Heroes & Legends: Conquerors of Kolhar – The Lore

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The release of Heroes & Legends: Conquerors of Kolhar is fast approaching. Phoenix Online Publishing recently announced this Strategy/RPG hybrid, scheduled to be launch on August 21st. Until then, let us explore the lore from the Conquerors of Kolhar.

Every few centuries a great evil comes to the land of Kolhar, bringing chaos and destruction. This is where our story begins, 177 years after this invasion we get to discover Yaha, the skilled and spunky fighter; Benedict, the precocious and arrogant mage; and Allen, the gentle, simple paladin who leads the group. They are holding the faith and future of the kingdom in hopes to find the fabled Amulet of the Ancients, rumored to be the only thing that can stop the end of civilization as they know it.

The group was sent by Queen Sijsen, the ruler of Kolhar, fearing that failure to find the Artifact will result in a cataclysm. However, finding the Artifact isn’t the difficult part; we join them just as their quest for the amulet nears completion. Upon reaching their objective, the party soon discovers an otherwise peaceful race of lizard-like folk begins attacking human settlements. As the raids intensify the group must hurry back home to deliver their prize to the Queen. Unfortunately the Queen’s own guard soon reveal to be traitors and attempt to hinder your progress.

Our main party of heroes can gather around fifteen story quests present in the game, with multiple missions which are an open invitation to grab up any experience and loot you might find yourself needing. All of these are presented via a map where each mission or side-quest may be selected. There are also several random events which may aid or hinder you party’s progress.

Eventually the party grows as new members are added. The first to join the ranks is Tysha, a swashbuckling rogue, or as she calls herself; a pickpocket and entry artist extraordinaire. Losing the village she once called home, Tysha joins group hoping to prevent a similar tragedy from befalling on the entire Kingdom.

Explore the land Kolhar as you accompany our heroes in their quest to retrieve the Amulet of the Ancients. Besieged by an invading lizard race and facing their own battle hardened brothers, the race to save the Kindom of Kolhar is on before an even greater evil appears and consumes them all.
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