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Iconic moments in King’s Quest history...

Started by dark-daventry, July 06, 2011, 07:58:18 PM

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I got that one, but I kept dying in the crypts because I didn't bring in the tinderbox. I knew they delayed my entering the catacombs for a reason, but I just could not figure out what!

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Ok, one of the Iconic moments that stays in my mind is in KQ8. When you first encounter Azriel in the Dimension of Death... There is this conversation between them about Connor's lack of noble upbringing, and Connor goes into a poetic rebuttle that true nobility is more a matter of deeds and virtue rather than birth! That heros can come from all walks of life, that a pauper can save a king. Azriel is set back, and surprised by the wisdom Connor exibits, and knows he is destined to greater things. It's a poetic moment, sets up the symbolism for much of the game, and comes full circle later as Connor develops into a knight exemplar. I really love how the game questions the nature of a hero, which in itself is commentary on the entire KQ series as a whole!

Another of my favorite iconic moments in the game, is the conversation between the Unicorn/Beast and Connor about saving the royal family, and Connor setting off to try to check up on them. After finding the secret passage into the castle, he discovers King Graham, and even uses the magic mirror. It's a nice nod back to the use of the magic mirror in the earlier games. Some of my favorite comments by Connor in the game, involve his 'vowing to save the family', including his King and Queen.
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Quote from: Baggins on September 07, 2011, 09:07:02 AM
Another of my favorite iconic moments in the game, is the conversation between the Unicorn/Beast and Connor about...

I like the way he first greets the animal: "Argh, pathetic beast, why so sad?".
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I always thought the Isle of the Dead was fascinating when I played there. The screen with the ticketmaster was great because I'd be there and think "Wait.. I've been here before, just not alive!" And of course, that's the place with one of the game's weirdest things: the skeleton dance!

Incidentally, to the dismay of everyone on this forum, if there was a new puzzle where you needed to power a machine and you had cheese in your inventory, you know that you'd try it because it's worked before. You would! The narrator could berate you and respond with something smarmy like "I'd like to think our game is a little more clever than THAT, don't you think, player?"

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