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What's Your Favorite Adventure Game Series?

Started by Prince Alex, December 05, 2003, 06:56:40 PM

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Yes, Monkey Island is definitely awesome. Secret of Monkey Island was the second "true" adventure that I played. :) And Curse of Monkey Island just rocks... great graphics and puzzles, and awesome voice acting. Guybrush is so cute. <3

Peace & Luv, Liz


I think it sucks how the guy who started it made the first two but then someone else took over for the third and fourth :-\, he said that they didnt continue on how he would have :-\

He also said that big whoop was exactly what it was named ;B, so LucasArts turned big whoop into somethin important when it wasnt going to be :), although if the original guy had have continued with the series then Murray would have never came along :'(

Still a great series though ;-D
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Though there was some debate as to weather or not they where “adventures” or not I do have to add “Myst” to my list of favorites.  They had really strong graphics, neat design, and good mood. I remember having to bribe my grandmother to buy me a copy of “Myst” because it was full $20 then she was willing to spend (Christmas was it?)  

Even though it was produced by Presto, “Myst III” was amazing!  â€œUru” stinks though, weak sauce…
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I hope there will still be a fifth Monkey Island, ;) Not sure though, from the looks of things. Though in the third or fourth game (not sure which) the gypsy said she was signed up for a five-game contract within an especially lengthy conversation thread. ;)
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 I myself think MI2 was MI3 they took Guybrush's beard away and that suked! Ha anyone ever seen te ending credits in MI2 until the very end? I ;D

And isn't MI5...some british agency or something?


I never really liked MI2, to be honest. I mean, it was a good game, but it felt like way too much of a jump in attitude from the first one. If there had been a sort of in the middle transition game, and MI2 had been MI3, I probably would have liked it more. Although it still would have suffered from several total WTF? puzzles. (The whole wrench thing was just really dumb, IMHO.) I agree the end credits were hilarious, though. They know adventure gamers pretty well!

I loved MI3, myself. It had more of the feel of the first game, and I don't like facial hair on guys. ;)

Peace & Luv, Liz


In MI3 he looked like a kid :suffer:, and they have said a few times now that this is due to the effect that the Carnival of the Damned had on him ;D
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A 5th monkey Island, you say? Well, I may have some good news for you Bushie...

(you might know this already, if so, just smile and nod and make me feel good...  ::) )

I read an adventure gaming article just yesterday telling of a bunch of LucasArts programmers/artists that split off to form an independent adventure game company. Apparently a game called "A Vampyre Story" is in the works using the tried and true SCUMM dialogue tree... (the system used in the Monkey games) If we A-Gamers make that game a big success... they just might be able to convince LucasArts to work on a new MI game... Well, atleast, heres hoping... Talk to Pindarus for the details (he sent me the link.)

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Yeah, "A Vampyre Story" was also on The Inventory #16 issue, on the Top 10 up-and-coming adventure games (along with KQ9!!). It's also discussed on this thread  8)
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Lets just say that if I've played an adventure game more then once, its one of my favorites. ;)
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My fav adventure game series is qfg. I love rpgs.
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I Must say Kings Quest & Leisure Suit larry :D but i also dig Space Quest.. (totally sierra addict  ::) )
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Hi, SebasC  :)

Welcome to the forum (I'm sure somebody beat me too it) I hope you enjoy your stay, if you have any questions just ask!
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My personal favorite?  Well, I admit I do like King's Quest (even though some of the games can be unforgiving if you're not thorough or quick enough).  But my personal fave has GOT to be the Quest for Glory series!

Ryan Yoo

My favourites are:

Monkey Island: Probably the first time I realized adventure games could be funny and engaging.

Kings Quest: Always cutting edge graphics and story telling.

Gabriel Knight: Incredible weaving of mythology and mystery.
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Space Quest :) I Always thought it was the funniest adventure game series, and always found it funnier than even Monkey Island (although I do love that series as well)

Kings Quest and QFG are my other favorites, and I alternate between which series is really my fav :-P.


I highly recommend playing Beyond Good & Evil...of course it does take a touch of action gaming skill (like Zelda combat), but overall it's one of the best games of 2004 in the action-adventure genre.  Plenty of puzzles, exploration, plot development, and fighting to keep you drooling for days....and if that doesn't excite you, then go get Ratchet & Clank 1, 2, and 3 for melee mayhem.
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