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Major Earthquake in New Zealand- NZ's Darkest hour

Started by Arkillian, February 22, 2011, 03:16:12 AM

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Quote from: Arkillian on February 25, 2011, 05:06:24 PM
Quote from: snabbott on February 25, 2011, 02:11:08 PM
Yeah - I called them up, and they said it looked like I had a lot of online activity (three transactions in the last week! :o). Hello! It's 2011! And if I were an Identity thief, would the Red Cross really be where I would go? Who am I? Robin Hood?

Sorry- how do they count a donation as fraud? I do online transactions all the time. That doesn't make me a fraud! What on earth do they think your doing? O.o
I know right? I was wondering the same thing!


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Quote from: snabbott on March 08, 2011, 09:03:16 AM
How are the recovery efforts going? Any news?

Well, A LOT of relief has gone to Christchurch. A few are still without the essentials, but they've got portable toilets, and generator and stuff now. They opened up the main center of Christchurch this week so I'm not sure if that means the buildings are ok to use again- perhaps it's just safe enough to grab non destroyed items. They've suffered constant after shocks- the worst was last weekend. Off memory, it was about a 4.3 and it was 12km deep. Didn't do much damage (more than there was >.>) but it rattled a few apparently. I know a lot of people that have gone down to help clean up. One of my friends is down there assessing the buildings for damage levels. We've had a great deal of international help too with the rescuing :)

I do hear though that the insurance companies are run off their feet with claims. Apparently theres enough funds to pay for it all, but it's doing a lot of damage to NZ financially. Our dollar has gone down, and petrol prices just went up. It'll take a while for us to recover from this I can see :( I've tried to do my bit- I donated $50 the other day. I'll see if I can spare some more from my next paycheck too. IT's not much, but it's for an important cause  :'(


I have friends there too and the last I heard from her she said the lineups at the gas station were just insane. Her grandma and grandpa have become ill because of the water :( Those poor is horribly sad too because it used to be so beautiful there. (I got to visit about 10 years ago now) Our thoughts and prayers are with you guys over there too.   
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Oh- it was more than just gas. It took over a day to get water there. They were about a week without sewage as well. They had to share portaloos and a heap of stuff. Alot caught rainwater for a while. People were going in their backyards with their dogs so they didn't have to go to the public one. Then they got septic tanks which weren't installed correctly, forcing people to lift their sewerage to a hight higher than them to get rid of it. Apparently it was a VERY rancid smell. There's so many terrible things I've heard about what they had to, and some are still going through. Apparently they wont start rebuilding the city center for a year either. This is going to kill the economy in Christchurch for ages.