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Title: Issues when playing this game in tablet mode on Windows
Post by: evilrobot on January 13, 2015, 08:44:07 AM
What kind of CPU/Processor you are using in your computer
Intel Core i5

Amount of physical RAM you have installed on your computer

What kind of Video Card you have installed in your computer (manufacturer, card model name)
Integrated Intel HD Graphics 4000

Operating System you are using
Windows 8.1

Urgency level:

I am playing through this game using the touch screen on my Windows machine (original surface pro, but I assume these issues would apply to any Windows tablet).  I have noticed the following issues so far:

1) When using the touchscreen, skipping dialog fast forwards through the entire conversation.  This problem was mentioned before and has potentially been fixed for mouse users (I haven't tried it with a mouse so I don't know) - but the problem is definitely still occuring when using a touchscreen:

2) It is nearly impossible to get a view of the hotspots on the screen by clicking on the symbol in the top left corner with a touchscreen.  I can sort of make it work by double tapping and then holding on the second tap, but the hotspots constantly flash when doing that and it is unreliable on whether it works at all or not.

I'm hoping that these issues can be addressed so that the Steam version can be played just as well in tablet mode as the upcoming iOS release.  Other than the two issues above I haven't had any other problems playing through (I just started day 3) and neither of these are game breaking - but it would be nice if they were fixed. 

On a side note, I have also noticed another non-touch specific bug where Gabriel sometimes will start walking in the air for no apparent reason.  This happened to me a couple of times at the police station, once at the voodoo store, and at Malia Gedde's house on day 2 Gabriel sat on top of her bookcase instead of in the chair for the entire conversation, and before sitting down he got stuck standing inside her fireplace.