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Started by DancingMagicDance, December 15, 2003, 07:10:39 PM

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What do you guys think of Sierra now. And don't be biased, seriously think on this. Has anyone plyed any of their games lately? I played Empire Earth and The Hobbit and both were awesome. I'm so happy they got the old logo back! But why did they take to only publishing games these days? Are they ever going to develop one again? Are they still making money


I do think they are still making money, but perhaps in a totally different marketing perspective. Maybe they seriously dont plan to make more games, but either way I do think if they are still going its definitively (besides their erm, issues? lol) its because they are somewhat making a profit. Im not quite sure myself how does it works inside Sierra, but in bussiness it is certainly way more better for them to just publish games and not make them, you cut off time and production and such, and they just market the game already, I dont know sounds quite alright for me.

As for games hey yes, you are so right, I played Empire Earth too, and I loved it!, Im not a big fan from the old adventures myself thats maybe why it didnt crush me so much when they stopped on the adventure genre, but as it goes I do believe there is a big crowd out there that misses badly these genre, thats what nowdays fangames are all about I believe, to bring all that back to life.

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Heh. I guess why I tend to be so bitter, at least, is...

1. My hand-eye coordination sucks, therefore I suck at anything with large amounts of action.

2. I was a late-comer to adventures. I finally, finally discover a genre that almost perfectly suits my skills and literary tastes... only to find out it's currently DOA. Gah.

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Regardless of my disappointment of Sierra's abandoning the adventure genre, I hear they do have some very good games - just not the kind I'd ever play  :-\
The one that particularly comes to mind is "No One Lives Forever" - looks like it has a really nice plot, like something I would play (if it wasn't an action game :P).
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Some action games are rather good, though I prefer RPGs myself. Those games have a lot more depth and intrigue, and there's not the kind of "hack and slash" style you see in GTA. Anachronox was an awesome American made RPG, I'm hoping a sequel is eventually possible...
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Quote from: Storm on December 15, 2003, 11:49:13 PMI hear they do have some very good games - just not the kind I'd ever play  :-\
Same goes here. They (Sierra) just don't make them anymore like I like them to be. Not that that surprises me, after all, Yosemite is completely gone now. :-\
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