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Thoughts on Episode 3

Started by Fierce Deity, February 22, 2011, 02:25:50 PM

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Fierce Deity

While my last review of Episode 1 and 2 was very long and thorough, I would have more or less the same impressions with this episode. Everything from annoying voice actors to beautiful scenery; I was affected quite similarly to the experience however. I felt like Episode 3 had improved as much on Episode 2 as Episode 2 had on Episode 1. There were puzzles, inventory-development, and even a spiffy action scene that I found to be easy, but intriguing nonetheless. In my eyes, Phoenix had delivered on everything that was requested by the hardcore adventure fans.

It still had an emotional-rollercoaster-ride of a story (which may upset those who want a more detached plot that restrains from sentimental moments), but the game has the gameplay of an adventure game; which I think is a more crucial element than whether or story should be emotional or not. The emotional plot was a route that Phoenix decided to take, and it would be too late to back out of that now. Besides, most games that involve action or adventure depend on emotional scenes to connect with an audience. It's not normal for a King's Quest game, but I think it necessary for the story being told. The lovey-dovey crap is here to stay.  :suffer:

But, I digress. My overall experience with finding out what items work with what had taken quite a toll. It took me awhile to discover where to go to get an item that would help me progress, because my thoughts of what I needed was way off-base. Still, that may be a problem with just about any adventure game. Having finished the episode, it all makes sense to me now, but in the moment, I had to take a second to observe my surroundings.

I may be out-of-place to say this, but my experience was hindered by some QC problems. The game was constantly crashing, and there would be times where the controls would freeze, not allowing me to move or interact with the environment. Regardless, constantly saving helped me get by this problem, but it was still present at every turn, even to the very end.

I'm currently impartial to the story as of right now. I see where the story is going, and I'm not quite sure if I'm for it or against it. I'm hoping to form an opinion by the time I finish Episode 4. I will say that the team is very bold to take the route that they have taken with the story, but like I said, I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing yet.

In conclusion, I have to thank Phoenix for another great chapter in their saga, and I have to say how excited I am for Episode 4. Keep up the great work guys.  :thumbsup:
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