Author Topic: Well thanks a lot guys, I AM ENTHRALLED, i am loving every minute of this, ..  (Read 1933 times)

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When can I expect episodes 2 through 6, I guess I should have taken longer to play the first episode, but I just think you guys have really created gold here.

A thousand thanks to all the work you've done for so many people!

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There are Only 5 Episodes and Episode 2 might come Next Month, since the TSL Team said All Chapters are 90% Complete and we can Expect All Chapters by the End of 2010 ;)

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Expect All Chapters by the End of 2010 ;)
Ooo, I didn't know that. Can you post a link to the source? I find it incredibly difficult to believe since the last I heard they said the remaining episodes will each take 1-3 months to complete (worst case scenario would have each taking 3 months which would last 12 months), but if it's somehow true, I'll be an extremely happy fan! :D

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From the FAQ;


We are looking to release the next episode of The Silver Lining sometime this summer.  Please keep in mind, however, that this is not set in stone, and ultimately the next episode will be released when it is ready

Somewhere else they said that they would release each chapter with a 1-3 months interval, but that is only an estimate, so can't really pin them on it.
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Yeah, we have not said that every episode will be done by the end of 2010. There's still work to be done. But I do know we won't have to wait another 8 years! :D
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