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Suggestions on E4 and E5

Started by araigumabks, February 21, 2011, 07:13:16 PM

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E4 and/or E5 Suffers:  Have a few well-hidden "fake" ones that quickly disappear into thin air and never enter Graham's inventory when found (and their laughter heard as Graham opens his inventory and finds ... nothing), as well as the well-hidden "real" one that actually appears in the inventory.

2nd, I'm pretty darn sure Youtube users will eventually post a video of where to find the E3 suffer minutes AFTER the Suffer contest winners are announced on your website.  I still cannot find ANY clues to its location.

3rd, if possible. please bring back all of the good wizards and sorceress-es Crispinarthur, Queen Ice-abella, Lady Maab, the Mask of Eternity protectors, and/or Connor to join all characters who appeared in TSL via E5's video cutscene(s) to finish the game on a strong note regardless of how it ends.

4th, I wish I could talk or do more things with [spoiler]Stick-in-the-Mud, Rotten tomato, the Yellow Flowers, the Chessboardland Knights, the lady sitting out on the balcony at the restaurant in the Isle of the Crown village, the charming Widow Spider (I tried it when the Lady of Butterflies flew into the web, AND after it was freed but no luck), Bookworm, the carpet merchant, the Druid having an out-of-body experience in the Druid village near the firepit across from the Druid mask and the Archdruid's home[/spoiler].

Finally, TSL is a great game.  Despite not being able to talk to certain characters, it was a visual and mental delight. I always play the game on my own until I become more stuck than Stick-in-the-Mud.


3 - I'm sure the development team has a coherent and compelling storyline (with characters) worked out.  I'd hate to see it ruined for the sake of a few random cameos. 

4 - are you familiar with Chekhov's Gun?  Something tells me that Rotten Tomato and Stick in the Mud, as items in your inventory, are going to play another role later on.  Most games (indeed, most plays and good stories) don't randomly include elements that do not have a potential use later on.

I agree with your final thoughts, though :)


I read about "Chekov's Gun" in Wikipedia.  So true.


Yeah- I'm positive that TSL wont screw this up. I have faith that whoever is in the Silver and Black cloak societies is going to be really cool and well played.

And Tomato and stick don't have to be used immediately- it's one of those teaser things :) You'll sit there trying to use them on everything till BAM- that perfect moment to whip them out comes :) Perhaps to throw rotten tomato at Shadrack? XD I can wish!