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Give me a nudge

Started by quiltface, February 23, 2011, 07:07:55 PM

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I'm a tad stuck.

I don't have any ingredients.

I got past the guardians.
I have the pea and seashell.

I can't really find anything to do in the mists, wonder, or s. mountain.... so Im assuming the IOTCrown is where I need to be... (but im probably wrong)

Just a nudge in the right direction will be great.



nah, just a finger point in the right direction.


[spoiler]Have you gotten past all three versions of the guardian? If so, you need to visit Valanice, keeping in mind the inscription on the rock by the Nature Spirit tree.[/spoiler]

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I think there's two main nudges I can give you here:

[spoiler]The bookshop is a very useful resource from here on out for the rest of the chapter[/spoiler]

[spoiler]Have you checked with the Archdruid lately? Do the signs on the ground of his house remind you of anything else you've seen so far?[/spoiler]

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