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[NOT-FIXED]Crash in tower land (Category: Misc)

Started by nikmagini, February 23, 2011, 09:31:57 AM

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The game crashes every time for me in the tower dream land after the appearance of the smoke monster.

1) If Graham walks left towards the monster, the monster moves into position for attack and then the game crashes.
2) If Graham rides the horse, he climbs down the hill, but then the game crashes on the next screen when the horse is almost at the right edge of the screen on the narrow bridge, before I can do anything.

I tried to set to the minimum the graphics resolution and effects and to run the game in a window but the game still crashes in the same place. My processor is an intel i5-750 and my graphics card in an AMD ATI Radeon HD5850 running the latest (2011/02) drivers - I can post more details about the system later when I get home.


Try grabbing the "buffer overrun" patch I have at the top of the page here and see if that helps with this issue at all.
Weldon Hathaway