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Welcome back to our Heroes & Legends, exploration series. Last time we presented an overview of the main story, on this entry, we’ll take a closer look on what types of enemies our heroes will face.

Throughout the game, foes will be generally be divided into four basic types of enemies: Critters, Soldiers, Grenks, and Demons.


Critters are the sorts of things you’d expect to find while traversing through a fantasy world. Overgrown rats, giant insects, serpents—hostile animals with no real agenda, basically. Given that they’re hostile creatures, they have natural defenses like stun and poison attacks, so watch out!

Soldiers are or were once loyal to Queen Sijsen and her kingdom. They have swords and armor, not to mention years of training, so getting past these guys will take some real skill. It’s up to you to play the game and discover how things take such a turn that you’re fighting the same soldiers you once sided with.


Grenks are humanoid creatures that typically keep out of human affairs. The Grenks historically have kept to themselves. All Grenk wars, customs and languages have gone unknown and unstudied by humans. They’ve had plenty of wars amongst their own clans, and they have been observed as being fearsome warriors, but before now this has never been seen firsthand.

Demons hail from the cataclysm, after all, what’s a role-playing fantasy game without Demons? They feature large, intimidating frames and generally have an affinity for fire. Do not engage demons in battle if your part is not well equipped and well trained.

Though these are the four basic enemy types, there are dozens of variations and sub-variations for each one. Demons for example will generally favor fire as their element, but some are more attuned to other elements. Planning and caution is crucial if your party is to survive the coming challenges. We hope you enjoyed this look into each basic enemy type and hope you’ll join us for our next entry.

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