Author Topic: Finally Finished Episode 2, My Thoughts...  (Read 2410 times)

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Finally Finished Episode 2, My Thoughts...
« on: February 22, 2011, 04:03:21 AM »
So I finally found the time to play through episode 2.  All I have to say, is this should have been combined with episode 1.  Episode 1 was way too short to even be considered an episode as there were little to no puzzles.  This one on the other hand, the puzzles were more prevalent and I do think I got stuck once on a puzzle.  Aside from that, I do enjoy the story so far, the only issue I had while playing, was that occasionally the magic scroll seemed to display the wrong images for the ingredients list.  One of the ingredients even read "Episode 4"  lol, where do I find that?  A reset of the game fixed it, but was still annoying as it happened A LOT.  Another gripe I had, was the dialogue between characters.  It's just too lengthy.  Good writing you can summarize what people are trying to say to get their points across.  I don't need to stand there for 10 minutes just to have a guy tell me his maps are behaving strangely.  I understand the wanting to make everything so detailed, but it's a little bit much.  Another thing that got me, was the constant drilling of past King's Quest games.  I mean, if you're playing TSL, you've probably played all the other King's Quest games.  After all, this is a FAN MADE game.  So why do I have to constantly get drilled about how Alexander was kidnapped as a kid?  Goodness.  Aside from all that, I did enjoy the episode, and I look forward to playing the others.  It has it's ups and downs, but all games do.  I would probably give this game a 4/5

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Re: Finally Finished Episode 2, My Thoughts...
« Reply #1 on: February 22, 2011, 12:27:45 PM »
Hituro, please put your feedback in the "Fan Feedback" board. I'm going to go ahead and move this there now.
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