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Started by HoustonDragon, February 13, 2012, 08:35:59 AM

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Long time Sierra and King's Quest fan, and a VERY excited and happy Silver Lining one as well now.

I remember seeing and playing the Ep. 1 demo back in the day for SL, and even as rough as it was, it was clear from the start that this was going to be a fan-driven game filled with the same passion and love for the adventure genre as I had myself. I also remember the disappointment upon hearing that Activision had given the cease and desist notice, and that we may never see the game come to completion.

As the title says, there's always a Silver Lining to be found. I just completed Episode 4, and I have to say, personally as a fan, thank you VERY much for all of your hard work, effort, and enthusiasm that went into making this series, and I simply cannot wait for Episode 5 to arrive. Despite a few minor bugs and glitches (heck, at least I didn't find an Error 52 overall :), the engine has run wonderfully, and the music, voice acting and artwork is incredible. At the risk of a minor spoiler or two, I want to especially highlight a couple of points:

[spoiler]During the Pandora's Box scene, the music and feeling was awesome; and even the puzzle aspect felt exactly at home in a King's Quest game. My only complaint was the flashing/disappearing runes at the end as you get closer to completion; it made the puzzle a little longer simply as I couldn't click the correct icon.[/spoiler]

[spoiler]The final battle against Shadrack; HOLY CEDRIC, GRAHAM! I admit to giggling out loud at poor Shad's expression when a giant rock appeared overhead to squish him, and overall, that was a well balanced and fun action sequence to play. The rocking boat attack was the only painful one, but some RNG managed to get past that in the end.[/spoiler]

Thank you, and all your support, for making this game. I look forward to both Ep. 5, and the upcoming Soundtrack for the other episodes. Good luck to Phoenix in the future!  ;D


Thank HoustonDragon! And welcome to the forums :) So glad you're enjoying the game! It was definitely made with a lot of love and passion for King's Quest and Sierra. :)

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