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KQ4 and earlier games help PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Started by jenni120, March 29, 2004, 04:46:09 PM

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Does anyone know how to play kq4-1 on windows xp? They are Dos and I am never able to figure out how to access them through  DOS because they wont run if I just insatll them. It is really annoying because I have had them for years but never able to finish. If you can help write back here or
Thanks to anyone who can give advice.


Welcome to the forum,  jenni120!  ;D

I had no problems running the AGI version of KQ4 on Windows XP, so I guess that means KQ1-3 should also run fine on it  :-\
I don't think you need to access the games through DOS - XP doesn't have real DOS mode and that would be the same as running it directly from XP. You should try running the games in Win95 compatibility mode - sometime that helps with older games.

Anyways, it would help if you specify what the exact problem is - what happens when you try to run the game, if you get an error message, etc.  ;)
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More specifically the problem is that I click on that game and it says that it is Unable to Initializayour Music Hardware and will not go any further. And an error message with the MS-Dos 160 bit program.


Are you sure you meant KQ1-4 and not KQ4-7? because KQ1-3 don't use any music hardware :-\

If that's the problem, you should try using an emulator like VDMSound. I never tried it myself, but I've heard it makes those games run on XP  8)
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Welcome to the forum Jeni!!

I have no problem in running KQ 1-3 under XP, so I can't help you with that. But have you tried running KQ without sound? ...does that helps?
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i believe there is another thread on this so if i find the thread i will post a link for you Jenni120 ;D

BTW Welcome Jenni120 ;B
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A little toy I like a lot is Sarien ( It’s a simple (yet modern) application that will let you run AGI games (in your case King’s Quest I â€" III) on most modern OS’s.  I run it on my PowerBook but there’s a Win32 and Linux version as well.

I’ve never had luck getting many of these to run in “strait” XP or Mac OS X but Sarien’s been great for me!  As it’s an opensource project and the Windows version may be a little behind the UNIX variants, I wouldn’t make it my first option but if you can’t play the games without involving other applications then try this out!
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Dear various people who have attempted to help me. Thank you very much, the only problem is that appliacations and all that stuff is positivly foreign to me so if anyone could tell me specifically what to download. And how to work it. Especially the sariens things. That looks promising but again it just seems so big. Help please. Thanks alot again.


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The early Kings Quest games won't install on my XP system either, but I found that it was unnecessary to "install" them in order to play them.  Since, on the installation disks, the files are not compressed, I simply copied the files onto my hard drive directly, bypassing the installation program.  The games play fine, and I even get the music.  There was no need to use compatibility mode or do anything special.  I hope this works for you.
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As the hardware and software gets updated, the older games, hardware, and software become incompatible.
As long as they keep updating it(and we can still find the old games we used to play), I think DOSbox is the best way to play those old games. Almost any DOS games or software will work with this program. Get it here

P.S. DOSbox makes almost any DOS game/software compatible with almost any OS. (Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.)