Author Topic: A little art ... in a sense ... and more to come if you guys like it.  (Read 1889 times)

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I think this is the right place to post something like this.

Anyway, since the release of TSL I've been quite KQ-inspired, and the other night I made a few little sprites.  These are not all I've made, but these are my favourite few so far.

If you like them, I can work on and post some more. :)

Alexander [KQ6], Genesta [KQ4], Rosella as a peasant [KQ4], and in her palace clothes [KQ4].

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Are they based off the sprites for Sailormoon: Another Story?

Either way, they're pretty cool - keep up the good work!
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Thanks. :)  They're not based off any other sprites as far as I know; all I did was go to a site that had some "base" sprites (ie not clothed) - I can't even remember where that was now, it was so long ago - that were free for the taking to do something like this with, and modified them to look like the KQ characters.

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Aww, they're adorable. XD
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