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So close to the end!!!

Started by maudell, February 19, 2011, 02:11:23 AM

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I can't find any hint on where the [spoiler]silver moon[/spoiler] may be!!! I've got everything else. It's the last bit I need and I am just wandering aimlessly...
I assume I need to give something to [spoiler]the smithy, but I don't own anything with silver[/spoiler]
Plus, Graham wants to keep [spoiler]all his items to himself!![/spoiler] 
Help? I can't go to bed until I find it, it's horrible!


[spoiler]why don't you show him something that will be more precise as to ask him what you need?[/spoiler]

Cesar Bittar
Phoenix Online


Hehe... Quick service!  :suffer:
Your game is truly great. I wasn't sure at episode 1, but now I find it truly captures the essence of the best KQs (V and VI)
Can't wait for episode IV! (Hopefully it won't keep me from studying for mid-terms like this episode... Oops!) ;D