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Heroes & Legends is the latest title in the Phoenix Online Publishing line-up. Currently, it’s set to release on August 31st and will introduce players to the world of Kolhar as they control our party of heroes in this casual fantasy RPG.

On our last entry we explored the initial party, which served to quickly establish the game’s story and combat mechanics. Today we will be looking into the two aditional members which join the main group as players unlock the secrets in Kolhar.




Tysha is the first new member to join the party. Growing in the streets she became a nimble thief with few places to call home. The one exception to this rule was a remote village which was destroyed by the invading Grenk army. Realizing the importance of the mission at hand, Tysha offers her services and abilities which include enhanced dodging and charming enemies.





The last member to join your party, Jomon is one of the Grenk himself. He does not trust our heroes at first, viewing them as enemies who may betray him at any time. However, his unique skill set makes Jomon invaluable when facing the coming threats. Not only does he possess a strong ‘snipe’ attack, Jomon can also heal the party and decrease the enemy’s defenses.





Kolhar is an expansive kingdom, featuring a diversity of populace and locales to meet and explore. Although the Grenk and wild beasts will do anything in their power to prevent the party from reaching their goals, the general populace will be open to more diplomatic solutions. These range from optional quests or trading to party boons and even the occasional no-win situation. Who the party meets and what they want will always be randomized, ensuring no two playthroughs are the same.

Exploring Kolhar can prove to be a challenging endeavor. Players are expected to make the best use of each character, as each one features a gameplay style that is best suited when used in conjunction with the party. There are several possible builds, so experimenting is encouraged and we are eager to see what sort of combinations players will come up with to deal with monsters inhabiting Kolhar.


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