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Stuck - don't know what to do next

Started by Midnightvalkyrie, February 19, 2011, 05:44:28 PM

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Sorry for the vague title...but anyway I seem to be stuck - can't figure out what to do next.

In my inventory I have (apart from items gathered in episode 2) the following:

[spoiler]Candle from the druid's hut - unlit, whenever I try to light it by another candle or fire, I get the message that it can't be lit.

The stick and tomato.

The tile I used in the chessboard game.

Web-b-gone from the antique trader.

Butterfly (un-webbed).


Nightshade (have tried combining it with the shell but still can't figure out what to use it for).

The animated cup filled with fresh water (drawn from the stream where the druidess is crying).[/spoiler]

It feels like I've been everywhere and tried everything, but obviously I'm missing please :-*


[spoiler]I think you are at the point where you need to concentrate on the guardian of the forest of the Isle of Mist. You know, that screen northwest of the village. That's your next step and it will unlock a big section of the game. [/spoiler]

Cesar Bittar
Phoenix Online


[spoiler]Sounds like you haven't been Northwest of the druid village, yet. Nor to the Isle of the mist itself.[/spoiler]


Northwest of the village, isn't that where the druidess/banshee is washing clothes? If so, I have been there but I can't get past her.

Speaking of the Isle of Mist generally, I have been to the druid village and the stone circle - and, as stated, to the stream with the druidess - are there other areas there I need to explore before I can pass her?


Read all the books in the library, including the one by the door. Also there are a few items you can pick up on the isle of the mist before the banshee.


Simpler than you think. [spoiler]you need the Nightshade flower from the Isle of the Sacred Mountain, THEN the skull from the outside of the Archdruid house, THEN the freed butterfly from the Isle of the Crown's main village after the web-be-gone is applied to it (from the pawn shop owner who needs a lettuce baby's tear frozen with a frozen cabbage leaf from the Isle of Wonder after the snapdragon trap where Graham talks to himself), [/spoiler]