Author Topic: Questions about (long) narrations!  (Read 27431 times)

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Re: Questions about (long) narrations!
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And I wasn't assuming that all narrations for future episodes were written out and recorded already. I meant my post as in going forward with the writing, not necessarily rewriting anything.

That's our main point - all of the lines have already been written and recorded, so there's not any new writing being done as we move forward.

I think the option between lengthy writing and concise writing is kind of a false choice, if the real issue is good vs bad writing.

See now you're talking about the difference between things that are factual - being able to switch between short and long versions of narrations - and something that's just an opinion - how good the writing is.  Plenty of people really like the writing and narration style of the game just fine.

some people would like it no matter what. thus is the nature of fan forums. that doesn't really negate the principles of good writing. would you really disagree that efficiency of words and the pace of the gameplay aren't important?

shame about everything being written and recorded already. i guess then, finding a way to edit down what's already there is my preferred option. i still think my point stands. if there's a way to get essential and interesting information across quicker, that should just be the standard.

i haven't read through the thread, but here's an idea: if there's a choice between short and long descriptions, make it the player's choice at each click. i don't know how the button configuration would work, but you could do right click = short standard description and middle click = long description. or something like that.
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Re: Questions about (long) narrations!
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Right-click changes icons so that wouldn't work.  I'd recommend reading through at least Cesar's posts in the thread, his more detailed description of what the short narrations would actually be like is actually quite excellent.  If you think the longer narrations are poorly written, then a short and basic narration style should take care of that.
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Re: Questions about (long) narrations!
« Reply #122 on: August 08, 2010, 07:50:52 AM »
Additionally, while we're adding the optional short narrations, we're not taking out anything that's crucial to know. If there's essential information, you're still going to get that.

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