Here you will find posts from Directors to Assistant Directors of departments sharing detailed info on everything you want to know: from progress commentary, to anecdotes, to situations from the team. This is a read-only journal, if you would like to comment, please feel free to discuss it openly with our fans in our Forum.

Phoenix Online Studios encompasses an extremely broad range of dedicated and talented individuals who give up their free time to realize the vision that is "The Silver Lining". Our team is situated all around the world with members in North and South America, Europe, and Australia who are all working together to bring the game to life. Our artists are creating breathtaking graphics to give life to the intricate and innovative storylines produced by our writers; our musicians are creating emotion-filled original pieces to accompany the story and our programmers weave it all together.

Who posts in the Journal?

César Bittar CÉSAR BITTAR / Project Director
César originally joined the project in 2001 as a member of the Writing Team. One year later César became Co-Project Director, Co-Project Coordinator and the Director of the Writing Department. Studying film and digital media has enabled César to approach the script with the mind of a director and his extensive past experience in theatre and writing in a multitude of different formats has resulted in a script that will satisfy the most demanding of adventure gamers.
Neil Rodrigues NEIL RODRIGUES / Web Director
Neil joined the project in May 2003 as part of the PR and Web Team but was soon promoted to the position of Web Director. Neil has a Bachelor of Applied Science in Software Engineering, as well as a Professional Certificate in Web Development, and the results of this can be seen in many of the features found on the TSL website.
Richard Flores RICHARD FLORES / Art Director
Richard joined the team in 2001. Originally an Artist he was soon promoted to Director of the Art Department and then later to Co-Project Director. His current occupation as a 3D Animator is a great help to his role on the team as both an Artist and a Director.
Petter Holmberg PETTER HOLMBERG / Programming Director
Petter joined the team in March 2002. He started off as a Researcher, looking up background information for use with the script and art concepts. Later, Petter became more involved with scripting and engine development. As a skilled Computer Scientist, Petter is putting to good use his knowledge and abilities as the Programming Director.
Michael Fortunato MICHAEL FORTUNATO / Assistant Art Director
Michael joined the team back in 2002 and has since been promoted to Assistant Art Director. He has had a role in most parts of the team including creating original compositions for the game and working on early parts of the script alongside other members of the Writing Team. An actor and musician by trade he also directs the voice overs which have been recorded in New York.
Katie Hallahan KATIE HALLAHAN / Co-Designer
Katie was hired as an Assistant Writer in November 2002 and has since been promoted to Assistant Director of the Writing Team. Having a major in English and minor in Philosophy has aided Katie and the other members of the Writing Team to create the impressive script for The Silver Lining.