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Sales of King's Quest VIII

Started by DancingMagicDance, April 16, 2004, 04:04:27 PM

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I recently finished MOE. It was, to me, even if not really connected with previous games, a good gsme nonetheless. I was wondering what the sales of it were, if it did well or not. If it didn't do well, it was probably because Baldur's Gate, which was released around the same time, was also very hyped and anticipated like MOE. Both, I've heard were the two most waited for games of 1998. And also because because there was not a KQ game for about 4 years and Dungeons & Dragons always had a much larger fan base than KQ.


Is that a question there?  ;)

I wasn't waiting for any games in 1998... so I wouldn't know. But I heard MOE sold pretty well - just not well enough to make a similar sequal, thank heavens  ;)
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I'd never even heard of a new game bearing the title 'King's Quest' until I saw it in an exposition (I don't know if this is the right bord, it's a place where different vendors sell stuff once a year) hall. So I certainly wasn't waiting for that. 1998 was a long time ago, I don't recall if I was waiting for a game. Luckily MoE got bad word-of-mouth both from the adv-community and the action-community, AFAIK.
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I had KQ6 for about a year ;D, then i went to my friend who worked at a video shop (he was about 40), anywayz he also bought games to hire out so he had a huge list ;B, i asked if KQ7 was out soon and he replied KQ8 is coming out so you should get that ;D, so i did but i was very dissapointed :'(
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I heard of MOE long before it was released... I even posted on some message board Sierra made for it. It didn't seem to be like the other KQs, but back then I still allowed myself to hope it would turn well :(

We did know Connor is going to be the main protagonist, and even saw some game art - Connor looked very different, I remember he had a hood or something and I said they should remove it... guess they listened ;)
Maybe I should have said "make it a good adventure game" instead  ;P
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Hmm, I remember hearing about MoE as being a 3D action/adventure and RPG-like, featuring some guy I never heard of.  They lost their sale to me just from that info alone, which was years before the game even came out.  8)
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You're not delusional, I think it will be good, too. ;)

Peace & Luv, Liz


YAY :D, im not dillusional !!!, thanks for the support Jeysie ;D
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I think the reason it didn't sell well enough was this. Adventure games were going out of style(now they are out of style), so Sierra decided(like many other companies) to make MoE an action/adventure hybrid. It wasn't enough of a rpg to get the dungeons and dragons fans to buy it, it wasn't enough of an action game to get the quake fans to buy it, and it wasn't enough of an adventure game(or KQ game for that matter) to get the KQ fans to buy it. Sierra themselves said that it wasn't Kings Quest 8. I'd say it was more of a spin-off/side series.