MGX Announced: Phoenix Online developing Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Father Remake!

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The cat is picture generic levitra out of the bag! Or should I say… the wolf?

We are extremely happy to announce that we are working together with Jane Jensen’s studio Pinkerton Road to develop a re-imagining of the groundbreaking game that was Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Father.

When I received the call from Jane telling me that she was officially working on a remake of Gabriel Knight, my heart skipped a bit. Although my favorite in the series and what I consider best game ever made is The Beast Within, Sins of the Father is a groundbreaking masterpiece that changed the history of video games and created its own subplot in the Adventure genre. There was nothing like the incredibly rich and well developed characters, the amazing texture of a thriller/horror story told in its many layers through the grandiose locations of New Orleans. Gabriel generic metronidazole online Knight gained a cult following, and even today we see YouTube videos of people visiting the locations of the game, and rightly so. It was riveting, genre-defining original, and a breathless experience that had me obsessed with it from the time I saw the first ad in Computer Gaming World magazine.

20 years ago, I remember being a brat and begging my dad to buy me a new computer because my 286 PC wouldn’t run the game. 20 years ago, I remember the excitement of hearing Gabe say, for the first time ever: “What can you tell me about Voodoo?” And now, 20 years later, here I am, still not believing how lucky and blessed I am to be part of this project. Gabriel Knight was the first fan-fiction I wrote, the first time I fell utterly compelled by a video game to create my own — I even wrote a school play based on generic levitra no prescription uk it! I often joke with my friend Eriq that if I could go back in time and tell my teenager self to keep doing what I was doing, that one day I would get the chance to work alongside Jane Jensen on this, I would have probably said then “whatever.” Because as enticing as the idea was, it was also impossible and for sure there would have to be some sort of crazy magic involved. And somehow, here I am, producer of the game. What buy brand viagra can you tell me about Voodoo, indeed!

This re-imagining comes with the full strength of Jane Jensen behind it and we are updating everything to give the game a brand new look. In its heart, it’s the Gabriel Knight we all remember, the one that showed us the potential of storytelling in the medium, the same story that took our breath away. And all of us at Phoenix Online are so happy to be doing our part to revive this irresistible Schattenj√§ger back to the place he deserves.

Grab your Talisman, even if the “damn thing’s heavy” — it’s time for some Shadow Hunting!

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