Our talented team composers are working hard to create a new and original soundtrack to accompany you on your adventures. Much time has gone into the study of the character and how the music relates to it. The quality of the work created far outshines any of our expectations but don't just take our word for it. Here are a few sample tracks to pique your curiosity:

The Day You Were Gone - CD Single:

The Day You Were Gone The Day You Were Gone

The Day You Were Gone - CD Single


Shadows Original Soundtrack Demos:

A Kingless Castle - 3.42 MB

A Prophecy of His Own - 4.67 MB

Journey of Eternities - 3.96 MB

Lose the Battle, Win the War - 4.19 MB

Shadows - 4.93 MB

Valanice Falls - 2.20 MB


Preliminary Themes:

Alexander's Theme - 4.79 MB

Graham's Theme - 2.64 MB

Nightmary's Theme - 2.44 MB

Rosella's Theme - 4.10 MB