Author Topic: What is teen fantasy anyway?  (Read 12114 times)

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Re: What is teen fantasy anyway?
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If a bookstore actually has a section marked as such. I don't think I've ever seen one that specific, personally.
Well in my experience, in larger books stores, it was more of a subsection within the YA section. All the YA fantasy titles in a section of the shelf together.

Coincidently I'd find copies of the Hobbit in both the YA section with the fantasy titles, as well as in the regular 'adult fiction' fantasy section.

Surprisingly the YA cover for hobbit was usually a bit more whimsical, where the covers in the older 'adult' section was more conservative.

other age categories of fiction: Adult fiction,
I'm pretty sure they aren't talking "porn" with this terminology,  :suffer:.
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Well, ya, King's Quest is on Earth. Daventry is very old city from a long time ago. It's in ruins now and people aren't quite sure exactly where it used to be. There are some archaeologists searching through the ruins, they think they know its Daventry. But its somewhere on Earth."-Roberta Williams

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Re: What is teen fantasy anyway?
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An interesting question. A teenage fantasy is something unusual. teenagers can come up with both something absurd and something brilliant. It is a pity that over time, either we lose that old ability to fantasize, or reality closes the fantasy so much that we already forget to fantasize. Аnyway, adults fantasize worse. However, there are many exceptions. For example, the author of many books Tolkien. A genius in his field. He was even able to come up with his own talion system. I didn't notice this at all when I was driving. However, the attentive guys from my favorite forum wrote about this.
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