As mentioned King's Quest Companion, states that KQ7 takes place 25 years after KQ1, which fits into the KQ4 manual + KQ6 Hintbook's timing.

If the KQ6 hintguide/King's Quest Companion was ignored, to follow the six months ingame date, then it would place KQ6 at 24 years (so he would be 18ish), and KQ7 the following year (19).

If it ignores King's Quest Companion/KQ4 manual/About KQ5, but continues to follow the KQ6 Hintguide, and the KQ5 Hintguide(KQ2 is 5 years after KQ1, and twins born 6 years after KQ1), it places KQ5 in spring 25, and six months later (late summer?), then he's actually only 18, that would place KQ7, two years later, or 27 years after kq1.

Seriously, its anecdotal but my dad didn't age much between 44-70... His face physically looked about the same (he only gained a few grey hairs). So seriously there is no way to tell how long MOE takes place in relation to other games. The fact of the matter the date of MOE is completely unknown. I know other people that look like there older than methuselah but are only their 40s (years of smoking and hard drinking). So there is really no way to know for sure when it was intended to be slet. All we have is, "he is still around, so its not too long after blah blah".

Now, KQ2+ which has a scene set around the same time as MOE (just after his return from the Temple), 30 or so years after KQ2, has Graham look like's about as old as King Edward :p... But I don't take that seriously...
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Re: how old is our beloved king?
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That's my gripe with the AGDI games is the portraits -- I mean, it's not a huge thing especially since they're free games. But every human is drawn in a way that makes them look much older. Too much emphasis put on facial lines. Take a look at every character (excepting, of course, Possum, who has no facial lines. Her voice makes her seem much older, but still... :P)
So, I would say, even if you wanted to take their timeline into account, you can't really judge anyways because everyone looks older as it is. Connor himself looks to be in his late 30s, I think.
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