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Title: Which Kings quest game did you like the most ?
Post by: Icerose on November 27, 2013, 11:48:12 AM
I will post my Thread here since i was told do so.
Which Kings Quest game did you enjoy the most?
Second whats your favourite character?

i will add a little poll but i will not put secondary characters to choose in the poll if you like a secondary character the most just write it here and why, thx.
Oh i cant make a poll dont know why sry..maybe only mods can add here polls to threads?

My favoruite character will always be Graham.
You played him the most in the most game and i just like his character the most reliable, calm, never rude to anyone and down to earth and a kings who always want the best for his beloved ones and his land.
Thats why i choose him your turn^^ soo Poll has been added you can vote now if you like^^
Title: Re: Which Kings quest game did you like the most ?
Post by: Cathenah19 on November 27, 2013, 01:00:59 PM
Picking my favorite character was a hard one because the characters seemed to change between games. Rosella was awesome in KQ4, but she turned into a whiny little brat in KQ7. Valanice's only appearance as a playable character in a game was in KQ7, half of which she spent sobbing about her missing daughter. In KQ2 (original), she was the literal damsel in distress and didn't do anything. Even in KQ2+ she had a minor role.

Alexander in KQ3 had no dialog at all, but he was willing to take on a ship full of pirates and swim through shark-infested waters, but in KQ6, he was the least memorable character. It seemed -- to me at least -- that the most colorful characters were the supporting cast. I remember more about the genie, the red and white queens and Death than I do about Alexander's personality from the game. (And on a completely unrelated note, I hated his spiky anime hair in The Silver Lining. I wanted Graham to cut it all off with those enchanted clippers than just taking a single lock.)

Graham seemed to be a stalwart, valiant character who was the basic hero throughout. Though pretty-much a one-dimensional heroic figure from KQ1 as a knight through to KQ5 as a king saving his family, he at least kept his one-note song through the series.  (I would have liked him to perhaps have lost his temper once or twice and drop-kicked Cedric off of one of those mountain cliffs that stupid owl kept warning him about....  ;D )

Of course, those are just my opinions, feel free to disagree (politely, please). It's been a while since I've played the whole series through, so I may have misremembered somethings.
Title: Re: Which Kings quest game did you like the most ?
Post by: Icerose on November 27, 2013, 03:34:52 PM
I agree Rosella was great in Kq4.
Kq7 was nice but you had more to play Valanice than Rosella i hope they will make the remake for Kq4 that would be great i would love to play more Kings quest Episodes from Tsl with Rosella she is a strong and brave character just like her father.
Now that i think about what Graham mentioned about is children is true:Rosella is from her personailty more like her father and Alexander truly more like its mother.
Somehow Alexander always seemed to be more like the sensitive on of the twins.
I didnt liked Alexanders Voice in Kq 3 Redux very much it sounded most of the time cold, his voice in Kq6 was the best, yet strong than soft when it was needed.
But at least we can all be glad about it they gave the old Games a better look and a voice,i like the origins but it has more atmosphere if you can hear the voices of the characters you are playing.
Kq2 as the orginal game had a great story, but i hated those poisoned thorns around the castle it was really hard to avoid them.
The old games didnt have that good looks and no voice actings only kq5 started than with a voice for Graham, but the old games were really challening. ;)