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Title: The great work continues!
Post by: Farquhar on September 22, 2010, 06:08:29 AM
I've had little time to be around lately, but I had to pop in to mention how much I enjoyed Chapter 2! Here are some random thoughts....

As before I absolutely loved how cinematic the game is, that first shot above the standing stones on the Isle of the Mists - wow!

I feel like there's plenty to keep one busy to make up for the shorter Ch. 1, not that I minded, as it set up the story so well.... The classic adventure game scavenger hunt was a real treat and the sheer nostalgia of revisiting familiar locations was wondrous. I rather liked how this time around you could actually view the books in Ali's shop, it helped to further flesh out the world. I must say that Hassan is quickly becoming a favorite character of mine, such a funny guy! I love the banter between he and Graham. I found the druid scroll to be an interesting new feature and I see a lot of potential for it in the future.... :)

I even got stuck temporarily, in true KQ fashion XD
For some silly reason it took me forever to think to use the fake arm on Miss Widow

Then there's the story developments.... Edge of your seat stuff!
Shamir revealing greater insight into the history of the Black and Silver Cloak societies and Alhazred's letters.... A surprising cameo from none other than Manannan.... And though it's long been speculated, the confirmation that Pandora's Box plays a role in this tale.... The sheer extent of Valanice's despair is heartbreaking!

On the technical side of things, I was very happy with the new gameplay improvements such as the walk/run option, and the widescreen support. There were no apparent glitches, other than a crash while loading to a new island, and that's most likely something to do with my system and not the game itself.

I could keep going.... But I must say that with my birthday coming up, playing Chapter 2 is a wonderful present! :P