Author Topic: There certainly are some hidden gems  (Read 13228 times)

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Re: There certainly are some hidden gems
« Reply #60 on: July 12, 2010, 02:36:05 AM »
If the tide was in, that would actually make undertow/rip currents closer to shore, not eliminate it.

But hey, really this is something that you should have explained in the game. Because how would people know that it would be safe to jump into the water? When everyone who talks about the water in KQ6, warns Alexander not to go swimming, and to be careful around the water. First rule of thumb, if you know the water is dangerous to begin with, you don't just start jumping into it to test to see if it would be safe to jump into when things appear to be even worse.

Infact, most people's knowledge is that the "tempests" (which are often magical in nature) that rise up from nowhere around the islands are usually very dangerous for ships, and people alike. It's the kinda of thing that took out Derek Karlavaegen's ship, and even the same kind of thing that took out Alexander's ship. So the first thing people would be thinking, is this wouldn't be the best time to jump into the water, of any days in general.

Would you eat a poisonous plant (that everyone knows is poisonous), and would normally kill you, to see if you would survive because conditions were different? Would you yourself swim in an area that is known for being treacherous even in best of weather, worse in the worst weather, just to see if you could survive?

We shouldn't have to be runnig mental gymnastics in order to explain, a descrepency. Even if speculation can be made to try to explain it away.

Who told Graham the waters around the Green Isles were dangerous?  Surely Hassan would have mentioned that small little detail to Graham upon reaching the Isle of the Sacred Mountain... him being the local expert on the ways of the sea and all.  Don't you think Hassan would have provided Graham a safer means of reaching the island shore if he was concerned about the undertow?  Or do you think Hassan so cold and callous as to not care if the father of his king was killed due to his inaction?

No Baggins... the only one running through mental gymnastics here is you... trying desperately to poke holes in something where there are no holes.... referencing documents you yourself have said contain inaccuracies and should not be relied upon in an attempt to validate your stance.
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Re: There certainly are some hidden gems
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I have mainly just referencing KQ6 game, and KQ6 Guidebook mostly actually (straight up Jane Jensen).. But if you are trying to ignore documents, and are claiming they are "innacurate", well... Then we know what you think of that previous game.  :suffer: :suffer: :suffer: Actually it was Hassan, was one of the characters warned about treacherous nature of the waters in KQ6. But I guess you are saying that what he said was "wrong". In anycase we agree that your game is inconsistent/different than other King's Quest material (for whatever reasons), by your own admission that it is different than other games/manuals/companion (as you say 'inaccuracies'), etc.

I don't know what the Companion says about the water specifically actually, so I've been avoiding referencing it directly. I did toss up the map though, for people who were interested (but that has little to do with the subject of the water).

Or do you think Hassan so cold and callous as to not care if the father of his king was killed due to his inaction

Oh, I don't know about TSL's Hassan, it has already established him to first act like he has seen more gold in his life than he's ever seen ever (when Graham shows him the bag of coins), then quickly act like its not enough, like he needs even more, LOL. Greedy bugger. :suffer: :suffer: :suffer:

He also seemed to be enjoying himself watching Graham jump into the water. Hmm. If he offs Graham, and claims he was lost accidently, then he might get away with the fact that he cheated Graham out of that much gold (without Alexander finding out). If Alexander dies, well, he'll never find out will he? Its a perfect scheme.  ;D :suffer: :suffer: :suffer:
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Re: There certainly are some hidden gems
« Reply #62 on: July 12, 2010, 05:28:42 AM »
Okay, guys. Let's drop this before things get any more heated and I'm forced to lock the thread. If you want to talk about "hidden gems", as is the topic's title, then do so.

It got mentioned elsewhere but not here I think--anyone try clicking the hand and eye on the bonsai tree? :)

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Re: There certainly are some hidden gems
« Reply #63 on: July 12, 2010, 07:34:54 AM »
yus, tis definatly in my top 3 narrator comments of episode 1  ;)
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Re: There certainly are some hidden gems
« Reply #64 on: July 12, 2010, 12:00:44 PM »
I must go back and replay episode 1 for the third or fourth time now to catch all of these lines I'm missing!
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